Star Shipping Allen to Matnog

star-shipping-ferry-001Star Shipping – Ferry between Allen and Matnog – connecting Luzon and Samar Islands

The Philippine National Highway runs all the way from Manila to Davao and Zamboanga in Mindanao. There are ferries between Luzon and Samar Islands and connecting Leyte and Mindanao. Reservations are not needed – vehicles are loaded as they arrive.

The ferries run continuously unless there is bad weather.

star-shipping-ferry-003Star Shipping is one of the 3 or 4 companies that ferries buses, trucks and other vehicles between Matnog on Luzon and Allen in northern Samar. The crossing is straightforward and easy – just make sure to have a few photo copies of your vehicle registration.


star-shipping-ferry-006A small car costs around 960 pesos plus terminal fees including driver. Passengers pay 120 each. A motorcycle costs 300 pesos plus terminal fees, and the driver and passengers must pay 120 pesos each.

People riding the bus have the fare included in their tickets, but they have to get off and go through security while the driver loads the vehicle.



star-shipping-ferry-010Heavily loaded trucks are put in the center and the light empty buses are on the sides. Small cars and motorbikes are the last to load and the first off when you get to the other side. All vehicles back in during loading so light vehicles are in the front.

The ramp is raised but if there is any kind of a sea, the water will splash through the seams and soak your vehicle with salt water. Salt is very corrosive so be sure to give your vehicle a good wash down with fresh water if it got wet on the way over.

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Jan 2, 2010

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  1. Hiya Ricky i forgot to tell u the other day when u travel on the ferry from Southern Leyte to Surigao the ferry price is not inclusive of the bus price. It cost me around P276 with the ticket and terminal fee.
    Hope thats helpful to someone. I caught the non- aircon from Ormoc on the 29th dec to go visit my son in Tagum. Davao. I got non a/c as its the only one that goes in the day time the nite one is a/c.
    Cy mate.

  2. hey ricky, how much will it cost me if i have a starex van with me from allen to matnog?

  3. hi dutchpickle,

    could you provide me the names of the other roro ferry operators plying the matnog-allen route. thanks

  4. how much will it cost for a ten wheeler cargo truck? passenger fee plus terminal, etc.

  5. hi, can ask about the schedule of arrival and departure of ferries from Allen, Samar????

  6. How much is the fare cost of car on board of a vessel from Manila to Roxas City?

  7. ask lng po..pupunta po kami sa palumpon ormoc leyte, ang daan po namin is from matnog..ang sasakyan po namin ay roro going matnog…may dala po kaming 6 wheeler na truck may kargang gamit sa bahay. magkano po kaya ang charge sa truck at kasama na po ba dun ang driver at pasahero… everyday po ba ang byahe from mtnog to allen samar. san po ba kayo pedeng matawagan….eto po number ko

  8. friends… what is the time schedule of ferries sailing from Allen port to Matnog port…

    what is the last trip of the ferry or the first trip of the ferry if ever i cant catch the last trip……

    can I still catch a ferry if my trip start at palompon in the morning, then tacloban city-catbalogan city-calbayog city-allen port…. what is the best way tor ride…..

    Andrew Tampus

  9. Good day!
    ask lng sana ako how much the fare to matnog-to allen? jeepney yng gagamitin,16 setters.,


  10. Hi, just found your site. Very interesting and useful. You seem pretty knowledgeable so I hope you can help me.
    I want to travel from Legaspi (after being in Donsol) to Liloan in S Leyte in around 2 weeks time. I guess the direct route, Matnog-Allen-Calbayog-Tacloban-Sogod, is the best way and I note that the buses from Manila to Mindanao ply this route. However, I have had little joy trying to get a bus confirmed. Do you know if I can easily get a bus running from Legaspi (or nearby) to Tacloban (in one day) and then a day or so later, after a day in Tacloban, from Tacloban to Liloan. If so any idea of costs and how long the trip would be.
    Thanks in advance.

  11. Thanks for the good information. Very useful.
    I’m going to near Liloan, so I’ll head down the east side of the bay – bus or taxi?

    Thanks again for your help. J

  12. Hi dutch, this is our 1st time to travel by land, coz we want adventure.
    we live here in quezon city now and we are planning to go to butuan city this coming holy week.
    can you help us where the exact route we can go by land.? coz we really dont have any ideas. and this will be our 1st time in long distance travel.
    we will use a car to go to butuan..

