Agas Agas Bridge Construction – Leyte

leyte-bridge-006.jpgAgas-Agas Bridge Construction – Sogod – Leyte – Tallest Bridge in the Philippines

I was able to capture the construction progress of the Agas-Agas bridge in varies stages of completion. This bridge is now the tallest bridge in the Philippines and possibly rivals the San Juanico bridge for beauty.

The national highway was clinging precariously to unstable mountain sides and was getting washed out from time to time by the heavy rains.

The Agas Agas should eliminate the landslide dangers and keep the highway open and safe by bypassing the problem areas.

The Japanese company Sumitomo Construction LTD is the main player in putting this project together.




Agas Agas Bridge


agas agas bridge constructionAgas-Agas Bridge – Leyte – Philippines Dec 8, 2008

The previous route was carved into the sides of some very steep mountains that often collapsed during the heavy rains in southern Leyte.

These landslides would shut down the entire National Highway system so this solution should make the road more stable and safe. When complete, the Agas Agas bridge will stretch across a gap around 350 meters in length.




I was down in Sogod Bay again last week scouting for whale sharks  and passed by the Agas Agas bridge construction site again. They are just now connecting the middle section together – April 2009.


It is amazing – all the construction going on in the Philippines in 2008 and 2009.  The entire national highway in Samar has gone from a bone jarring hard core mud trail to a two lane paved road with white stripes on the edges and a dotted line in the middle.

Agas Agas Bridge Construction

The road south bound from Liloan to San Ricardo on the southern tip of Leyte is a dream as well. It wasn’t that long ago that the “road” there was literally painful! Here are some more pictures of the bridge at Agas Agas north of Liloan on the way to Tacloban or BayBay.


It was kind of cool to pass by this site every few months to see the progress. With a new ferry terminal just completes at San Ricardo, hours will be cut of a trip south bound to Surigao in Mindanao.


Next time I go that route I might be able to put up some pictures driving over a newly opened Agas Agas bridge!


Agas Agas bridge update – July 2009

The Agas Agas bridge in southern Leyte is almost complete and ready to open for traffic. The signs with the politicians pictures have been erected in strategic locations.

A bungee jumping company is even making plans to bounce off this beauty!

agas-bridge-leyte-010Workers are applying finishing touches on the bridge and tourist center.


agas-bridge-leyte-009The Agas Agas bridge is a beautiful structure and is a real work of art!


agas-bridge-leyte-017Next time in southern Leyte I should be able to drive across.

agas-bridge-leyte-002The visitor’s center at the southern end of the bridge is almost complete!


agas-bridge-leyte-006Pouring the last section of concrete.

agas-bridge-leyte-020This picture at the northern end of the bridge shows the steepness of the local terrain.

Jan 26 2010 updateagas-agas-bridge-leyte-open-013

It was a foggy morning when I drove across the Agas Agas bridge for the first time. I crossed it 3 times and then parked at the lot by the visitors center and walked across and back again.

agas-agas-bridge-leyte-open-001agas-agas-bridge-leyte-open-002Agas Agas

agas-agas-bridge-leyte-open-007I can’t wait ’till Glenn from California gets over here and sets up the bungee jump!

The completed bridge on a sunny day – taken on my way back from Siaragas-agas-agas-agas-001gao.

Agas Agas!

agas-agas-agas-agas-008agas-agas-agas-agas-006Agas Agas Bridge

agas-agas-agas-agas-007The old road that was carved into the mountainside was often washed out during the heavy rains.

agas-agas-agas-agas-011agas-agas-agas-agas-010Agas Agas

agas-agas-agas-agas-009agas-agas-agas-agas-015The new

agas-agas-agas-agas-014replacing the old.

Agas Agas Bridge at night – update August 2010

agas at nite

Agas Agas Bridge

Oct 21, 2008

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  1. Im from San Ricardo,and heard from my brother about the construction of the Agas Agas Bridge. More than a year ago the van we boarded passes the Agas Agas area but I never saw the on going construction.
    I always wonder how will they construct such a very high foundation and in general how will they construct such a brige until I saw you very informative and beautiful picture of that massive construction piece.
    Thanks for the picture, it satisfies my curiosity.
    Keep posting, am so interested of the progress.


  2. Salamat nakita ko and tulay nga gui-himo makatabang gyud sa turismo. Usa sa akong pag-umankon and engineer.
    Thank you so much for posting it in the internet so that every knows that Southern Leyte have good infrastructure,road and bridges alike. I have’nt been
    home for 8 years, thanks and keep updating the picture.

  3. Wow! The bridge looks majestic a plus to Southern Leyte’s tourism. I’m glad to see progress and improvement in the region.

