Ormoc City

ormoc-city-014Ormoc City – Leyte

Vendors sell rambutan sell for 25 pesos a kilo from shady spots on the crowded sidewalks.

Pineapple slices are 5 pesos and the occasional durian are on the carts.

Ormoc City WaterfrontOrmoc waterfront

ormoc-hotels-013Durianormoc-hotels-015 – left

Merang – right

city-ormoc-002Jolibees and Dunkin Donuts are on opposing corners downtown and the tricycles are everywhere.


tropical-fish-philippines-005The street outside the front door of Guisano’s Supermarket.

ormoc-city-0121There isn’t anything that really stands out in Ormoc City, but it’s a good transportation hub for buses and ferries. Downtown is small enough that it can be covered on foot but tricycle rides are only 6 pesos.

Ormoc PierOrmoc City Pier

ormoc-city-004Typhoon Uring (Thelma)  struck Ormoc City on Nov 5 – 1991. Heavy rains resulted in a flash flood that killed over 4,000 residents as it raced through town, (some reports have the death toll as high as 8,500).

ormoc-city-0071A flood water control canal was built to divert water through town as quickly as possible.

ormoc-ormoc-ormoc-003Ormoc has a peaceful vibe and everyone seems to be happy doing their own thing and just getting along with each other.




I like this town because you can get out of heavy traffic in 10 minutes and be riding in the mountains or along the coast.

ormoc-ormoc-008Tricycles are used extensively to transport just about everything.

Apartments in Ormoc City

moving-day-007A two bedroom apt in a place like this in in To-Og, Cogon runs around 5000 pesos a month, plus electric, cable, gas, water. If you use air conditioning your electric bill will be substantial.

ormoc-apartment-003A small 3 bedroom house can be rented for around 12,500 pesos per month. Obviously prices vary – these are actual case samples of rentals in my neighborhood (barangay).

ormoc-philippines-010A two bedroom apt at Dave’s place down the street runs 6000 pesos per month.

There’s a nice view overlooking the rice field. I haven’t heard of anyone having security problems but it is always best to err on the side of caution.


img_1352There is a lot of wealth in the Ormoc.   Some suburbs resemble parts of Florida or California.

I suggest foreigners move slowly before building. Live in the area for a year or two before dumping a lot of money into a major construction project.

ormoc-hotels-017Study real estate law etc before making the plunge.  I don’t think that there is title insurance in the Philippines, so ensure that all the i”s are dotted and the t’s are crossed before signing anything and handing over the money. Also consider that foreigners have less legal protection than a national.

Electric bill – Leyeco

ormoc-philippines-004A meter reader will come around once a month. Leyeco has an effecient system and the meter reader will leave a printout that you can bring to one of the payment centers. My bill last month was 225 pesos but I was out of town for several weeks.

ormoc-philippines-005On a small apartment with refrigerator, lights, computer, and tv ecpect to pay a little over 1,000 pesos per month if you are reasonably conservative with the electricity. If you use air conditioning and have kids running in and out all day long leaving the ref door open, expect to pay around 3000 pesos.

The Leyeco main office is on the road before the Coca Cola plant going out towards Tacloban.


Ormoc Cable


Cable tv costs around 1500 pesos to install and the monthly bill is 420 pesos.

VCNI blvd Bonifacio St. Ormoc City

Tel (053)255-4806 , 561-9775

ormoc-hotels-011The Imperial appliance center is a good place to buy a refrigerator or other household appliances.

The GV center is another.

ormoc-hotels-010The Mercury Hardware has a lot of stuff for the house on the second floor.

ormoc-12Kings has clothing and housewares.

Ormoc City Hotels


ormoc-city-010The Pongos Hotel seems to be a popular place for expats to stay when in town.

