Visa extension in Cebu

img_0039.jpgVisa extension in Cebu city

Getting an extension on your Philippine visa can be done quickly and efficiently at the Bureau of Immigration in Mandaue city just outside of Cebu.

Mandaue is the port area near Mactan. All taxi drivers will know where the office is (just behind the fire station). From most places in downtown Cebu City the cab fare will be around 100 pesos.

It is important to get the paperwork turned in before 11am if you want to get your passport back before noon. If you turn your application in after noon you will have to return to pick up the passport the following day.

Cebu Immigration Mandaue

img_0041.jpgThere is a photo copy machine in the lobby where you can take photocopies of your immigration stamp and passport for 2 pesos per copy. You fill out a standard visa extension form and hand it in with the photocopies.

The first 30 day extension will cost around 2000 peso the next 60 day extension will run around 3040 peso.

The whole process can take around an hour. Probably the slowest place to get visa extensions would be in Manila where it is a whole day process.

Philippine Immigration link

March 2009 Tourist visa extension update – Tourist visas can now be extended for up to 16 months – the rules are constantly changing.  Have a look at the Philippine immigration link for official information.

Visa Extension Cebu

Nov 7, 2007

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  1. good noon this is rodelyn chavez,im just asking if youre office is open on saturday?
    best reagrds.

  2. do you have a contact number for the Bureau of Immigration in Mandaue city please?

    is it easy enough toget an extension in cebu than having it done in manila?

    great website!

    cheers, Lene

  3. Previously when extending my visa I have had a Filippino friend to fill in the sponsor section of the application form. This time I will be alone. Who do I get to complete the sponsor section?

  4. I am Vietnamese, I am studying SME English training center in Cebu. After 2 week, I will leave out my school so I want to renew my visa. (my visa was renewed 1 months since 21/4-22/5) so you have any best solution to help my case? because I want to stay Philippines a long times. How much fee when I receive my renew passport? And how long?
    Hope to hearing from you soon!
    Thuy Phan

  5. Hi,good day! I am an iranian,i am studying here in Cebu and im already finished my bachelor’s degree and my masteral degree also here in US JR.My problem is my visa is about to expire this coming Dec 2013 and this is my final extension in that said school.And im planning to proceed another course in the other university.So whats the best thing i would do.Do i need to renew my visa or im going to convert my student visa to tourist visa?or i will go back to my country and i will apply a new visa again?please help me to enlighten my mind.
    Hope to read from you soon..


  6. I am a German citizen married to a Filipina, we have 3 kids and we live in Negros..I want to apply for a Permanent residence Visa…when can I come to your place to apply for it and how much will it cost ???? please reply quickly..thanks and regards Manfred Christl

  7. please reply soon and I will come to Cebu to apply for the Permanent Residence Visa.thanks……..Manfred Christl

  8. Hi im Lowella,
    I would like to ask something bout filipino citizenship. Nakapag asawa po ako ng indian national, at gusto namin manirahan sa pilipinas. Ano po bang mga requirements na kailangan sa pagkuha ng citizenship. Kasalukuyan po ay nsa india yung asawa ko at ako nsa cebu, kararating ko lang po dito and by next year susunod na sya sa akin. Sana po matulungan nyo kami, salamat po…

  9. hi im fritche,

    I would like to ask something regarding the visa of my cousin.. she is a swedish and she got a 21 days visa here in phils. she will arrived here in cebu city on july 6,2014 and probably she will return on july 26. Supposedly she will stay here for 2months, because her ticket will return on august 31, 2014.. can we make an extension on her visa until sept 1 0r 2? pls advice.. thank you po..

  10. The 2 nearest BI offices as of now to the airport are either inside J-Mall Mandaue, 2nd Fl. and one long ride distant from the airport; or the Lapu-Lapu Branch at Groundfl. of Annex-Building of Island Mall, just one short ride away. Regular visa extensions are done within 2 hours now and if you need a passport photo, both malls have such photographer stores inside. The recent Mandaue headquarter by the firemen’s house is out of order for another 2 years or so.

  11. hi good day!

    im just asking only how much the cost of extending visa in 5 days over staying?
    Thanks and best regards.

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