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  1. HI DP





  3. Hi DP,

    Do you know the day the Atienza boot leaves from El Nido to Coron town? What days the Jessabel departs from El Nido to Coron town? Do you know the difference between these two ships concerning safety and comfort? I have 5 full days for El Nido en Busuanga (plus one on the boot to Coron town). How many days in El Nido? Lots of questions. Lots of thanks. Love your site.


  4. Hiya DP,
    Good to know Welia Supercat takes only 4 hours. So I can spend half day longer for those extra 1250 Pesos. I will try to find out what the procedure is of the Atienza. Sure fly out of Coron town is easier and faster with Cebu Air. Another question about ferries. Arriving Zamboanga early morning from Sandakan, is it possible to head strait to Dipolog and take the ferrie to Dumaguete from Dapitan same day? What times the ferries leave Dapitan to Duma? Thanks again and happy trip with Atienza. Would love to smell the fish air.


  5. DP thanks alot man. Great info. Would really wanna try Atienza. With some bottles of Imperador and some locals, I can easily bridge 24 hours without sleep. Perhaps I should reconsider sailing out of Sandakan and instead fly Kota Kinabalu to Clark. Happy travel back to Leyte.


  6. DP thanks for taking your time to reply.
    I see that there are a fair amount of departures from Dapitan to Dumaguete even 4 AM with Aleson. I might spend more time in Mindanao and skip Coron/ElNido this time. I think I squeezing it too much to do both in the 3 weeks. Even if I tour on a superfast Honda like yours I would still rush my trip. Thanks again and keep posting your very exciting trip reports.



  8. @ Zaldy your webpages are nice. The pictures with piclens 3D looks professional. Slightly outdated is that Superferry is not sailing Manila/Coron/ElNido anymore from Januari on. How would Busuanga and activities be during, July rainy season?

    DP, happy go steady 1000 km trip backhome. If you not there already. A Honda TMX would comein very handy if I stay longer than 2 months in the Philippine. The family near Agas Agas driving an old Yamaha and a brand new Suzuki. But I would choose the Honda 125 TMX since you have a complete Phil_user_manual of ins and outs on your webpages, including seat extenion.
    Mindanao is an island I wanted to expirience a long time, but yeah the bad press it is and not for some reason I guess.
    Was thinking to stop Tawi (but not jolo) on the way to Zambo, but skipping Cotabato on my way to Gen. Santos and Davao. Since you mention ferry posibilities Surigao city to southern Leyte (liloan) that trip looks tempting to me. All depends on if I am landing on Indo-kalimatan or not. The flight from KK to Clark cost only 1000 Pesos. So I see how the wind blows.

    Thanks alot.

  9. hi…
    would you happen to know if there’s a princess wella supercat trip from elnido-coron? if there’s any what days and time?
    me and friend is planning a trip to palawan on 27th of june to 8th of july and we would
    like to start our trip from mnl to el nido and go to coron as well so ive been looking for cheaper and easier way to get to coron from elnido. i would gladly appreciate if you can reply on me here or thru my email (email) if ur not busy. thanks a lot.

  10. dp
    thanks a lot for your info.
    now i know where to start our vacation then
    from june27-july3 elnido
    july3-8 coron.
    other option
    want to leave elnido at july1 for supercat wed trip
    u think 3days is enough to enjoy elnido? coz wer gonna arrive at elnido in the afternoon of 27th so pretty much we cant do island hopping anymore just go around town probably.
    and do u have suggestions on things to do, places to go in el nido as well.
    sorry for so many questions heheh.
    thanks and God Bless.

  11. heya dp
    thank you for your suggestion that i can plan when to leave for coron when im already in el nido.
    im considering it now, thats the best thing we should do.. ^^
    that’s a big help.
    my plan is to take seair flght to elnido then take a ferry from elnido to coron coz i dont want to a half day travelling to our next destination.heheh
    anyway i dunno much bout the days a foreigner can stay in ph. my friend is a german and hes planning to stay in the country for 25days and i heard that he needs to apply for visa or something if he intend to stay for more than 20 days here.
    that i have to double check and research as well.
    coz if ever maybe he will cut his trip for just 20days. :(

  12. El Nido to Coron in 8 hrs, amazing ,
    took me 16 days to go from coron to St-Paul’s cave

    what a trip, national geographic stuff all the way,

    was kayaking , dec. 1996/jan 97

  13. very informative! thanks.

