Churya-a Hotel Bontoc

banaue_013Churya-a Hotel in Bontoc Philippines

Bontoc is a hub for travelers visiting the mountain provinces in the Philippines.

Most pass on through to Banaue or Sagada but if you are going to spend the night the best place to stay is the Churya-a Hotel on the main drag near the Emanuel bus drop off.

The rooms are around 350 peso for a double with CR (comfort room). The staff is friendly and helpfull. cell 0906-4300-853 darwin_churyaa @ yahoo

banaue_075.jpgInternet in Bontoc is very slow so if you are on your way to Sagada or Banaue wait till you get there because both towns have fast internet.

Jeepneys will generally be happy to drop you off in front of the hotel. The Emanuel Bus to Banaue is two blocks away. It costs 100 peso to Banaue but goes all the way to Tabuk. (the long way around)

There are smaller buses that go to Tabuk via Tinglayan (the short way) taking around 5 hours.

banaue_018.jpgMany jeepneys make the one hour trip to Sagada, leaving from an alley near the gas station. (35 peso)

In Bontoc itself there is a great museum (40 peso) that is well worth the time. Masferres has a bunch of photos there and some others go back to 1905 when headhunting was still commonplace.

The Churya-a is also a good place to contact Francis Pa In – a local guide for trips to Tinglayan.

Bontoc Hotel – Churya-A

Mar 27, 2007

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