Duptours Shuttle Van Tacloban

duptours-shuttle-tacloban-053Duptours Shuttle Services – Van Transportation in Samar and Leyte
Sto. Nino St.
Tacloban City, Ormo
Leyte, Philippines
cell 09209816587


duptours-shuttle-tacloban-042A trip from Ormoc to Tacloban only costs 100 pesos. The shuttle bus runs past the new Robinson Mall and will stop to let you off if you want. The return trip costs 120 pesos for some reason, but it’s a good value. If you are at the mall and want to return to Ormoc, it’s best to take a jeepney to the Duptours terminal to ensure that you will get a seat.


duptours-shuttle-tacloban-061The promo fare from Ormoc,Leyte to Catbalogan,Samar is 200 pesos – that’s a real value.

duptours-shuttle-tacloban-047The Welcome Home Pension is just across the street from the Duptours terminal if you decide to stay in Tacloban for the night.

The Budget Rooms Hotel near the convention center is a good option too. Tricycle rides are 6 or 7 pesos in town.

img_4070Duptours is handy if you want to see eastern Samar – making trips to Borongon and Guiuan. North eastern Samar is a bit more off the beaten track and none of the van companies make trips up there. The local jeepneys run that route during the dry season but it is only passable by motorbke during the wet. They just park the jeepneys and wait for the roads to dry out.

Rodolfo “Dup” Pfleider 11

(053) 523-8107
(053) 321-1370

(053) 546-1352

(053) 561-6823

(055) 560-9747

(055) 271-2121

(055) 543-9127

(053) 500-7834

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101 responses to “Duptours Shuttle Van Tacloban”

  1. how to travel from tacloban airport to tabango?

  2. the bridge was so amazing… but the road going up to liloan is not so good way back 2007

  3. Hi Sree i used to live in Tabango. Just get the duptours to Ormoc and then when they drop u off at their depot as u come out turn left and u will see the gasoline station on your left. Go across the road towards the seafront ( plaza ) and on your right u will see a lotta buses . as soon as u cometo it turn right and go underneath and keep the office area on your right, and u will see a lotta small 14 seater buses just ask for the Tabango one. Or give me a shout when u arrive in Ormoc and i will help u out.my cell number is 09081563246. Tabango is ok but not a lot to do. I know soem of the foriegner there. Gerhart and Danielle. also an merican guy but cannot remeber his name. Anything else give me a shout . Best wishes Dave

  4. Sree,
    If you still need this advise. For the second part you could use Dave suggestion since I am not familiar with Ormoc. Been there once at the bus station opposite the ferry terminal. Your first leg could go by jeepney. When you come out of the airport building in Tacloban a few meters ahead of you you will see a jeepney. Most people take this one and it will bring you for 50 peso to several places where you can take onward transport in Leyte. First it stops at the old bus station and than at the Duptours office (not sure if goes to Ormoc but certain to Catbalogam) and finally it stops at the new bus station in Tacloban (where most long distance buses leave). You also could take the SanJose (airport entrance Tacloban) to Tacloban city for 20 peso and ask for next jeepney for 7 peso to the bus stations.

  5. Hello. I am going to Tacloban by myself for the first time but my destination is actually Isabel, Leyte. I bought the ticket to Tacloban because that is the only way I know to get to Leyte Island. Can anyone help me on how to go to Isabel, Leyte from Tacloban? Thanks :)

  6. well..well..well. long wait is over, Grand tours is already in Ormoc. no more sardine can-like seatings. reservations are available, and trips are on-time, unlike others(alas-puno).

    thanks dp..

  7. Hi Micth,

    What are Grand Tours Destinations from Ormoc?

  8. I will arrive Tacloban at 4:30 pm by PAL from Manila. What are my options to reach Naval the same day? Should I stay back in Tacloban thatnight? When is the first shuttle/van to naval in the morning? Thanks in advance.

  9. Thanks DP. I see Hotel Alejandro in the site for tacloban hotels, but theyappear to be booked. I am wondering if anyone has an e-mail address for other hotel options in Tacloban. Particularly, I liked the reviews for Rosvenil Pensione. They have no e-mail listed.

    Also, is it possible to go by ferry from Naval to Cebu or from Naval to Manila? Thanks for all your help.


  10. mayroon ho bang hotel sa Guiuan t magkaano per night?

  11. ano po ba ang ang sasakyan papuna dyan sa terminal niyo po galin po ako ng airport…..At ano ang schedule ng bus Van nyo po papunta ng Guiuan??

  12. i am just curious of what is the business operation of duptours shuttle services: it’s operational framework, policies, and business strategies that makes it succesful and booming in the industry of transportation in region 8

  13. we would like to inquire if what time are the boats available to leave from tabangon- malapascua?? how much is the fare?? are the acommodation in malapascua expensive, including foods??

