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I have made numerous trips to Batad without a guide but this little rascal intrigued me with his offer of 50 pesos for a tour of his village.

His mother, Lillian Lahhin, is one of the regular guides and her sons desire to joining the ranks of the other guides was kind of inspiring.

Batad Rice FieldsBatad VillageThese terraces are getting more difficult to maintain as more and more locals find employment elsewhere..

It is hard work tending to these fields and many of the younger people want to work in the city instead of on the farm.

Batad Ifugao TribesmanBuy-A is in his 70’s and still is strong as an ox and works these fields regularly.

Rainy Day in BatadJuly is a wet month in Batad. The mornings are usually sunny but the afternoon rains can start as early as 2pm.  It’s best to get an early start for hiking or taking pictures. Only one crop of rice a year is grown here.

Waiting for the rain to stopI got a late start and got caught by the rains.

Ifugao TribesmanBuy-a had the most beautiful piercing eyes.

Batad Rice FieldsBatad well might be the most heavily photographed terraces after Banaue.

Batad traditional dwellingsTraditional dwellings in Batad.

Batad Village

Rice Terrace ErosionThere are erosion problems during heavy rains when the stone walls collapse and several terraces might be destroyed.

UNESCO and other groups finance the rebuilding of the damage.

Locals that are skilled at making these stone walls rebuild these terraces by hand and then carry the earth back uphill so the fields can be used again.

I was told that a crew would take about 2 weeks to repair the damage pictured here.

Lillian Lahhin asked me to put her contact information here.

Smart 09297663480 TM 09061539453

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Jul 24, 2010

One response to “Batad”

  1. For me – the Batad rice terraces are perhaps the best. Nice people , some food, waterfall, good base for trips way in.

    Batad is easily reachable from the heavily toured town of Banaue which is spectacular in it’s own right.

    Jeepneys from Banaue can take groups to the saddle atop the mountain by Batad and the trail can easily be walked in. Beautiful view and moderately easy walk but no need to rush. I have walked up the hill from the road and over the pass before but it seems unnecessary to do that. (and time and energy that could be spent exploring the fields themselves)

    I have had some good meals at the places overlooking Batad and the view is just so nice. Things are constantly evolving as the Ifugao people no longer want to spend all their time fixing washed out rice terraces when they feel they have a better future elsewhere, Some are getting more involved in local tourism and therefore preservation of this world heritage site is in the best interest of everyone. Locals and visitors.

    I have ridden my motorbike up to the pass and walked in on day trips but I do not have contacts in this area and would hesitate to leave it on top of the mountain overnight unaccompanied . Weird things happen sometimes. It is what it is.

    That Batad waterfall is beautiful.

    years ago unfortunate things happened but that is in the past and things are sorted out

    for me – I have done a lot of wild camping in many parts of the Philippines and have had many good experiences

    some of the local terrace complexes near Banaue can be visited with local guides and that is really the way to go as they have so much local info. Finding stuff on your own takes a lot of time but is frankly a blast as well but you often miss things that were just around the corned.

    I feel that a journey to the rice terraces in Luzon would be incomplete with at least a trip to Banaue, Batad. Sagada. . A side trip to Bontoc and over to Tinglayan is a great add on. ButBut is a good day hike and there are many others depending upon the time you have to explore.

    For museum freaks you might have a look at the one in Bontoc . It is simple but genuine. Fascinating to me.

    If you love kayaking and rafting investigate the Chico River .

    anyway these are simple misc ramblings from a traveler on coronavirus lock down in April 2020 :)

    more to come

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