Bonifacio St. Ormoc City

6541 Leyte Philippines

(053) 255-2540 , 255-2211, 561-9721, 561-8503

fx (053) 561-9721

ormoc-city-011non aircon – 350 peso

air con

s- 450 peso

d – 600 peso

economy – 700 peso

ormoc-hotels-005New Building

s/d standard 900 pesos

s/d superior 1,100 pesos

s/d delux 1,300 pesos

exec/family 1560 pesos

vip 2,400 pesos

ormoc-hotels-008Zenidas Chateau in Ormoc Cityormoc-7

ormoc-hotels-009Zenidas – Tourist Inn and Restaurant

corner – Lopez Jaena and J Navarro Streets

Ormoc City

ormoc-hotels-006Room Rates

single – 500 pesos

twin – 600 pesos

matrimonial – 600 pesos

jumbo – 800

Tel 255-2517  561-4455

3M Pension – San Isidro Ormoc City – possibly the best value for the traveler. This place is near the Ormoc District Hospital cell 0948002109

ormoc pension budget accommodationOrmoc Pension Bed and Breakfast – This place is a great option for travelers on a budget ordinary fan rooms are 250 pesos, aircon rooms 400 pesos, and aircon with hot shower run 500 pesos

receptionist at the pensionGetting to this Pension from downtown Ormoc would run about 6 pesos on a local tricycle. If you have bags the charge could be around 20 or so – best to negotiate with the driver in advance (tell him it’s near ODH – the hospital in San Isidro near the Mejia subdivision)

pension house in Ormoc3M Pension House

Ormoc markets

Carabao on TricycleHauling carabao with a tricycle.

Ormoc City MarketHauling pork.

Manok vendor in the Ormoc City MarketLove those chicken feet!

The New Guisano Mall is now open Nov 2010The new Guisano Mall has opened – Riverside Mall.

ormoc-ormoc-004A pumpboat arrives at 9 am to deliver eggs to the market downtown. Vegetables,  fruit, fish, pork and chicken are available early in the mornings. The fish vendors come out again in the late afternoon when the sun is not so intense.

ormoc-ormoc-005I would like to see the operation where all these eggs are gathered. I am curious if they come from a super farm or if many small egg producers have a co-op and all use one boat to bring the eggs. There are thousands of eggs on deck when this boat arrives. (will get a picture later)

ormoc-city-008ormoc-city-006This mosque is on the edge of the flood control canal. It really looks cool when the afternoon sun makes it shine.

ormoc-ormoc-001The Mormons seem to be firmly entrenched in this city and have a big expansion going on.

Completed Mormon Church

Completed Mormon Church

Ferries connecting Ormoc with Cebu. All three leave from the pier downtown.

cebu-ormoc-lite-9-225x168The Super Cat makes the trip across in about 2 1/2 hours.

thumbs_eccf6_img_1967Weesam Express

cebu-ormoc-lite-21-225x168Lite Shipping leaves at 10pm every day except Fridays, and arrives in Cebu around 4am.

fare 350 pesos – there are bunks for sleeping

Tourist class has air conditioning

Economy class has the fresh sea air blowing across the deck. Side tarps are lowered in event of rain.

Ormoc Superdome Stadium

Ormoc City Stadium

World War 2 memorial

japanese war ruinsI do not have a first hand account about this ruined building but some of the local vendors tell me that this was the place where some Japanese soldiers made a last stand.

world war 2 ruinsIt is likely that this destroyed building represents a significant bit of history as it is just stands alone in the center of a copra buying facility and seems to be some sort of memorial. Locals tell me that groups of Japanese visit this place and treat it as a shrine.

I would appreciate any information about this ruin – thanks in advance.

ruins of war

Ormoc City

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  1. Hey,
    Thx for the info, looks like a cool little city. By the ways, what do they speak there? Is waray the mian language like in Tacloban?

  2. Agree DP I have been many times in Ormoc and found it a busy little city, still pleasant and safe.

    Some years ago there was a nice set up along the boulevard with tables and chairs where one could relax in the evenings with a cold beer, nice to look out over the water. Only downer was the loud music coming from the speakers, last visit earlier this year, no more tables just music.

    Also seemed to be a lack of good restaurants, or could be we just don’t know where to look.

    Kinda reminds me how Dumaguete used to be some years ago. I think you have picked a nice place to settle in.

