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  1. Haler, maayong buntag!

    Si Warren ako…Nelson, you taught me how to scuba dive a few years ago, I think it was 2002, but it might have been in 2004. I really love diving with you and the attention your diver’s gave me every time I would go to dive in your beautiful coral encrusted waters. I can’t wait to come back. Unfortunately, I lost my nice, illaminated PADI diving card. I checked PADI here in the US, but they don’t offer nice cards like that here. Is it possible that you can help me replace it?

    Can’t wait to see you and the sea turtles again!

    Daghan Salamat!

  2. magkano hu ba mabayaran ko pg mg school ako ng scuba diving sa inyo…pls reply to my yahoo massenger….thanx

  3. nelson good day… am inquiring the cost of 2 dives.. .2 diving sites…2 persons..including diving boat rental…the equipments is yours..maybe on this middle of May .. hear you soon..

  4. Great people, the Abenidos. Nelson taught me to dive, in 1986 I think it was. As someone says above, he and his guys are very attentive and safety conscious – highly recommended. I remember Chief Mao, Evelyn and all the brothers, though I was sad to hear that brother Jerry passed away a few years back. I haven’t been to Moalboal since 1997, but even then it had changed out of all recognition to ten years before. Hope to get back with my girl one day soon.

  5. Hello there, Were looking a good diving school, for 2 person, no nothing about diving.One good point is that we can swim.Were coming in September. Need advice.
    Thank u. Osan

  6. hello. i’m Yuri. i have a question. i have a plan who will travel to Moalboal to alone and i want to scuba diving.
    And I have a Naui OW Certification. if i will go to your dive shop can i scuba diving?
    It’s okay if i join another team.
    Please answer ASAP,Thank you.

  7. we want to fun diving (nov 25 friday or 26 sat) 3person 2dive

    and another 3person want to snorkeling please ride together

  8. Dear dutchpickle
    Hi.I am Moho.Next weekend,I want to use Nelson’s shop .
    But I couldn’t notice your response soon. And my messages couldn’t received approval from administrator. So my response was very late. I’m sorry.
    This time I am going to use another shop.very sorry.I will want to use Nelson’s shop next time. See you next time.

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