3 responses to “Coron to Manila with Atienza”

  1. DP,

    Anymore information on this…after your trip


  2. Hi I am from cebu city and I am dying to visit your lovely place. My question is how can I go to Coron by sea or by air? Woul you please let me know how to go to Coron and which place to stay? Is Coron a safe place to go and stay and enjoy? lease do not be offended of my asking. In as much as your lovely place fascinates me, I would love to go if given the chance by next year.

    Please let me know how to go Coron in by Air or Sea. More power to your governent of Coron and God Speed cheers!

    My general comments: your place is Superb and so very breath taking and most of all a very lovely place to go. I will recommend it here to where I am working right at the moment cheers Coron!

    Thank you very much indeed…..

    Sincerely yours,


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