  13. hi dutch im goin’ to tacloban ang get the car of my dad because he had no license to take it back to manila i just wanted to know how much is the fare of nissan car 95 model in ferry going to sorsogon? or does any roro having a route going to batangas or anywere just closer in manila..?

    pls….. i need your help..

  14. Hi.. I would like to ask.. how long does it take to drive from Manila to Matnog Port?
    and is the ship lines open 24 hours?
    Planning to leave Manila to Matnog at around 12 Noon..
    Thank you

  15. Hi
    Would just like to inquire if there is a shorter roro route from Port of Manila or Batangas Port going to Mindanao (Davao or Marawi in particular). Or are there any shipping lines/ferry services plying from Manila direct to Davao?

  16. Gud eve po, ask q Lang po qng ilang beses sasakay ng barko mula matnog papuntang butuan city..

  17. Hi,

    Are there hotels/motels/pension houses around or near Matnog port and Allen port ? Do you have infos or contact number of them ?

  18. Hi, how much will it cost me if i have a bus with me from allen to matnog?

  19. Hi. Just want to ask if you have vessel schedule out Batangas to Bacolod, Dumaguete and Surigao? If yes, do you accept cargoes? We are a logistics company. Our client has their own containers to be ship out to the above mentioned destinations ex Batangas. Awaiting your reply. Thanks and God bless.

  20. How much is the fare for a mitsubishi space gear van vehicle including the driver and one companion, please include the other miscellaneous payments if there’s any.. i’m happy for your immediate response, thank you

  21. Hi,

    I will be picking up my new car from a Toyota Dealership in Manila tomorrow and will bring it to Cebu via Matnog. Do you think they will accept the Sales Invoice that Toyota will be giving me? For sure the OR/CR is still not available.


  22. sir,

    good day

    ask lang po ako regarding sa land trip from matnog to allen, how much it will cost montero sports? what are the ferries schedule..

    thnk you very much

  23. continuetion of my first query regarding land trip from matnog to allen, how about liloan samar to lipata surigao? thanks again

  24. Dear DP,

    Thank you for your very informative site. I would like to ask some questions regarding our planned trip (by car) rom Alabang to Cebu province.

    1. We intend to stay for the night near the ruins.
    A. What time should we leave Alabang to be able to arrive in Legazpi so that we will have enough time to roam around the area.
    B. What time should we leave Cagsawa ruin area so that we will reach Matnog at a time (5am or 7am) when “regular” ferry schedules starts to operate?
    C. In the alternative, should we decide to skip the tour in Cagsawa, when are we suppose to arrive ideally in Matnog? Place to stay and eat dinner in Matnog? Activities to do in Matnog? Or would you rather have us take the first available ferry to Allen the moment we arrive in Matnog and stay in an Allen hotel for the night? Any hotel suggestion?

    2. I assume that we will reach Leyte around 12noon more or less after crossing San Juanico Bridge from Allen.
    A. How is the road condition for this segment of the journey.
    B. Any suggestion where to eat for lunch where we can also wash up?
    C. What are our available options going to Cebu in terms of which port to take the ferry ride? Main criteria is frequency and regularity of available trips to Cebu (would you know the specific time) then next consideration will be the the travel time to Cebu.

    3. From Cebu, we intend to go to Bohol. Should we decide to skip Cebu for this segment, which port in Leyte should we go to for us to go to Bohol directly. Same considerations in 2C above.

    Thank you very much for your time and Happy Holidays!

  25. hi po.. tanong ko lang kung may byahe ba ang barko ng 29-31 matnig via allen? thanks

  26. would very much appreciate if you can give the shipping schedules from allen to matnog and the freight of a mitsubishi estrada and the passenger fare…our schedule trip will be on may 14, 2015

    thank you very much

  27. Hi ask ko lang poh how much ang fare matnog to allen pag naka motorbike ,single rider,and 2person.

  28. Hi, we are travelling to san vicente, northern samar, may i inquire what is the shortert route. Do you happen to know the schedule of ferries going to san vicente either thru allen port or san isidro port. Thanks

  29. Hello Dutch,

    What is the best route to go to Cebu from Manila bringing our Mitsubishi Fusion? And how much probably be the cost for it? Please give me directions as Im not familiar with the places to go and roro schedules.
    Thank you so much.



  30. Hi Dutch!

    Planning to travel from Q.C. to Tacloban via Matnog in Luzon through RORO.

    Are photocopies of OR/CR sufficient? Will we be required to show the original copy which we don’t have it as it’s in the hands of a lending company.

    I just wanna make sure so to avoid any inconvenience.

    Thank you very much for such an informative website of yours.
    More Power!

