Donsol – Hernandez Lodging House

donsol-lodging-003.jpgHernandez Lodging House – Donsol

Both the Santiago and Hernandez guest houses at the jeepney corner in Donsol are good budget places to stay for the backpacker.

It is just a short walk to the market and a 15 peso tricycle ride to the tourist center in the mornings from where the boats leave to look at the whale sharks.



donsol-lodging-007.jpgThe rooms start at 400 pesos. I haven’t stayed there but talked with other tourists that have and they found the place to be acceptable. My first choice would be the Santiago guest house just across the street.

The one thing that the Hernandez has is a sweet little monkey in a cage on the patio.

Their restaurant serves pretty good food and it’s a comfortable place to grab a cold beer and sit at one of the tables on the sidewalk.

Update – I have since stayed at the Hernandez and  found it to be an excellent value!

Giddy’s Place is a new addition to the scene in Donsol. They have the best food in town, wi-fi, and a pretty mellow bar.


whaleshark-shark-003jpgWhale Shark Watching – Donsol Sorsogon

Snorkeling with the whale sharks in Donsol is an unforgettable experience! The months of February and March are high season but they will be there at other times too.

Hernandez Lodging House

Jun 10, 2008

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  1. Hi, it’s me again, if possible, could you please help to get the contact information of this lodge. It will be of great help!

  2. Hi, do you have a contact number of Hernandez Lodging House? We’re planning to go to Donsol this July 1st and I need a room for 2 people and this lodging house seems so good.


  3. Since when is a caged previously wild animal capable of being called ‘sweet’?

    You are nuts

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