iaLodge Ormoc City accommodation

Orcmo City lodging iaLodgeiaLodge – A convenient hotel to stay in Ormoc City.

Tel (053) 561-0788; 561-0088

The iaLodge is in a handy location for travelers passing through Ormoc. It’s next to the bus terminal and just up the road from the pier where the shuttle boats from Cebu arrive. wifi available

check in is at 12 noon and check out is at 2pm the following afternoon

iaLodge hotel in Ormoc CityiaLodge room rates – wifi available in most rooms but the signal can be sporadic

Standard room no view – 2 single beds, ac, tv, hot and cold shower – 750 pesos

Standard room with view 800 pesos

Standard room with queen bed – 900 pesos

Family Delux (4pax) – 1,700 pesos – 2 ac rooms, main room with queen bed and cable tv other room 2 single beds, 2 private bathrooms hot and cold water

iaLodge Ormoc cityThe entrance to the lodge is next to the Tuk Tukaon Restaurant on the ground floor. I ate breakfast there once and it was ok.

Ormoc City Jolibee on a rainy day in the Philippines

There are plenty of fast food places withing walking distance – Jolibees, Dunkin Donuts, Ikeas, Tata Titas, and others. No good restaurants that I am aware of :)

Mercury Drug StoreThe Mercury Drug store is just down the street so you can pick up snacks and bottled water if needed.

aiLodge entranceIaLodge just up the road from the pier.

aiLodge front deskiaLodg Ormoc accommodationDowntown Ormoc accommodation

ormoc pineapple vendorsVendors set up on the road nearby selling pineapple slices.

Hotel Don Felipe – This hotel is just across the street from the bus terminal and aiLodge Its is facing the waterfront and the view is great.

Tel (053) 255-2460 , 255-3580, 561-9620 to 21  Fax (053) 255-4306

Hotel Don Felipe Ormoc CityHotel Don Felipe – on the waterfront in Ormoc

Hotel Don Felipe on the waterfront parkThe view of the plaza on the waterfront is a big plus! This picture was taken from the entrance of the hotel.

Hotel Don Felipe receptionReception at Hotel Don Felipe. There is also an on site restaurant and disco in the hotel.

welcome Ormoc City signHotel Don Felipe – Ormoc City

Bonifacio Street by the pier

check in 1:00 pm

check out 12:00 noon

major credit cards accepted

Hotel Don Felipe on the waterfrontHotel Don Felipe room rates

Standard room   single- 1,100 peso double–1,400peso

Superior room  single-1,450 peso double-1,650 peso

Junior Suite – single/double 2,800 peso

Senior Suite – single/double 3,300 peso

Annex building

non aircon – s-400 peso , d-480 peso

economy – s-650 peso , 850 peso

family room 1,300 peso

Ormoc city waterfrontOrmoc City waterfront

Ormoc City SuperdomeOrmoc City Superdome

memorial in the park

Sugarland Suites Hotel – www.sugarlandsuites.com

mobile +639285316186  manager Anabella Dagpin

Sugarland Suites Hotel Ormoc Leyte Philippines

Sugarland located on Rizal Street Ormoc City across the street from Guisanos

tel +63 053 561 9660   or  +63 053 255 3214

Sugarland Suites Hotel Philippines


Sugarland Suites Hotel Ormoc Philippines

I stayed at the Sugarland one time. The wifi was ok, the rooms clean but small. There a small gambling room and an on site restaurant where you can get a free breakfast included with your room. Good tv, hot water, and customer service

Sugarland Suites EntranceSugarland Suites room rates

Standard 600 pesos

Deluxe 700 psos

Deluxe Twin 800 pesos

Superior 899 pesos

Primier 1,099 pesos

picture in Sugarland Suites Philippines lobbySugarland Suites

Pongos Hotel Ormoc (053) 255 2540, 255-2211,  561-9721,  561-8503

Fax (053) 561 9721   monthly rental rates available

Pongos Hotel Ormoc Philippines

Pongos Hotel

Pongos Hotel Ormoc City Leyte PhilippinesPongos Hotel sign Ormoc PhilippinesPongos Hotel

