Bontoc to Banaue by bus

banaue_178.jpgBus from Bontoc to Banaue

The Emanuel bus lines run between Bontoc and Banaue for 100 peso. It’s a pleasant trip over the mountain stopping at some vegetable dealers at the top of the mountain pass.

This is a view of the main street in Bontoc taken from the Churya-A Hotel. There is a great museum in town that has amazing pictures and artifacts.


It is a beautiful ride over the mountains.

rice terracesRice terraces.

Bontoc to Banaue

The road is now 95 percent concrete but there are still a few landslides during heavy rains.

Landslide on the Bontoc roadlandslide on the Bontoc roadThe road crews are used to clearing the road during the rainy season and most slides are cleared up within a day. You have no option but to wait.

Bontoc to Banaue road

banaue_176.jpgA big statue and telecommunication towers are on the ridge as you cross to the other side.

After stopping in Banaue the bus continues onwards Tabuk which is a long haul.If you intend on going straight to Tabuk there is another bus that goes directly there via Tinglayan. That road offers spectacular views as it follows the Chico river.

There is a lot of activity in Banaue because there is too much stuff packed into too small a space on the side of the mountain there.

Tricycles and jeepneys all congregate there in the town square but the big buses have to stay out of the square because there is not enough room for them to maneuver.

Downtown Banaue

Downtown Banaue with tricyclesBanaue viewpoint

Banaue viewpoint

Clusters of buildings cling to the steep hillside.

Banaue Mountain ProvinceThe mountain provinces are a favorite of mine – there is just so much beautiful scenery and you can travel on a backpackers budget.


Banauegecko and dragonflyBanaue is the perfect base your travels from. Travelers from all over the world meet up here and the vibe is great!

note – dp has a thing for geckos :)

Bontoc to Banaue by bus

Mar 29, 2007

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  1. Just want to say thank you for the information on your website. I stumbled across your website a few years ago and wound up following in your footsteps to Palawan and loved it. Been back to the PI a few times since, saw Mt. Ayon erupting, swam with a whale shark so close I could have kissed it while in Donsol. Scuba diving with sea snakes, done wreck diving, etc. And now because of this particular page I’m planning to visit Bontoc and Banaue. Thank you in advance.

    ps: I’m also planning to retire to the PI someday, but I still have about 10 years left on me.

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