Cebu in January

cebu-jan-001Cebu in January

I stayed for a week in Cebu City visiting friends, and getting some things cleared up with my visa at the immigration office in Mandaue. It was an uneventful week.

Preparations for the Sinulog festival were in full swing. It is the biggest holiday of the year in Cebu and signals the end of the Christmas season.

cebu-jan-010I took advantage of the Red King internet cafe in the ground flood of the Mercedes Hotel and did a little shopping at the malls and in the nearby Colon district. It is a madhouse in Colon but you can get most anything there, at a good price.

Sanciangko – youtube video

cebu-jan-002I got a few spare motorbike keys made, a new tire, a rubber stamp made, a new cell phone, oranges from China – (ponkan) for 4 to 5 pesos and a few other things that are hard to get in Samar.

Our Place Bar – youtube video

cebu-jan-003The streets are packed with food vendors now because of  Sinulog and you can get anything from shellfish to corn on the cob.

A bbq fish runs around 70 pesos.

Walking around Cebu City at Night – youtube video

cebu-jan-013Small hard mango are around 5 pesos and the price goes up the bigger they get. (up to 15 peso)

Salt is usually sprinkled on the slices so they aren’t so tart.

cebu-jan-025Be advised that hotel reservations are a very good idea at this time. Prices soar and you will be lucky to find a room if you just show up.

Crown Regency Tower changing color – youtube video

cebu-jan-024The puppy vendors were kicked off the overpass, where they usually are set up. Vagrants, beggars,  and street vendors are being run off this weekend.

cebu-jan-023A few of the pups!

cebu-jan-007Bamboo scaffolding is used extensively on construction projects in the Philippines.

cebu-jan-006Here it looks like staging for a painting operation.

Pelaz Street, across from the Mercedes Hotel.

Roble Shipping ferry Catbalogan to Cebu City – youtube video

cebu-jan-011Delivery men at the corner of Del Rosario and Osmena.

cebu-jan-005Goofy display at the Osmena Circle.

cebu-jan-017The boyz from Metro Bank.

cebu-jan-004I got a new rear tire for my bike. The old one wasn’t that bad but I like to keep things in top shape!

This guy in Talisay, was a first rate mechanic, and replaced it for 40 pesos. The new tire was around 600+ pesos and I gave my old tire to him to sell. He should fetch at least 100 pesos for it.

little tugboats in Cebu – youtube video

cebu-jan-026I took the Friday 11 am Lite Shipping ferry to Ormoc, Leyte. 350 pesos economy, 850 peso for the bike

I usually take the Roble ferry all the way to Catbalogan Samar but it had been canceled for two weeks. Lite Shipping usually does not make a Friday run, but scheduled one in because there had been cancellations earlier in the week due to a signal one typhoon.

Lite Shipping – youtube video

It required an extra 6 hours of driving my bike from Ormoc to Catbalogan, in a stinging rain, but at least I didn’t have any passengers to worry about.

I just had to keep my laptop dry and keep from crushing the box of Dunkin Donuts that I was bringing home for my girl.


Jan 18, 2009

6 responses to “Cebu in January”

  1. Dear dutchpickle,

    Your website is very enlightening for people like me who will be going to Cebu for the first time soon. Great tips, great pictures, and great time you’ve spent to update here.

    Thank you and keep it up !

    Good Day.

  2. Dear dutchpickle,

    During my visit in May 2009, I stayed in Cebu City. I think the place look more like Batam to me. (Batam is an island of Indonesia).

    I stayed for couple of days, then went to Cagayan De Oro on a domestic flight. Visited the province at Tagloan Misamis Oriental. I might briefly write my unfogettable experience and the opposite story of what I’ve heard about people in the province, in the page entitled ‘Filipina Girlfriend’… soon. Sort of follow-up.. heehee.

    Warmest regards,

  3. Dear Dutchpickle..

    I really like your website,,it’s really helpful for me who will be going to Philippines for first time,,
    Actually, me and my 4 friends have a plan to visit Philippines for 1 week in January.
    Luckily, there are direct planes from Jakarta to Manila, or Cebu-Dumaguete-Bohol (via Manila)..
    Could you give me advices what should we do in Philippines in that day..
    Our plan is; fly from Jakarta to Dumaguete and stay 2-3 nights there, n take a bus to Cebu and stay there for 2 nights, then take a ferry to Tagbilaran,Bohol to see Chocolate Hills and stay just for 1 night, n take a plane to Manila.
    When will The Sinulog Ceremony held in Jan 2010?? And What are the interesting places in Cebu that we must be visit..

    I’m sorry if I asked you much,I hope you could help me and my friends.

    Regards from Jakarta.

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