Furniture from recycled wood

making furniture from recycled palletsMaking cabinets from old pallets.

Used shipping crates crates are dropped off at workshops on the side of the road in Ormoc City.

The craftsmen there tear the crates apart and use the bits to make someĀ  decent low cost cabinets.

wood cabinet from recycled shipping cratesFigure on spending around 2,400 pesos (50 USD) to 3,500 pesos for a completed piece.

Used shipping crates to be recycled into cabinets.

wood cabinets made from recycled shipping cratesThis guy does good work and supplements his income by raising chickens on the side.

wooden crates to be made nto cabinetsTricycle drivers can deliver the furniture to your door for around 50 pesos.

The delivery boys.

wood working tools

wood working tools

wood cabinet constructionThese partially completed cabinets get fitted with glass and are stained on the spot.

chicken housePlenty of room in the shop to raise a few chickens.

Workman’s plane.

making wooden cabinetsCustom fit.

cabinets for saleSeveral shops line their finished cabinets on the sidewalk. This is really an ingenious way to recycle the scrap wood.

wood cabinetdelivery man

new wood cabinetHere is one of their completed pieces.

Total cost 2,400 pesos.

Keep Dry - FragileKeep Dry – Fragile!

Furniture from recycled crates

Jun 24, 2010

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  1. Good to see you’re on the road again!

  2. Hi dp,
    The furniture looks great,amazing what he can do with that type of wood and
    hand tools.When you were living in catbalaton did you know a furniture builder of that type. thanks wayne ps like the new look of your site

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