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  1. im just asking some price list of motorbike ( racing type ) my brands , to be chose, yamaha, suzuki, honda, maybe i need to see some images if you have …the latest model..cos im planning to buy

  2. Hi DP,

    My wife’s family lives in Ormoc and I visit there twice a year. Really been thinking about getting a bike to keep there, make it so much easier getting around town and to their place up in the mountains. You know a good place to get a bike in Ormoc?


  3. Hi DP,

    I like your site, good info, also I’m curious about your bike, what sort of fuel consumption do you get, with/without passengers, cruising speed, top speed etc? Have you lowered the gearing for extra loads?

    I admire your adventurous spirit on some of the runs you’ve done, especially Cotabato area! Keep up the good work!



  4. Hi DP,

    Thanks for the info and I will be sure to check out the shops on the main drag. My wife is from Brgy Quezon Jr, up in the mountains and I thought a little road bike or scooter would be perfect for going there. Also looking a buying a house some where around Ormoc proper so having some transportation is a must. Thanks for your help.


  5. Hey DP,

    Good advice and I will be sure to follow it. I’m a big guy for there(6′ 200 lbs) so leaning towards the Honda 155 just because I am use to a big bike and I like a little more weight under me without spending a fortune. If you see a white guy with a Filipina hanging on for dear life in December give me a honk. Keep up the good site.


  6. hi good day,

    Ijust want to ask the price of raider 150..


  7. Hi DP,

    You mentioned the motorbike rentals in Dumaguete.

    I’ll be there next month and would be grateful if you have more specific directions to get to them.


    PS you’ve been quiet in the last week that i’ve been looking here. Miss seeing your updates. I hope all’s well and you’re enjoying yourself.


  8. Thanks DP,
    I owe you a beer next time we meet up
    Enjoy Palawan – I’m looking forward to your reports from there.

  9. Dear DP,

    do you have a rough estimation about the price of a big bike?
    I’m thinking about BMW GS 1200 Adventure.

    Thanks and greetings!

  10. Thank you, DP!
    Appreciate it.


  11. to whom it my concern,
    Moalboal my name is Beatriz Pippert im here in Germany,i buy a motor TMX 155 Honda,and i want to know the tel.number of ur company because is very important about my TMX Honda,because Mr.Rene Angana is not in Cebu and i want to finish my contract for paying my TMX Honda.And i want to know how about my rebate?
    pls give me a responce
    thank you

    heres my roaming no.928-158-4110

  12. Dear Peter,

    You can also find R1200GS bikes in Autohaus BMW dealership in Quezon City, Metro Manila. It is the nationwide authorized dealer in the Philippines.



  13. I been through your site trying to find a phone numbers on the store seems like isn’t posted.I’m just wondering about particular vehicle an ATV 4-wheelin bike any brand.And how much does it cost?

  14. Good day sir:

    Needed some help sourcing cdi for yamaha fzr 400 cc and oversize 25,000 yamaha 650 cc piston…will appreciate if you can help me. Thanks! 09064176227


  15. Good afternoon. Do you have Suzuki Thunder 125 and Yamaha Mio Sporty? May i know how much each and how much downpayment and payment for 3 years? Waiting. Thank you…

  16. Hi DP,
    Read your information on buying a motorbike. I am in the USA and I’m trying to purchase a scooter for a family in bilran and was wondering if you have any suggestions. I have been reserching online purchase but so many plcaes will not ship to that area. So i thought about ording from the philippines but am haveing a hard time finding any dealers website.

    Any ideas or suggestions?


  17. how much is honda tmx 155 brand new now.new model.
    txt me im in rush sir/ma’am

  18. ask ko lng magkano b ung xr200 nyo ngaun?

  19. I would like to thank you for sharing your words and putting the time into the stuff you publicise! Good work!

  20. Hi dp!

    i find it so funny that people ask you questions as if you’re a dealer of motorcycles!
    But I’m amazed that despite of their silly questions, you still exert effort to post some replies..
    dude this is an amazing site you have! keep up the good work!


  21. so sory to hear about your accident but am very happy to hear that you are making a good recovery so far. i am good about wearing a helmet but after reading about your wreck, i bet i never leave the house without it again. not even on the shortest of rides. i know this has been a terrible thing for you and beth to have to go through but you are both young and strong and you will make through just fine. i must come up to ormoc to take care of some business next week. if there is anything i can get or do for you let me know. i will be checking back on a regular basis. like my grandfather usta say “its hard to knock a good man down but its almost impossible to keep him down”. hang in there partner. your friend .william of maslug.

  22. Dear DP,

    Thank you so much for your very funny anecdotes. You had me in stitches so many many times (as in major major (by Venus Raj). I’ve never laughed so hard in a long time. Thank you! Keep posting please!

  23. Hi DP,

    I stumbled up on your post, reading about experiences of several TMX155 users.
    I just bought one to handle the roads in Palawan. The XR200 comes too expensive and I just somehow don’t like the bike taking it for testdrives.
    With the TMX155 I love the feeling of the power and the possibility of customization.
    Since you seem an experienced TMX user, I would like to ask you some advice.

    I’m close to my first 1000km and ready for my first service & tweaks. Often going through dirtroads, I need a softer suspension. Those bumps come really hard now. Are there recommendable tweaks for better suspension (mind I drive a lot alone or with some luggage or a second person). Also the bike is listed as giving topspeeds of 120km/h but I feel when I drive it to 70km/h i’m going already very high in tours/min. Since the bike feels like I should switch to 4th gear already at 40km/h…
    Are there tweaks that you can shift the gearchange speed a bit up, and make the bike go a bit faster without going in high tours/min? Somehow it feels now like I miss a 5th gear.

    Thanks in advance for you opinion


  24. ma’am / sir

    may brach ba kayo dito sa Surigao del sur oh malapit dito..
    tanung ko lang kung magkanu downpayment nyo sa XRM125 at ang monthly..

    if may second hand. also give me some info..

    thanks you!!!!

  25. to sibulan branch,sana mkasali aq sa promo nyo ngayun khit tomorw pa ang payment namin,tnx

  26. Hi

    Is it possible for an européan couple coming for 3 month in Philippines to buy a bike ? Does we need a permanent adress ?

    Tks and regards

  27. I am wanting to purchase a Honda motorcycle in Baguio City for a friend during my visit in April. I have around 100,000 pesos. What other costs are associated with purchasing a new bike there? Honda lists a TMX Supremo for 67,900 ( (plus freight and insurance charge). What are these fees and are their other fees associated with a purchase? (tax, etc?) Also, what will be his costs for owning the bike after I leave (other than gas/oil and general maintenance?) Are there any license fees, use fees, etc?

    Thank you

  28. My friend is Filipino. We will put it in his name at the time of purchase. Thanks for your help.

  29. planning to buy atv meron po ba availabale sa inyo ned price quatation tnx in advance

  30. Here is some updated information on motorcycles, they now have a Harley Davidson dealer in Manila and their are now big bikes available at most dealers, still a long wait on permanent tags, i just purchased a Honda TMX it is the New Alpha P46,900 about $1100 USD it has electric and kick start and a 5 speed, the China bikes are cutting into the sales of the big four so they are trying to bring down the price to compete , the Skygo has really taken a lot of the business motorcycle trade, those use for side cars and so on, they are assembled here in the Philippines they have about 100 dealers and service centers, so no problem with parts, i have seen these bikes used here in the province and just keep on going the Skyo Wizard sells for about P37,000 less than $1000 USD

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