    GPJ, Toronto,Canada

  4. way lami inyo agas agas. mara man mog karon pa kakitaa…

  5. this is really a very Big project that we Leyteños will benefit.. this will boost the tourism in the province.. if plans will push through this will be the only “bungee jump” site in the Philippines, since the other bungee facilities here have closed..

    i’ll be really waiting for this tourist attraction!

  6. I have been monitoring the progress of the bridge construction through internet. Proud to learn that it is almost completed, your posting helps. I would appreciate posting more pictures when completed. We will visit the place someday soon. Very impressive structure!

    Regards from Ontario, Canada.

    Jaime T. Marasigan
    Markham, Ontatio

  7. i saw the picture here, but it is quite ugly as a duck… sowe. if do you like to go there,ok lang…

  8. ahm….mao bah… lah juy lami… bag o pa man gud, pareha sa san juanico, nagkadugay nagka way lami

  9. hi

    very good job by the govt. sana walang corrupt para makagawa ng maraming infrastracture for the good of the people. pls make sure no squatters around pra maganda. find them a place and dont let them settle even a day kasi baka bukas isang baryo na hehehe.pls be firm and be dicipline. lots of thanks (LOL)

  10. This is a marvel and a true work of art.

    Now southern leyte has something to boast in terms of infrastructure.

    Kevin of Hinunangan

  11. Great accomplishments to the administration of PGMA, Dept. of Public Works, Southern Leyte Provincial Government and Lone District, Municipality of Sogod, the Japanese financial institution and Sumitomo Construction, and hundreds of others. You all have contributed to the country’s tallest bridge which can be one of the top tourists’ attractions in Region 8.

    These are just some possible business ideas:

    1. Bungee jumping and hang gliding
    2. Hiking and camping in the surrounding Agas-Agas Bridge
    3. Landscape photography and video production
    4. Gift shop and restaurant enterprises
    5. Guided tour of Agas-Agas Bridge including other attractions in Southern Leyte and the rest of Region 8

    Thank you very much Dutchpickle for your detailed pictures of Agas-Agas Bridge.

  12. how many lanse is agas agas brigge.????

  13. how many lanes is agas agas brigge.????

  14. Tapos na ‘to db? Nakita ko sa TV Patrol last week with GMA’s inauguration. last year nakita ko yun ongoing construction while on our way from Pintuyan to Tacloban.

    From Pintuyan So. Leyte here :)

  15. ahm.. pwede.. mahibaw an kung unsay attraction sa pintuyan so that makaanha ko diha………………

  16. dili ba kuyaw mo-agi ani na bridge?
    sa ako gud tan-aw sa mga pictures kay murag gamay-gamay raman ang silbi haligi niya..
    i mean..nag-think lang ko vah if ever naay mga lindol-lindol mahitabo..lig-on kaha ni xa?..
    –i am thinking for the future..

  17. Thanks a lot DP for the pictures. It gives engineers and builders additional knowledge as you documented the progress of the construction. It is indeed an engineering wander not only in Southern Leyte but also in the Philippines. What caught my attention are the planners that I admired so much for creating , I believe, the most economical solution for the never ending landslide of the existing mountain side road. I passed this area many times and I am one who will benefit most. I fully agreed with 7th Millenium, I appreciate all and many others who contributed to the success of the Agas-agas bridge.

  18. Hi dp,

    A resort is operating at Lungsod-daan, Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte.

    Name: Sogod Bay Scuba Resort Inc
    Email Ad: (info @


  19. taga pintuyan ako thanks god nahuman ra gayud ang tulay…

  20. Hi! View photos taken of Agas-Agas Bridge taken a day before its formal inauguration showing set-ups, trials & demos by the extreme sports group invited to perform during the opening program.

    Head on to

  21. at long last the bridge is open 4 public thanks god……

  22. its totally amazing! now southern leyte will be known as one of the tourist spot not only the kanigaw island!

  23. Agas-agas bridge employed the cantilever construction method. The piers are resting on bored piles cast in placed. The superstructures were constructed in segments simultaneously at both sides to maintain an equilibrium. The concrete members are prestressed( posttensioned). The segmental construction may have utilized travelling forms.
    The segments were repeated until it reached at the midspan. The other end rested on the abutment.
    The bridges in the Philippines that were constructed similarly with agas-agas are :
    1. Mactan Mandaue Bridge ( Marcelo Fernan bridge) with
    extra dosed cable stayed. Postensioned concrete.
    2. Magsaysay Bridge at Butuan City with extra dozed
    cable stayed. Steel structures.
    3. Camelray bridge of Laguna Industrial Zone.

    Agas-agas is the latest.