New building room rates

Standard  single/double 900 pesos

Superior  single/double 1,100 pesos

Delux single/double  1,300 pesos

Excecutive Suite/Family Room 1,560 pesos

Vip Suite single/double  2,400  pesos

Pongos Hotel Building Philippines

main building room rates

non air-con single/double  350  pesos

aircon single 600 pesos

economy single/double  700 pesos

Pongos Hotel Ormoc City Philippines

Ormoc City pictures

Supper Shuttle boat service to CebuSuper Ferry, Cebu Ferry, Super Cat, Weesam, and Lite Shipping leave from this pier

Super Cat Fast Ferry from CebuSuper Cat fast Ferry makes the trip to Cebu from this pier in Ormoc. The cost is around 750 pesos update –  Super Cat now operates under the name 2GO Travel fast ferry

2GO Travel

2GO Travel

2GO Travel fast ferry

2GO TRavel fast ferry

2GO Travel fast ferry

Weesam ferry pictured below

Weesan Express FerryThe Weesam Express Ferry is running a promo fare of about 450 pesos.

Ormoc City streetDuptours shuttle terminal behind the Shell gasoline station

Duptours mini van terminal in Ormoc City Philippines

Dunkin Donuts Ormoc

Dunkin Donuts Ormoc Philippnes

Ikea makes the best cakes!

Ikea is a great bake shop in Ormoc City

Guisano Supermarket

Guisano Supermarket Ormoc CityAcross the street from Guisanos

Ormoc street LeyteNote the Greenwich Pizza shop – they have steady customer traffic until night fall.

Ormoc Friendly BazarOrmoc Friendly Bazar has a variety of merchandise and also exchanges foreign currency for pesos at a reasonable rate. (USD and GBP)

Dunkin Donuts corner Ormoc GuisanosDunkin Donut corner by Guisanos. This donut shop is less busy than he one across from Jolibee.

Ormoc City street by GuisanosTricycle rides average 7 pesos.

Ormoc street PhilippinesOrmoc is just a mellow city in the Philippines :)

Ormoc accommodation

3M Pensionne house – San Isidro – This might work out for a traveller with their own transportation. It is located about 2 kilometers from downtown in San Isidro on tthe road leading towards Merida. telephone 255-3222

3M Pensionne House OrmocRooms are 400 to 500 pesos – It is kind of far from restaurants etc but you can take a tricycle n to the city for 8 pesos .

3M Pensionne3M Pensionne Telephone 255 – 3222 Barangay San Isidro

pension house staffSheliu getting out a coke ?

ormoc pension roomsOne of the rooms facing the street around 400 – 500 pesos with air conditioning.

Ormoc City pension house restaurantThere is a bit of road noise but I stayed at this place for 3 weeks in Feb and March. The staff is a lot of fun and it worked for me.

Ormoc City Pensionne3M Pensionne

Ormoc Hotels

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  1. Hi DP yes that iaLodge is an excellent place to stay. I have stayed there many times on the 3rd floor, internet works in the room and its always clean. Location is great, and its reasonable quiet.

    Have some reservation about the food but dunkin is near by….


  2. I hope you’re feeling better these days. As you well know, life often takes a turn for the worse in the Philippines. We have to stay vigilant or set our affairs so that harm has less chance of coming our way.

  3. Hi DP, can you help people suggest apartments that are not too expensive for people who wants to stay long in Ormoc City? Thanks. Hope to hear suggestions from you.

  4. To be serious and to tell the truth with no string attached, Ive been a regular customer at ORMOC SUGARLAND SUITES and what could I say not to make you people fool I swear to heaven ito yung the best hotel na accessible pa sa city at more affordable at the same time feel at home ka dahil they have customer service. What I like most is that they are far more advanced in facilities they had casinos and swipe key cards same as you see at Shangri la hotels but the difference is ORMOC SUGARLAND is affordable.

  5. elow gud day,.i’ve been there for h0w many times in 3m pension hauz,.it is really nice 2 stay there th0ugh apart fr0m the city pr0per but the safety & peace was i’m afterring f0r.

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