  14. what is the schedule of atienza shiping lines fm manila bound to elnido, palawan

  15. how much fare from manila bound to el nido, palawan via atienza shiping lines?

  16. what is also the schedule of nicolas shiping lines fm manila bound to el nido, palawan and how much its fare?

  17. can i have mobile number or tel number of atienza shiping lines and nicolas shiping lines?

  18. Hello Rob,

    Mbca jessabel has a regular trip from Coron to El Nido every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday departure time 8am, from seadive Resort. El Nido Coron Every Tuesday Frinday and Sunday, departure time 7:30am at the pier.If high season jessabel used a big boat 60capacity, Low season 28capacity only, is not true takes only 4 or 5 hours.
    Thank you so much.

    Contact mbca jessabel
    email add. mbcajessabel @ hotmail.com

    Mbca jessabel has a Terms and Condition
    1.terminal fee php20
    2.Re-booking fee php500 per guest
    3.Refund subject php500 surcharge per guest
    4.Keep ticket for inspection
    5.No cancellation refund the date on time of departure

    Before leave clearance by Philippines Coastguard for the safety trip.

    Thank you so much,

  19. Jason,
    I got the contact number , Atieza Shiping lines 09072269177 fare from manila to elnido 1100 takes 30hours.

    Thank you

  20. christine,
    Cheapest boat from el nido coron cargoes boat joselle , there is no permanent time and date schedule to leave from el nido, only php950 boat fare takes 12hours.
    4 or 5 hours trip is not possible.
    enjoy your holiday in Palawan

  21. hi dp neil here.

    i read your exchange of info with robroy and it was so informative.. im planning to go to zamboang and considering to have my return flight in gensan.. do know any ferry that leaves zamboanga for gen san by wednesday? i check supperferry and their sailing sched is monday.. can you suggest other options? any suggestions also for tourist spots and must see in zamboanga ang gen san? thanks a lot.. hope to hear from you soon… :)

  22. hi everyone,
    i would like to ask if they,re are cargo vessel/ro-ro ship that has voyage/regular trips
    from coron, busuanga to any port of mindoro or batangas.

    please help me.
    i have cargo from manila bound to coron, busuanga island.

    thanks for any info/reliable response.


  23. Hi:

    Dutchpickle -

    I would like to know whether the super cat “WELIA” is still in operation.

    From El NiDo to Coron -what days? I will visit Manila on August, 2011.
    I will go to Coron & with a side trip to El Nido.

    Thank you much & God Speed!


  24. Hi,

    I am wonderling what all the intra-province connetions are by boat in Palawan.
    I could not find much information about departure time and fares.

    Do you also have information about the flights in Palawan, for example from Puerto to El Nido? And do you know where I can find jeepney and bus fares and schedules?

    Hopefully you can help me. It would be highly appreciated!

    Thanks a lot,


  25. Hi DP,

    Do you think I can bring my motorcycle from El Nido to Coron via Atienza or the other shipping lines? Any ideas what will it cost?


  26. Hello!
    I would like to know if there are night boat to travel from EL NIDO to CORON in the end of november 2011.
    otherwise, what are the solutions?
    is it better from puerto princess?

    thanx a lot

    kind regards

  27. hello everyone,
    New Contact No. of Mbca Jessabel +639076741918
    Departure Day El Nido – Coron Every Tuesday, Friday & Sunday
    Departure Day Coron- El Nido Every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday
    Takes 6 to 7 hours with
    Email Add mbcajessabel @ hotmail .com
    Welcome to Aboard!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy your trip

  28. Hello!!

    Anyone knows if the Princess welia really takes 4-5 hours to el nido? do they still operate?