  14. Thanks, DP. had a great trip to Tacloban/Naval. Stayed at Hotel Alejandro (Tacloban: Nice hotel, rooms a bit rundown but nice atmosphere), Basic Rooms Hotel(Tacloban: Good value, nice location, bathrooms not so nice and rather stinky, that for the deluxe room), Marvins Seaside Inn(Naval: Nice room,good service, 20P trike ride each way to the city). Ate at Goldilocks in Naval good value place. In Tacloban ate at Cafe Lucia very near Basic Rooms Hotel. High price, poor service and bad food. Food at Alejandro in Tacloban was good and reasonably priced.
    Will be back again,and thanks for all your help.
    Cheres, Marco

  15. ,.hi,.comment ko lang poh,sana serve kayo d2 sa palompon,.kasi poh hirap sumakay papuntang tacloban,.

  16. hello dave,you were from tabango right?is there any place to stay in tabango?i dont have any info or photos on tabango!!anyway i was in cebu on july and did not make it to leyte, it was just wonderful and love the food…dutch gave me info on palompon hotels..thank you guys…sre1607@yahoo.com

  17. hi! Good Afternoon,

    Could you please help me where to get a public transport via Bus/Van from ormoc to tacloban airport on Oct 25. also I’d to know the schedule on how many times your Van/Bus service from Ormoc- Tacloban. Will it go straight to tacloban Airport?.. Here’s my celphone number 0918-796-6375. I highly appreciated your response. thanks

  18. Hi! Just like to ask if there’s still a shuttle from tacloban to ormoc. Is there a particular time schedule they follow? Where is the terminal, is it near the tacloban airport? Sorry for the questions, i’ll be flying in to tacloban on friday and was wondering if i could readily take a shuttle to ormoc. Thanks.

  19. Thanks dp! Last Couple of questions… How much is the fare from tacloban to ormoc and how long does the trip
    Take? Thanks in advance!

  20. hi I just want to know about the prize when I arrive ormoc to tacloban ,,,,,,I hope you’ve willing to send me any answer of it ,,,

  21. hi, ask ko lang po if meron pa bang byaheng tacloban to maasin mga around 6pm. Thanks.

  22. Hi, just wanna ask if Duptours has a route Tacloban – Padre Burgos Southern Leyte ? If there is, how much is the fare and the time schedule. And what are other vans/public transportation going to Padre Burgos. I hope to get an answer from anybody. Thanks in advance. :)

  23. Hi, i would like to ask meron ba Duptours or other public van from Ormoc to Maasin? How much is the fare and wat are the schedules? Thank you!!

  24. hello, just want to know if there’s a trip(duptours van) on dec. 25 in the morning bound to maasin city and how much will it cost per person? tnx

  25. Hi Sir Dup, i wanna rent a van or a mini coaster from tacloban- airport to ormoc pier for 22 pax…. how much po ba? for jan. 13 we arrive at 5:30am ako po yung kausap nio last dec. same price papo ba? and aabot po ba kame sa alis ng super cat ng 8:30am going cebu… Thanks in advance. :)

  26. Hi DP,
    I am traveling with my girlfriend and her sister from Tacloban to Bool on the 14th Feb. Can you advise me the best way to do it? I am happy to pay for a decent van with a driver. Can you reccommend any and if so can you supply a phone number so I can contact them.. I appreciate your help!

    PS: Are the busses to Naval from Tacloban air con and comfortable and if so, should I maybe do that and get a van from Naval to Bool instead.. I welcome your thoughts!


  27. Hi

    I need transport from Tacloban Airport to Palompon. Any suggestions/tip- your vans, can you hire one to Palompon. Please help anyone.

  28. Good Day,

    Whats the fastest way to go to romualdez airport from ormoc city/

  29. I will be arriving in Tacloban on Philippine Airlines at approx 5:20 in the afternoon on Sunday, March 18th. My final destination is Ormoc. Will I be able to take your shuttle to Ormoc that evening and if so, what time does it leave Tacloban or is there another transportation option for that evening?

  30. Good day.

    I need to know the first trip from Tacloban to Ormoc city and the last trip fro Ormoc City to Tacloban.

    I need to be in Ormoc city by 9:30am for a scheduled meeting.

    My flight from Manila arrives in Tacloban at 535am. Do I have ample time to get to Ormoc before 930am?

    What do you recommend?


  31. Thanks very much for the information, Dutchpickle. I have already made reservations at ia lodge. It looks to be a much better alternative than the others I was contemplating.

  32. DP we need help. We are trying to contact Mc Arthur park beach resort but all the contact numbers are invalid and incorrect, we tried all the numbers with area code but it is still invalid and we don’t know what to do. Do you know any mobile number that can assists us. We will be in tacloban 2nd week of April. Can the transport service that you posted here can help us with the airport transfer to the hotel? Here is my contact number ———–.

    Thank you.

  33. Macarthur resort is now The oriental hotel. Duptours is quite fine with vans leaving at exact time and schedules. But if there are only few of you traveling theres also a self-drive car rental just a block away from duptours, Haven’s rent a car which is infront of Hotel Alejandro. They also allow self-drive but their cars are mostly small like AUV/SUV and sedans.

