Moraville Motor Lodge

naga-bicol-006.jpgMoraville Motor Lodge – Naga

The Moraville is an ok place to stay if you are driving through southern Luzon in Bicol.

It is just before the bridge if you are heading south.

naga-bicol-001.jpgThe staff is friendly and there is ample parking.

naga-bicol-002.jpgThis little guy wishes she was somewhere else though.

naga-bicol-003.jpgThe rooms start at 650 and go to 1,000 peso. They are marginal and really would be nicer if they were not carpeted.

It’s ok if you just need some rest before moving on.

naga-bicol-004.jpgThe grounds are well kept.

naga-bicol-007.jpgMoraville Hotel

Mabolo Drive

(054) 473 8564
(054) 811 1093


Nov 18, 2008

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