  3. Hey Bruce, just read ur message to dp about the boulevard, Yes u dead right about the beers at what we call the ‘seawall’ as i used to go there also but it was all moved, or should i say the people selling the cold beer were all moved to the far end at the bbq area. Its ok, but very very noisy thursday friday and saturday as they have the music. The area done the front is called ‘the plaza’. Years ago it was not so safe to walk around at night but now its real safe and people actually sleep there in safety. The old seawall was great for a few beers and also entertainment. The vendors who were moved on and all put in one place only pay a small amount more for the rental of the area inside the bbq area. BUT they are tied as to the beer brand they sell as the supplier to all the area was bidded for . Another little earner for someone i dare say. There are a few decent restaurants but like dp says u need to know were they are. Actually one is very near to the bbq area and its on the plaza area. Its called Cheatas chow . I may have spelt it wrong but thats the way it sounds when spoken. It is in the process of a refurb at the moment. I have eaten there but as in most places if you don’t want a handfulll of monosodium glutamate in your meal u will have to tell them. I am allergic to it so don’t eat out often but dp and me do like a pizza and cold beer now and again.Ormoc is a great little city i admit but it could be better. The mayor is trying to get it on the tourist and who knows. I have noticed more expats around the city than b4. Hope i have not bored anyone.


  4. i was surprised when you showed the blue-2 bedroom apartment here…and yes Dave Longmire is my neighbor..he lives next door…Ormoc City is my hometown…now im settled in Japan.

  5. There are numerous restaurants in the city..like Leny`s Garden at Brgy.Nadongholan they serve mostly steaks,vegetables and salads.It has a garden ambience ideal for a romantic dinner and family gatherings. Chito`s Chow is on the bay area. There`s Bahia and El comedor restaurant in Hotel Don Felipe, Agalons`s lounge at Villa Hotel, Milagrina at Real St. and Big Roy`s at the same street. Fastfoods are located at the commercial area along Rizal st and at The Point Mall.

  6. I have been to all food places, including the Food Street and the latest addition JC Food Spot, being adjacent to Gaisano entrance. Including Jollibee and Chito’s, none serves any great meals. Jollibee is all sugary drinks and fried unhealthy food. None of these places serve good drinks either, the coffee are not memorable and they all use milk powder. The air conditioning at Chow King is also always on the max, asking you to leave ASAP after your meal! In response to the lack of good food and drinks and distasteful interior designs which include substandard bathroom/CRs, my wife and sisters have decided to open their own bakery and caffe in Tent City, which is 5km from the downtown/city proper of Ormoc City commercial area. There will be a supermarket underneath their caffe also. It will be open sometime close to June/July 2010.


  7. Hello dutchpickle,

    Yes, Tent city is in San Isidro brgy. and next to highway before one reaches the Ormoc Airport. A little bit of history of Tent city. As the page mentioned regarding 1991 flooding of Ormoc City, the local government made a new area for those who became homeless (lost their homes) due to flooding. Government set up tents in this new area so that the people can have a place to live. As those homeless families found new homes, they vacated the lots. The government later on sold these lots to the families of city employees; and that became the new little city – Tent city. Literally, it is within the city zone of Ormoc city, and hence its nickname “The city within a city”. Hopefully, this information helps.

    Best regards,

  8. I agree it is hard to find a good restaurant in Ormoc City, that is why my family and I have opened our own. We are Filipino/Americans who lived in the USA but moved here, it is the first ever High Class restaurant in Ormoc City. For now we do Italian and American, we are one of those types of restaurants that only open for from 6pm-10pm and change the menu weekly.

  9. We are renting a house in Carlota Hill and decided to transform our front porch into a dining area. We are open on Saturdays between the hours of 7 and 10pm. You can come at exactly 10, and will be seated and served. We provide a set menu. For this Saturday 1/16, the theme is American. For questions or comments, text us at 09273265115.

  10. thank you just let me know when I can put you down for a reservation

  11. thanks for the nice perception about ormoc city… life moves so slow here… but life within this 1st city of almost 180k population is vibrant if you saw the readily available smiles of ormocanons… purely resilient people, religiosity and family oriented values dictates that problems whatever it maybe can be solved with a smile (madala rag smile!) … and everything will go smooth (nya maka move-on ra ta!)

