Whaleshark nibbling on seaweed

whale shark with seaweedOslob Philippines Whale Shark

Whale shark nibbling on seaweed in the Tan-Awan Marine Sanctuary near Oslob on Cebu Island

I enjoyed swimming along the sanctuary markers in Tan-Awan every morning for three weeks. Occasionally there would be a whale shark or two swimming past the marker buoys and it was a thrill for me to watch what they were up to.

This whale shark or tuki-tuki seemed interested in nibbling on the seaweed build up on the line between the floats. Likely the water near the plants was loaded with plankton.

whale shark eating seaweedTuki-tuki nibbling on the seaweed that collects on the marker buoys on the edge of the Tan-Awan Marine Sanctuary.

whaleshark looking at seaweedThis whale shark seemed to be sampling a bit of the seaweed but I could not tell if he was eating it or just checking it out. It is possible that this shark is vacuuming the plankton and other bits that live in and around the seaweed clusters. They are a big fish but are surprisingly nimble and seem to be quite clever.

whaleshark eatingTuki-tuki – whale shark in Tan-Awan

Tan-Awan whale sharkTan-Awan whale shark – giant vacuum cleaner – so cool!

whale shark eatingWhat a beautiful day! Tan-Awan Cebu Philippines whale shark.

whaleshark with seaweedWhale shark with seaweed. Wish I was snorkeling with whale sharks every morning – what a rush!

whaleshark with seaweedTan-Awan whale shark – wow!

whale shark swimming

dutchpickle logo…gotta love the Philippines!

Tuki-tuki, Tiki-tiki, Butanding

whale shark eating breakfast


Swimming with the whale sharks!



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