Buying a cell phone

img_2378.jpgBuying a cell phone in Cebu

The cell phone is the most important thing in a Filipino’s life even closer to the heart than karoake and lechon manok.

One peso texts are a cheap form of communication and the Philippines is reputed to have the highest per capita texting population in the world.

Walking around Cebu City at Night – youtube video

img_2379.jpgCell phone accessory shops line the boulevards in Cebu City on Colon Street where new, reconditioned, pawned and stolen cell phones are widely available.

New phones have a one month service warranty but you are pretty much on your own once you’ve made your purchase.

With the right plan you can have unlimited texts but all your friends would have to have the same sim card which is highly unlikely. Globe and Smart seen to have the widest coverage but TM (Touch Mobile) and Sun have a strong following is some areas.

img_2375.jpg Some people carry a couple different phones with different sim cards so the can take advantage of the different plans.

Try to find out which company has the strongest signal for the area that you plan to spend most of your time. Some mountain regions have limited access and it will make a difference what sim you are using.

You can get the most basic Nokia for around 1500 pesos and the price climbs steadily upwards from there.

img_2374.jpgBeing a “cheap Charlie” I use the most basic phone available not only because I have no image to preserve but they function equally well and are a high theft item. Replacing a cheap one is less costly.

Status is critical to the Filipino so an extra 20 dollars spent on the phone can really improve one’s standing in the social pecking order.

Cell Phone

Jan 7, 2008

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  1. pwede utang??i mean unhan lang ug bayad ba pero unya na kuhaon ang unit kung bayad na

  2. hi dp what phone and carier would you recomend for me and my wife cause we will be living in sindangan or dipolog.

    Thanks Scott

  3. Thanks dp for your advise,i like your website it has helped me.I will keep in touch,take care.


  4. may i ask you, if how much cp unit n70 today?

  5. hello where can i buy cheapest cellphone in cebu?

  6. hello, where we can find shops of cellphones here in cebu that has used to have a swapping cellphones?

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