  12. very nice ;-)

  13. hi!
    This is very informative. Thanks for posting this. Have u heard about Leny’s garden though? One of my friends is getting married and he mentioned Lenys.

  14. hi im trying to plan a trip to ormoc, can someone let me know a nice place to stay and a nice place to eat, i only realy eat western foods thanks

  15. Hi all
    I’m new here.
    I’m an Australian living in Melbourne but also own a property in Mejia Subdivision (well my wife’s on title)
    We get back to Ormoc a couple times a year.
    My suggestion for accomodation would be Villa Hotel (in city proper) or Sabin Beach Hotel (a couple of k’s out of town but an excellent resort style property).
    As for western food, you can get it at Big Roy’s, Villa Hotel, Sabin and now up at Mike & Cindy’s place in Carlota. Also the pizza’a at Greenwich (opposite Gaisano) are pretty good albeit pricey.
    Coming to Ormoc for Easter, so Mike luv to catch up with you and dine at your new establishmemt.

  16. Hi all spent the night at the Don felipe in Ormoc April 2009 the breakfast was excellent, not a bad place to stay really no complaints Rob

  17. Hi DP:

    Would be nice if there’s a chronological section/log in the main page; so we can read the updates right away. I browse through all the sections when time permits.

    I really enjoy this site. I learn more of my country from a foreigner..hehe. Sad but true.

    Am residing in the USA but come home every year and thanks to you; last January vacation I made a trip to Limasawa Island. I enjoyed the tranquility and the absence of the maddening crowd (like Boracay has). I wouldn’t have taken the trip if I haven’t stumbled at this site.

    More power and keep blogging.

  18. I’ll be coming to Albuera in several months, with the intention of flying into Ormoc. Can anyone relate their experience flying into Ormoc.

  19. wow I have not been on your blog in a while and I am happy to see that you are still blogging. I love all the new pictures and topics you have been posting can’t wait to read them all.

  20. Hi Richie, if u are going to Albuera u dont fly to Ormoc u just take the multi cab or catch an FX bus or catch the normal bus service. A straight run will take 2-30 mins depending on the traffic. Its a straight road throught to Ormoc . But has road works just outside the city at the moment on the incoming side i think. would only be a hold up suring bad traffic times. i.e 8-9am 5-6.30 pm ish.Hope thats of some use to u . BW Dave

  21. My family and I visit ormoc at least once a year. I am preety close to opening up a few “American style” restaraunts. I am currently staying at Sabin resort an will Check out Carlota villaige sometime today.
    Yes Ormoc is way behind with the technology but is slowly progressing. One thing I am researching on is living off the power grid with solar/wind energy substitution. One thing that is keeping me from buying a house or building one is the power company doesn’t improve and or maintain electrical instalatons. I understand it’s due to the economy more or less but for the price they charge I expect to see zero brown outs or black outs. Is there any laws against solar power usage and selling power back to the grid?

  22. Hi Kev, they did say that we would get subsidised power as we were on the powerplant doorstep ahahah but i will believe that when it happens. I have some contacts in PNOC as i used to be a pertner in a manpower company here in Ormoc and we supplied manpower and also did many projects for PNOC and CAL-EN in previous years. I see they are doing some referb work on the hot springs up the mountain., That could well be a good investment for the future as it would be ‘ if done correctly’ a great resort and a major or even the premier resort in nothern leyte. They said in 2004 that they were doing something with the old place but like so many projects here its put on the back burner due to lack of investment.
    Have a nice vacation and i hope u find somewere to settle. BW Dave

  23. Hi dp, i just thought i would post that the apartment rent has now dropped to P5000 a month but are now fully occupied ahahah. C y soon bro.

  24. Hi Micky ahahah i just re-read the messgae u sent. sorry and my apologies. i will try again. the flights into Ormoc and not every day but on arriving at Ormoc airport its a 10 minute journey to the city and then 20 minutes or so to Albuera. The airport service seems a little spasmodic but may be thats just my veiw. its a quaint ariport . They used to use prop planes but i am sure they changed to jet jobbies. the charge was around P2000 but i am sure they have raised them and they charge in the region of P3000-4000 . Hope this is of some use. I will check with a local site and see if i can come up with some more recent prices.
    BW Dave

  25. Hi DP hope you enjoying your break in the states.

    Just been for some days in Ormoc and a bit of a cruise around Cebu and Bohol.

