Our Place Bar Cebu

img_0582 img_0579.jpgOur Place Bar – Restaurant – Cebu

This is a wacky little hang out is on the corner of Sanciangko and Pelaez Street in the Colon area of Cebu City.

It seems that there is a new owner every year but the food always is good. Maybe the cook comes with the lease.

A big picture of the Duke (John Wayne) looks down on you from behind the bar so you know this place has to be alright. Most of the menu items have a European flair and are delicious.

Our Place Bar – youtube video

img_0584.jpgThe clientele is a bit clannish but everyone is made welcome by the staff. If you take a table by one of the open windows you can be entertained just watching everything going on in the busy street below.

This part of Cebu has an edge to it but that keeps things interesting.

Yesterday I had a tuna steak, mashed potatoes, vegetables and a San Mig lite for 260 peso.

Sanciangko – youtube video of street in Cebu

cebu-bar-003The “Duke” keeps watch over the steadily declining state of affairs at this legendary landmark!

cebu-bar-001.jpgThe place does have a bit of character.

I still stop in for a beer and occasional sandwich when I’m in the area but it really would be nice if they could fix the plumbing!

cebu-bar-004.jpgJames Dean

Our Place Bar

Our Place Bar Cebu

Our Place Bar Cebu

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