Batad Rice Terraces

banaue_260.jpgBatad Rice Terraces

Batad is one of the most photographed villages in the Philippines.

Getting there is an easy day trip from Banaue and well worth the effort. Jeepneys can be hired in Banaue to take you most of the way there. These jeepneys will transport you to the saddle at top of the hill and you have 30 – 45 minutes walk to get to the viewpoint and another 10 – 15 minutes to get to the center of the little village.

Batad Rice Terraces

From the drop off point at the “saddle” there is a gently sloping trail leading to Batad or you can take a steeper footpath and connect to the main trail further down the hill. When it’s raining it can get slick so take your time.

Batad Viewpoint

If you choose to walk to the top from the main road or a point known as the junction it will take another 45 minutes to an hour. This is where you will begin your journey if you arrive by tricycle.

Batad village at the bottom of the rice terraces

There is also a short cut over the top just past the place where many fill their water bottles from a small stream of water.

Batad rice terracesKid from BatadBatad rice terraces in July 2010.

There is only one crop grown in these mountains per year and it really looks cool when the rice is fully mature as in this picture. The drawback is that it will be raining every day starting early after noon and on into the night. You have to start your day early if you want to get pictures before the rain sets in.

The Batad terraces are a World Heritage Site and are well worth the visit year round.

BatadIfagao man wearing traditional clothingThere is lodging and there are restaurants in Batad so you might want to spend a night or two up there if you are not too pressed for time.

A big waterfall is just around the corner and other villages are within trekking distance.

It’s best to leave your bags in Batad and travel light.

If you want hot showers and internet access it would be better to stay in Banaue but if you just want to chill in the mountains and be surrounded by nature – Batad is really nice!

Batad Rice Terraces

Mar 30, 2007

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  1. Hi! I suppose you had a great time there. We are planning to go up there next week and spend a night. May I ask your opinion if you think there will be available lodging spaces for eight of us? Thanks

  2. Hi,

    we are planning to go to Battad on April 26, 2010, how much does a trike cost or a jeep? Is the inn there cheap? thanks

  3. hi,

    will it be dangerous for two girls to take the overnight bus from Manila to Banaue?If so,would u recommand other ways to get there?thanks a lot

  4. Hi ,

    Im going to the Philippines, like to go from Manila to the Rice Terraces.
    I don,t want to go by bus 10 hours is a long time when you are almost 2m in length …, is it a good option to fly to Laoag or Tuguegarao and from there by any ground transport to Batad or Banaue , is this a quicker way ?

    Thx , Willem

  5. Hi ,
    Thx for your reply ,

    To bad for me than , which company has the better buses ?
    Are there also night busses going to Benaue if so , can you do a good sleep on them like you can lay flat or do they have to normal seats so you have to sit during the night.

    Any idee how mutch it will cost by private car ?

  6. Great photos, thank you… Banawe was such a let down, not what I had pictured in my head of long ago. We will go back to see BATAD before the place gets ruined by human habitation.

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