  31. Hi DP,

    Hope youre doing great!

    I just would like to say Thank you for your help when I asked for it sometime Oct. 2012.

    Again.. thank you and God Speed!

  32. Hello,

    I will be traveling today July 17, 2016. I want to know Lipata-San Ricardo Sked of Ferry, pass fare, and freight for Hilux. Pls include San Isidro Samar to Matnog or Pilar Sorsogon. Thank you.


  33. hello dutch! I want to know how can I go to tacloban from naga?
    I heard no direct bus in naga, so going to sorsogon -> matnog -> allen -> tacloban
    Is it right? In August 20, I’ll leave naga at 2:00pm. then I’ll arrive in allen port about 8,9pm. Is there any night bus from allen to tacloban after 9pm?
    do you know how much for bus(allen to tacloban) and
    ferry(matnog to allen, only person)?

  34. Good day sir, I would to ask how i pay if i have 10 wheeler truck from Allen to Matnog (Vice Versa)?

  35. Good day po…inquiry lng po kung magkano bayad ng pick up car and passenger sa ferry from allen to matnog..
    Thanks po.

  36. Hi DP. I trust that all is well with you.

    We’re going home to Iloilo from here in Quezon City anytime this month. This is our first time to travel by land and we’ll be driving a Toyota Vios.

    Can you help us or give us ideas re: routes that we’ll travel from QC going to a certain roro pier until we arrived our destination – Iloilo, est. travel time for each town or city, RORO Shipping where we can buy/pay for Bill of Lading for the car, passenger tickets etc. including its corresponding cost/price, if there’s any overnight needed – can you recommend a hostel where we can stay overnight, it’s rate etc so we can bring enough to spend for such.

    We really don’t have any ideas at all as this is our first time for a long distance travel from Manila to Iloilo.

    We would greatly appreciate your help.

    Thank you very much and all the best!

  37. gud pm po. inquire lng po ako kng mgkano kng mgkano ang bayad ng small car. tanong ko na rin po kung ano po ang contact # ng port of matnog. maraming salamat po

  38. sir what are the basic requirements na ipapakita sa port?
    or/cr lang?how about license? need pa po ba ng photocopy?
    or pag hiningi lang?

  39. Hi
    I will be travelling by bus from Maasin to Manila soon.
    Could you please give me a cost inclusive of ferry hops from Leyte, Samar and Luzon?

  40. How much will it cost travel/transfer of one (1) unit Toyota Innova from davao to manila

  41. sir good evening.. can I ask how much is the fare of motorcycle ..and what is needed .matnog to allen I just want to travel with motorcycle use.. thank you..

  42. We recently brought our car from Manila to Leyte, crossing Matnog – San Isidro route thru Fastcat.

    When we reached Matnog at around 4:10PM, several fixers lead us near the tourism office. The tourism office was close during that time since it was a Sunday. The fixers insisted that we’ll ride the Santa Clara boat, but we are thankful that we managed to ride the fastcat instead. They lead us on that section of the port (near the tourism office) even if we can park near the ticketing offices so that they can book us to their prefered boat, maybe for a commission.

    From the guard on duty, we learned that the schedule of the fastcat is quite regular, unlike the santa clara and montenegro lines where their time is not fixed, “alas puno” as per the guard. We were also glad that there were secured lashings on the cars and trucks that were ferried by the fastcat. Their passenger accommodation is impressively clean.

  43. By the way, we paid P1500 for our car (toyota Fortuner) including the PPA fee, etc.

  44. Hi dutchpickle,

    Is there an abundant source of potable water at Port of Matnog Sorsogon and Allen, Samar? Just wondering if it can be asked for free.

    Thank you!

  45. Hi Sir dutchpickle,

    We’re planning to take roro going to Cebu this May. I can’t find the right website to check rates and schedule. Please post / share the link.
    I found FASTCAT website: but I’m not sure if this is the right shipping lines.

    My uncle took the Lite Shipping Lines just recently and showed us the receipts/invoices, but they traveled by car and we will be using 18-seater VAN, I wonder if that will make any difference.
    I’d like to see how much we need to prepare since we’ll be travelling with children and senior citizens.

    Looking forward to your reply, sir. Thanks in advance.

  46. i have motorcycle and i want to travel matnog to cebu how much the fare

  47. hi dp,

    Good Day,

    were planning to have a road trip from manila to my province Leyte, since this will be my
    first time , may i know what are those procedures/papers needed for the car crossing matnog to samar on a RORO vessel?

    Thanks A lot


  48. Thanks a lot dp……

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