Jungle Plants of the Rain Forest

banaue_064.jpgPhilippine rain forest plants

There are some exotic plants found up in the rain forest in the Cordillera mountains in the Philippines.

Way at the top beyond the rice terraces there is still some rain forest that is relatively pristine. Unusual plants that are not seen in the lowlands are an interest to me.

banaue_049.jpgHigh in the mountains

Up in the rain forest at the top of the Cordilleras you will come across some really cool plants and the occasional animal that are not found in the lowlands.

Many of my photos are a bit blurry and it might be time to get a new camera so bear with me on this.

banaue_087.jpgAn unusual pitcher plant “karao” can be seen clinging to the roots of some of the trees.

Sometimes they are half filled with rice and then topped off with water and boiled.

Many of the jungle plants are eaten. There is also the “penit” or sweet mountain strawberry that grows in some areas.

banaue_077.jpgIt looks like a regular strawberry but it grows on vines about 2 meters off the ground. (my pic didn’t turn out)

Chopchopin is another edible plant that has a red stem that can be eaten like celery.

The chopchopin stemsĀ  are kind of tart but don’t taste too bad dipped in salt.

banaue_063.jpgThe spikey rattan that Francis calls “mountain vegetable” has a root that is peeled and the core is boiled.

It has a texture like snow crab when it’s done and the bigger one the “toron” has a good flavor. For me the smaller one or “nachaut” is unpleasantly bitter. The rattan itself is used as a building and weaving material.

Unfortunately my photo was too blurry to use. Maybe my camera got wet from the mist or something and the focus getting affected.

banaue_088.jpgA serious photographer could have a lot of fun up there.

If you knew something about lighting and the set up you could come out with some great pics.

I just use a point and click and land up with a lot of photos that have to be dumped.


It is an experience to be surrounded by these plants because the rain forest is so think you often can not see very far in any direction.

Orchids and vines of all sorts are all intertwined and its dark and misty and muddy and you kind of wonder what you are doing up there.

Jungle Plants

Mar 27, 2007 www.dutchpickle.com

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  1. these plants are soooooo cool!!!:)

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