Railroad Skates

skates-naga-003Railroad Skate Taxis – Naga Bicol Province

These ingenious railroad skates are used in Quezon and Bicol province as transport to get into the back country.

Firewood, groceries, gasoline and anything else can be carried on these light weight rail cars.

skates-naga-001This picture is in Naga, a fairly large city in the Bicol province in the Philippines

skates-naga-002It surprised me that they were being used here because I only noticed them being used in the villages in Quezon before.

railroad-014The skates can be lifted off the tracks and the car order changed. They are stored off to the side until the owner is ready to go.

All the following pictures are of the skates used in Quezon province.

Note the small gasoline engine providing the power. There is a lever that can be pulled to put pressure on the belt thereby driving the skate.









Railroad Skates

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  1. You gotto just love the ingenuity of these Phillipine people..they are truly amazing..I recently come home from there, after two months, and now I cannot wait to go back…they make the North American people look like navel gazing, worrying, non creative fools..wow..very vibrant and beautiful country…I love it!

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