Ayala Mall Cebu

img_0411.jpgAyala MallĀ  Cebu

There are a few big malls in Cebu City where you can escape the heat or rain for a while. Ayala and SM seem to be the most popular.

Shopping does not interest me but I am the odd one out on this sort of thing. Malls everywhere usually have the same franchises in them but it is a nice clean environment and the food is survivable.

The Ayala Mall is around a 45 – 50 peso cab ride from the Fuente Circle depending on how you catch the traffic lights. The smaller Robinson Mall with a good supermarket is right on the circle.

img_0418.jpgIn the Philippines, the Christmas season seems to begin on the first of September. At this writing it is mid November and the sales clerks are already wearing Santa hats and Christmas music is piped through out the mall.

In the past I have escaped the hectic Christmas season by heading down to Indonesia for a few months. This year it might not be in the works.

Ayala Mall

Nov 19, 2007 www.dutchpickle.com

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  1. do u have toys r us in ayala?

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