  34. Saang terminal ako pupunta na pwde van papunta ng cabucgayan at panu mag commute galing tacloban airport papunta sa terminal ng van na pwdeng papunta ng cabucgayan??tnx

  35. good day, me i know the schedule trip from ormoc to tacloban (pm trip) and tacloban to guiuan (1st trip or early morning)….we are at least 10 passengers…thanks


  36. my family are planning 2 visit relatives in Carigara, Leyte dis coming july. coming from cebu, what place is nearer to carigara, ormoc or tacloban? and is transportation available anytime?


  38. I am flying from manila to tacloban in early august 2012, and i am going to ormoc city and was wondering if you knew the best and safest way of traveling from tacloban to ormoc city, i will have quite a bit of luggage and don’t want any of it to get stolen, i have been told to be careful as things go missing..and what would the cost of a fare be ? last trip i flew from manila to cebu and then catch the fastcat to ormoc..but i found it was a bit of a hassle, so i decided this would a better alternative..

    Yours Faithfully
    Mel Batten

  39. Thank you very much for getting back to me in regards to getting Duptours from Tacloban to Ormoc City, and also of not going to the bus terminal by mistake.
    I appreciate the advice that you have given me, which will make my trip so much easier.
    Yours Sincerely
    Mel Batten

    P.S. A excellent site for learning about the philippines.

  40. Hi.

    Is there a trip from Ormoc to Tacloban at 3am in the morning of Mondays?


  41. Hi, I wanted to know if how much and how long will it take from Tacloban airport to carigara? Then from Carigara to Ormoc to get on a superkat to Cebu City? Thanks.


  42. Im planning my trip to naval,We will arrive at Tacloban airport mid afternoon,we then plan to hire a private taxi to take the two of us to Biliran garden resort with luggage.The last time we used a hire vehicle,3yrs ago,we haggled with the driver,and managed to get the fare down to P2,200.But not expecting the same again,so can you tell me what i’m likely to expect to pay?In addition to that,from Naval to Manila,what is an alternative other than flying,and does it compare on airline price,one way?Thanks in advance.JB.

  43. Hi, what time is the first and last trip from tacloban to naval? naval to tacloban? how much? going there this dec.=) tnx

  44. what is you new number?yung cel nyu di makontak..ty

  45. good morning . how much is the fare from tacloban to palompon ?

  46. how many hours or minutes in getting there?

  47. Good day!

    I would just like to inquire if you have a van that can pick us up at ormoc pier and send us to tacloban city airport on May 20, 2013. How long will the trip last? since the ferry will be arriving at aroung 8:05am and my flight would be leaving by 11:10am. How much would the rent be?

  48. Hi,

    I’d like to know the schedules for the van to depart from ormoc to tacloban?

    Please advise.


  49. Hi,

    Do you have vans going to llorente? What is the cost and travel time from Tacloban airport? I am travelling alone. Thanks.

  50. ask ko lang pokung my byahe kyo ngayong week start ngayong nov. 12 2013 to nov.17 ? tpos kung mag kano po pamasahe from ormoc to jaro ? thank you

  51. Hi,

    i just wanna ask if theres a van from catbalogan to catarman on January 1 2014.?

    and how long will it take to get there.?

  52. From tacloban, how do I get to Siargao island? Aside from flying, what are the other option and how long is the travel time. Thanks so much.

  53. good day, may i know how much is the fare from guiuan to tacloban and tacloban to ormoc?or is there a continuos travel from guiuan to ormoc?and may i know how much is the fare per person. how many hours and what time is the first trip here in guiuan and last trip in ormoc?
    hoping to hear from you and can you give me the trip sched guiuan to tacloban- tacloban to ormoc and vice versa

    thank you

  54. Hi, It’ll be my first time to get to Tacloban this coming Jan 13 to participate the pope’s mass. From Cebu I’ll take the ferry but then the dest. Must be Ormoc. Is there a way I could get assurance I can take the van ride from Ormoc to Tacloban the same day? I’m afraid to get stranded in Ormoc for I know no one there. And is it true that Tacloban will be closed on the 15th? I hope someone can help me. Thanks very much!

  55. Hello po,

    We have a group of 11 persons. We want your van service from Tacloban
    to Benit on January 25 sunday noon. How much it cost?

    0998 322 60 55

  56. I would like to ask if what is the last trip from taclo an to maasin? Thank you

  57. Dear Ms. Beverly,

    Please quote based on below details.

    Date: October 21 – 23, 2015
    # of Pax: 30 pax
    Transportation: Van, Coaster or Bus

    Please advise rate with the following & inclusions also
    * Wholeday Rental
    * Extra Hour
    * Airport Transfer

  58. Hi,

    Mrs Marlene Carait here.
    We are a group of 10. Please send quotation for the following:
    May 29 – 1:00pm to 5:00pm – Tour around Tacloban City
    May 30 – 6am – Airport transfer

    Pick-up/Drop off point: ZPAD Residences

    Thank you.

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