Sinulog 2012 Scoring the Gecko

dutchpickle gecko on carabao hornSinulog 2012 Cebu – I decided to stick around Cebu City this year for  Sinulog and scored an amazing dutchpickle gecko fastened to a carabao horn last night at a flea market booth on Osmena Blvd.

Here the artist Jen from Dumageute shows off his work. He and friends also have a crafter’s booth at the Malatapay Wednesday farmers market near Zamboanguita, Negros.

He was asking 500 pesos for this piece and I knew that I had to have it. He gave me a last price offer of 400 pesos and I stole it. I felt a little guilty and picked up a couple of beautiful wind chimes as well.

sinulog gecko souverierdutchpickle gecko logoThe original gecko used on my website  used to live under the sink in my neighbor Dave’s apartment in Ormoc City.

One night Dave got a picture of the gecko when it was out and about hunting mosquitoes and we decided to use it as a website logo because of the unique tail it had.

road trip with Dave in LeyteThis is all a bit off topic but I decided that it was destiny that that gecko showed up at the Cebu Sinulog festival! In the above photo Dave tests out a new piston in his old Kawasiki on a road trip in Leyte two weeks ago.

picking out the correct gecko at SinulogThis little kid helps select the right gecko.

sinulog dutchpickle gecko selection with JamesJames gives the his approval on this piece. I like to support artists that have original stuff and take pride in their work.

windchimes for sale at the Sinulog festivalThese guys also had a collection of wind chimes made of driftwood and sea shells.

Jan with wind chime Jan had some cool stuff so I picked up a few of these chimes too – yes I am a bit of a junk collector!

Sinulog craftsThe wind chimes went for 150 to 250 pesos each.  Nice gifts!

Sinulog CraftsI got up early this morning to watch the procession beginning at pier 3 and spent most of the day taking a few pictures of that event. Hopefully they will be up next page !

sinulog craftsI like weird stuff like this. I even sent home a 3 meter long Komodo dragon carved from one piece of wood in Indonesia once. It is still sitting there in a wooden crate because I never quite figured out where to put it ha ha!

Cebu pier 3 early morning

I hope to put up some information about Sinulog 2012 tonight or tomorrow. I am having a tough time getting a good connection this evening.

sinulog cebuDown at pier 3 this morning!

Cebu pier 3 Sinulog

Cebu SinulogSinulog 2012

Sinulog 2012 Kid selling hats. Great idea – they sold well in the hot sun!

street performersStreet performer with python. People were paying 20 pesos to have their pictures taken with a snake over their shoulder.

girl with python at SinulogGirl with python.

umbrellaUmbrella to provide relief from the sun rather than protection from the rain.

happy policeSinulog crowd control police.

facebook facebookfacebook facebook !

ponkan 5 pesoPonkan 5 peso.

Sinulog 2012Sinulog 2012

dutchpickle logoSinulog in Cebu

Jan 14, 2012

2 responses to “Sinulog 2012 Scoring the Gecko”

  1. Nice one dp. I love the carving mate. and the gecko is great.. looks like u having a good time. sorry i refused the offer mate but crowds and me dont mix eheheh
    See u in a couple a weeks mate.

    All the best Dave

  2. Hello DP,

    I was scanning your website for possible posts of Panay island, and it seems like you haven’t yet been able to come to this place in the Philippines yet? If you haven’t and are planning to, please PM me, I and my brothers would love to join your trip around the area on motorbike sometime, if we can. If you did, do it again with us along. Cheers!


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