BanaueBanaue is a good base for exploring the rice terraces in the mountain province. The biggest terraces in the Philippines are within view of the restaurant balconies in town.

Some say that other villages have more spectacular terraces but it is hard not to appreciate the beauty and magnitude of these rice fields, representing hundreds of years of work.

Banaue rice terraces in the early morning.

Banaue Rice TerracesThere is an assortment of budget guesthouse on the main strip in Banaue.

BanaueLittle flat country exists  in Banaue so the buildings are set into the hillsides.

View of BanaueView of the river flowing through town from the Green View Lodge restaurant balcony.

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Banaue downtownBanaue town

Banaue downtownBanaue Internet CafeBanaue is changing just like the rest of the world. It has become a boom town for tourism.

There is a clash between the old ways and the new – but times marches on.

Sign at Banaue Internet CafeSign at local internet cafe – For Parents who do not want their children to come here, just inform the management. Do not come here shouting!!!!!

Sign in Babaue RestaurantVery little dog meat gets cooked here but this sign gives us tourists the feel that we are living on the edge.Banaue Mountain Province

At the risk of being a bore I have to admit that Banaue has changed a lot since I first visited 15 years ago. It was common to find ash trays made from monkey heads  and stuff like that, but now the shops sell mostly wood carvings and t-shirts.Banaue Ifugao with picklemobile

The older people still wear traditional clothing in some places but at the viewpoints it is more of a revenue generator where tourists pay them to pose for pictures.

Banaue TerracesRice Terraces of BanaueRice terraces of Banaue.


Banaue Ifugao with my trusty motorbikeIMG_1121

Rice terracesIMG_1096

A trip to Banaue really is worth the effort to get there! A side trip to Batad will never be forgotten! This village can be visited as a day trip from Banaue. It is best to leave your gear at your lodging house in Banaue so you can travel light as a bit of walking is required. A jeepney can be hired to take groups to the top of the saddle where a an hour walk is required to get down to the village.

Batad Village

Batad Village

peaceful mountain vilage in the midst of rice terraces in the clean mountain air!IMG_1190

Batad Rice terracesIMG_1101

perhaps head over to Sagada or Tinglayan next!



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