    Thanks a lot in advance


  29. Hi, no boats going to El Nido or vice versa takes 4 hours, and have never done that. It was a false advertisment and now its erased from their adboard.
    The very best boat is “Ride The Joe” , same price as the others but u will have an all day buffet to eat, free softdrinks and water. The other boats give ju a very small packed lunch, not even worth the name “lunch”
    Check out the like page!

  30. Hi dutchpickle,

    First of all i want to say good job with the blog! Verry informative and nice to read :)
    I have a question, i’m going to Palawan in 1,5 for my internship there. I will be staying in Palawan for 5 months. I land in Manila and i want to do a nice route from there to Peurto Princesa.
    This is my plan: From Manila to Peurto Galera by boat. Then travel overland to San Jose. From there i want to take a boat to Coron and then from Coron to El Nido. Will this trip be possible in around 7 days? The hard part is the planning, because i cant seem to find any schedules for the boats.


  31. Hi DP, great blog, just need more info. – We’re leaving for Puerto Prinsesa on the 13th of April and will take Coron-Manila flight on the 18th. We are also planning to drop by El Nido. Would this be possible in 5days? Underground river is the first spot in our list and prolly we’ll go straight to El nido , stay there for 2days and then will take a boat to Coron. How long is the trip from Puerto Prinsesa to El nido? El Nido to Coron?

    Thanks! :)

  32. can you tell us other alternative route going back to manila, is there ferries that cater this services.back to manila ..thank you

  33. Hi,

    Do you know of the ways to travel by ship from Coron/Busuanga to Puerto Princesa. I called Superferry but I was told they don’t have trips from Coron to Puerto Princesa.



  34. Hi~
    First of all I have to say that this blog is so good, it’s really informative and helpful to people travelling between Coron & El Nido. I’ve read most of the info. & messages listed above, finding few information about boat schedule on Thursdays. As it happens, we’ve made up a plan from El Nido to Coron on Jan. 10th, Thursday. Can you give us some information about the boat from El Nito to Coron on Thursday? Thank you!

  35. Hi, Is there a way to travel from Manila to Palawan without taking an airplane? What about Manila-Batangas-Iloilo-palawan? How? Thanks

  36. To our value customers,

    Mbca Jessabel Has a Regular trip from…
    El Nido-Coron Every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday
    Coron-El Nido Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
    For More Info…
    Please call…
    Contact # +639129366710
    Email Add. mbcajessabel_palawan@yahoo.com
    Office Coron- Brgy Tagumpay Coron Palawan… Close by coron Port

  37. Hello :0
    we are going to el nido in january and we would like to know if there are any departure (ferry) from el nido to coron on monday january 13 2014? We would like to book the hostels in Coron.
    do you know if there is any flight to manila from coron ?

  38. Hello Everyone Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would like you to know
    Coron- El Nido every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
    El Nido-Coron every Tuesday, Frinday and Saturday.

    Ticketing Services!!!!!!!!
    Airlines ; Domestic and International
    2GO Travel / Ferry to Manila
    Coron Mindoro / Coron
    Van ; El Nido- Puerto Princesa city / Elnido
    Hotels ::::::: Domestic and International
    We Accepting Master Card And Credit Card.
    Office Coron. Tagumpay Coron , Palawan
    Office El Nido. Masagana Zone 111. El Nido, Palawan
    Contact # +639129366710
    Email: Add. mbcajessabel_palawan @y ahoo.com

    Welcome to aboard !!!!!!!!!!!
    enjoy your holiday!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Hello
    I will be in Coron next February with my family (4 adults and 2 children). Is the Princess Wella still running from Coron to El Nido ? We would like to leave from Coron on Friday 25th February.
    Is it necessary to book in advance ?
    Many Thanks

  40. There is now a speed ferry between El Nido and Coron, as well as other operators I do not think you mentioned above, more details at
    If you have the time, I personally would suggest catching the slower Marphy’s boat, a big banca boat, safe with two engines, and stop half way in Linapacan. Cuts it down to two trips of three hours each, and spend a few days in this beautiful, undisturbed nature area. Caves to explore, some shipwrecks for diving, excellent snorkeling in the clearest waters in the world, 52 islands of beach paradise. Lovely rural feel off the beaten track.

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