  24. bitaw.. sway back and forth lagi for short time. kadugayan molaylay nana. like what happen sa hanging bridge that connects zone 5 and la purisima concepcion of sogod so. leyte

  25. jessa,

    mura ug imo totoy no? ksp

  26. Im so proud of myself being a waray waray coz nasa atin region ang tallest and longest bridge in the philippines sayang hulingpamatron ko dida laast year ko pa alam sa internet ko lang nalaman kasi nakalimutan ako ni gloria arroyo padalhan ng imbitasyon noong opening ng agas agas bridge. tnx and mabuhay see u then…

  27. nice post. dugay na ko wla kaagi ani na bridge. anhi ko iguli nako puhon. Ü

  28. Hi, I,m from mahaplag,grow up in mindanao and now I live in london, england.The agas-agas bridge is great and fantastic,it is very good access now going to southern leyte and mindanao compare years ago sometimes we stucked in the mud. I cannot wait to see this coming may, thank you for the local gov’t of southern leyte and the national gov’t the people who was working there,for the amazing bridge.

  29. Hi dp,

    That’s nice of you to post pictures! Until now the wonders of engeneering works still continue to amaze me. Now, we have three bridges to be proud of as we journey to our home towns; San Juanico bridge, Agas-agas and Liloan! Wow!

    As I look back, when wooden bridges seem to be the cause of accidents and sometimes the beginning of romance under the moonlight..who could ever think that bridges can be transformed and wooden ones are things of the past.

    Anyway I guess we should also thank the Guinsaugons because it was the horrible and eerie landslide that made the nat’l gov. decide to build that bridge. Help was so difficult to reach Southern Leyte then.

    Now if accidents do happen, trips to Tacloban for CT scan will be faster and easier for patients and accompanying med team.

    Am really glad that the bridge is now done…CHEERS!

  30. DutchPickle,
    A great piece of coverage! I’ve been lucky to pass Agas Agas twice. First mid July 2009 and second mid November 2009. So I’ve seen the bridge before and after opening by Pres. G. Arroyo. Great piece of construction! The angle from wich you took the pictures on the old road are great. Give the magnificent sight of the bridge, the right status.
    Also compliment to your website. It gives me good ideas for my next trip to Leyte. Thanks!

  31. Hi DP,

    I am currently working with a company in Phils to set up and train them to operate bungee jumping from the Agas-agas bridge. It is truly a remarkable location with breath-taking views. We hope to be out there in March to set up. I can’t wait!

  32. Agas Agas Bridge is awesome! Everything has been said about it…thanks to the sensible ones who really appreciated it! but this JESSA here is spoiling it. To you dear, visit the bridge and…JUMP OFF! and may you rest in peace, Amen.

  33. Hi DP,

    I’ll be sure and let you know the dates we will be there. I assume that we will stay in Sogod but won’t know until I book my trip.


  34. Hi DP,
    Could you advise on ferry option to san ricardo pier from Surigao City. From the Surigao City airport should I go to Lapata Terminal or the Surigao City Port and Ferry terminal? Which has the more frequent service? Do you know the schedule? Could you recommend a hotel in Pintuyan? I would like to do the whaleshark encounter. Are there regular bancas going from pintuyan or san ricardo to Padre burgos pier?



  35. tanx glenn…

  36. I was here befoRE ko mi ari sa Abroad..I do hope inig balik naq pohon sa SOGOD mao lang ghapon ang view…basin unya inig uli naq next year na ng Bridge….intead na ma develop ug maau mahugaw na noon…Keepsafe soGOOOdnon mizz u all>>>>

  37. nalimtan naq ang _S_..hehehe

  38. mao gyud kasagarn raba maayo lang sa permiro nindot…..

  39. hahaha…uli nata oi..dli nata paabot nextyear!!!!hahaha..dodong homesick

  40. homesick3x

  41. wow !!! exciting,congrat’s sa mga taga Southernya.nindut kaayo moagi diha sa agas2? wa pa ako maka uli diha sukad 2008.Daghan salamat nimo “Ginoo”

    Tony….of San Roque,Tomas Oppus So.Leyte.

  42. way pajong kung od2 arang tugnawa ra pud kaajo….

  43. sa mga suyaon, kung d mo ganahan sa tulay, ayaw nlang ug comment. suya2 rman ang inyoha. trying hard pa mo mag english. atay nlang.

    The bridge looks great!
    Can’t wait to visit there and try bungee jumping!! weeee

  44. My family and I are visiting Maasin City this May 14-18,
    matagal na rin akong di nakabalik ulit sa Maasin, ano bang magandang lugar ang puntahan ngayon….may white sand beach na rin diyan ala Boracay…. I saw the Monte Cueva on piture grabeeeee ang ganda…..

