Cebu Harbor

Shipping port in CebuCebu Harbor

Cebu is a major shipping hub in the Philippines. I really enjoy taking pictures of the boats and activity in the channel between Cebu and Mactan Island.

Shipping vehicles between the different  islands in the Philippines is rather easy but it takes a few times doing it before you get used to the system.

cebu harbor tugboats

Basically you must have a copy of your registration to get a bill of lading from the shipping company. Then pay the port fees or PPA, get a passenger ticket for yourself and pay the terminal fee for that too.

Roble Shipping Cebu

Try to get to the pier at least one hour before sailing time.

Cebu harbor with mountains in the backgroundCebu waterfront with mountains in the background.

tug boat in Cebu harborTug boat working on the Cebu waterfront.

tug boatGothong tug boat

cebu harborThese large booms are used for unloading containers from cargo vessels.

cargo shipCargo ship at the docks.

cebu harborThe waterfront in Cebu is kind of beautiful in a way.

cebu harbor tug I took these pictures from the deck of one of the Lite Shipping ferries. Passenger fare was 400 pesos economy and 590 for my motorcycle from Cebu to Ormoc City.

passenger ferriesPassenger ferries at Mactan Island.

Trans Asia ferry in CebuI have taken Trans-Asia Shipping ferry from Cebu to Masbate .

small boat with sailThere are a few small fishing boats that seem to be able to work in between all the boat traffic.

small sail boatSmall sail boat with outriggers.

high speed cataramanThe high speed Super Cat ferry is a quick way to get where you are going but it is passenger only.

red boat in CebuRed boat near bridge.

bridges between Mactan and CebuThere are two bridges connecting Mactan and Cebu Islands.

dutchpickle in Cebudutchpickle on the waterfront in Cebu


Dec 9, 2011

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