  45. I grew up in Siargao Island and moved to Baybay, Leyte, worked for 2 years in Ormoc City before working temporarily here in Alberta, Ca… Hope I can travel with you dp even just in Leyte province… I’m planning to have a tour to Leyte province next year, hopefully…

  46. Awesome info and cool photos, but I haven’t seen Boracay beach. In my facebook account, I have there photo suggesting a 1-direction travel to Philippines… In my suggested route, there are 15 provinces involved… Imagine 15 provinces in just one-direction trip, how many beautiful and interesting subjects you can experience… I wanted to try that route myself but I don’t think I can afford it, so Leyte province is a good start which I think fit into my budget hopefully… hmm… And being a Leytenio, exploring my province (again or discovering new) must be the first to experience… Planning to include Samar province in my itinerary, if budget will allow… hehehe

  47. So you’re online now dp? Add me in your facebook account if you have one so that we can keep each other updated… Search and add me: Pedrito Espinosa Racho, Jr.

  48. Oh i see,,, I was there during our national conference (Philippine Veterinary Medical Association, hmm that would give you idea what’s my profession)… That was 2008, I have a lot landscape photos but mostly just in the beach area since I was there primarily for conference…

  49. No worries, I understand your point dp,,, I was and I am that kind of person too,,, Too cautious… Actually I can get idea for the personality of the person, the way he/she talks, topic interests, tone of voice, etc… And I read your personality through your blogs and photos, which I can share with… a wary person as I am but loves documentaries… hmmm…

  50. AGAS-AGAS Bridge is really amazing…Nendut jd naa body (bungie) jumping didto.Daghan tourist muadto.Mura pd ug little Baguio didtoa ky arang ka bugnaw ug fresh ang hangin.

  51. ahhhmmmmmmmmmmmm……….it so nice,,,,

    i think this bridge will be the nice bridge that ill ever see

  52. I am very Interested in the bungee jumping, What happened with the march appointment? I drive this bridge every other week so would love to know when they will do some of those fun things off the bridge! salamat sa post

  53. ……………anha jud meh puhon january sa agas-agas bridge for our tour………hop ma enjoy jud meh dwa…hhehehehe pwo murag bitin kay 30 minutes rajud…hehehehehehehehehehe

  54. Hey dp!

    Any updates on the bungee project?! Would love to jump there once it gets rolling!



  55. Thanks for posting this and the photos as well…

    God bless.

    – D

  56. nakaka wow!!! sna makarating din ako jan..

    from: incon. pio marulas valenzuela

  57. You knw what guyz… that bidge brings our town healthy in terms of touism. Before, Sogod Souhern leyte was just an ordinary and no tourists would prefer to go here. But now, it brought a great number of visitors. Especially, Zipline was currently constructed. Last Friday was the opening of the Zipline with the cooperation of LGU and Goverment..It was affordable, & it costs P250.00 per head. So guys, I assure you f u visit our town . It mkes u an amazing experience, especially now that’s 8’s SUMMER SEASON..The residence of our town is friendly & approchable . f i wer u guys try to visit our town. It’s the best.. Were looking forward for ur arrival… Tnx.. By the way Im a residence of Brgy. Zone 5, Sogod Southern Leyte..

  58. Really is, a work of art.for those who do not appreciate its beauty i really think ur blind enough. hardships and blood are made to make this bridge successful. you should be there to witness how we put the foundation, to the joining of two post and to the installation of view deck and to the landscaping of the whole area. improud to be part of Sumitomo and worker of one of the highest bridge in the philippines..

  59. its really an amazing bridge.. how i wish to go there and witness this great work of art !!

  60. hi dp,

    on our roadtrip back to cebu city from tacloban city last august 27,2011 we passed by the agas agas bridge, my eldest son tried the zip line it cost 250p which includes the habalhabal ride back to the bridge once you get to the bottom.basically its a tandeem two zip line parallel and you will be lying face down and spread your arms for stability once you start the zip. the building for the zip (staging point) line is not yet completed they are still putting the floor tiles and other finishing touches.when we were there.
    we proceed to hilongos and took the 11am ferry back to cebu.

  61. this bridge is WOW..when im going to my hometown..i wanna experience the zipline..
    I would like to emphasize, the place should be specifically stated in SOUTHERN LEYTE, and not in Leyte. Two provinces are different. In this way, Southern Leyte, will be recognized for this wonderful spot.

  62. i’m from negros but i studied in vsu baybay during college…what i love there is that the place is really cool and it offers a lot of adventure..i guess what’s lacking in leyte and southern leyte is the improvement..there are so many tourist destinations there that can be improved…the places and the people are all awesome..i hope that after the completion of agas.agas bridge, many and more tourist destinations will be discovered and supported by our government…

  63. This bridge never fails to impress me everytime I get to pass by! I love the progress of the construction captured through your pictures, if you don’t mind, I will be sharing your link to my fb account. Thanks in advance!

  64. Hi there! :)

    I’m just impressed on how you took those pictures and notes while the construction of the bridge is on going. I would like to use this as my reference to my Project. Would you mind if I ask your e-mail account or any contact information because I am really interested on this particular subject since you’ve witnessed it from the beginning?

    Thank you and MORE POWER! :)

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