    Ormoc was very busy due to the elections, so many people was amazing. I escaped again to the beautiful Lake Danao, gee what an amazing place, I just love the nature there. Next trip will do some hikes, managed to get the info about where to go what to see. have also guides arranged.

    Tourist office in Ormoc is very nice and the staff so sweet, how ever sadly they lack info and can only brochures out. The one guy with knowledge seems never to be around.

    Wonder when your back again.

    Best regards

  26. Hello, thank you for posting photos and giving informations based on your observations and experiences…

  27. I grew up in Siargao Island, but moved to Leyte. I hope I can travel with you soon next year (2011… I’m currently here in Alberta, Canada…

    I would like to suggest this route to you if you are planning to exlore Philippines…

    I have an Facebook account, PEDRITO ESPINOSA RACHO, JR., you may search and add me… I posted there the 1-direction route in exploring the Philippines…

  28. I’m glad I found your site…

  29. Love you Ormoc!
    Happy Fiesta!

    TICKET PRIZES:resevered seats:1,500/1,200.free seatings:800,600,400,200.
    TICKET RESERVATIONS:0929-1794184/0933-4315586/0916-7021370

  31. On Dec 9, 2009 at 11:48 am, Ray wrote:
    > In response to the lack of good food and drinks and distasteful
    > interior designs which include substandard bathroom/CRs, my wife and
    > sisters have decided to open their own bakery and caffe in Tent City,
    > which is 5km from the downtown/city proper of Ormoc City commercial
    > area. There will be a supermarket underneath their caffe also. It
    > will be open sometime close to June/July 2010.

    ray – any updates on that new bakery and cafe of yours in tent city? it’s august 2010 now, so i thought i might ask :) regards,



  33. Ormoc is the Sports Capital of Leyte, we have the school base sports league, the “Ormoc City Schools Sports Organization (OCSSO)” and recently we have finish the 2010-2011 1st Conference of Basketball Championship with AMA Computer Learning Center-Ormoc TITANS which retain crown as champions in the collegiate division. OCSSO is also a member of the Philippine Collegiate Champions League and by this coming September 28, 2010 our OCSSO Champions will face the LUSCAA Champs from Tacloban City which the PCCL Game will be hosted by the Ormoc City Government and will be played at the Ormoc City Superdome with a preliminary game of the top 2 Teams from High School Division, the Gate will be Open at 5:00pm and everyone is invited to watch the games.

  34. Can anyone tell me the status of Gaisano Capital Mall? How many shops will it have, and will it have a food court?

  35. Great job updating this section! New pics every day. I am coming to Ormoc on Dec.5th for at least a four month stay. Any advice on apartment hunting? A one bedroom for P5000 would be good. I have seen the two on your site and they look great. I will arrive on a Sunday morning (after busing in from Tac) and will attempt to find a place to live that day. Am I being too ambitious? I will have my gf to help me with directions and such, but maybe i should get a room for a week and then have time to feel out the town. I’m on a tight budget and the expenses will be more, but maybe i can find a better place to live. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks DP for your great website and Im sure you have many blessings coming your way….Larry

  36. I stay in Kananga with the girlfriend for a month and we make a couple of trips a week to Ormoc to shop, is there any where near Gaisanos where I can go sit down and have a cold beer while the girlfriend shops, she is so slow shopping it drives me crazy lol.

  37. Hi DP, it’s me again. I made it to Ormoc and am staying at the 3M. It’s not too bad for the price, but I’m looking for an apartment now. I really don’t even know where to start. Can you point me in any direction or would you even be interested in playing ‘rental agent’ for a day? I will be staying at least 3 months, maybe longer. Drop me a line or respond here when you get time. Thanks, Larry

  38. Here is my cell 09486143919. Just hit me up if you know of anything off hand. I went out looking around Cogon this morning and saw a few places. I’m going to try to go with something semi-furnished (at least a bed) and on a month-to-month since i don’t really know how long I will be staying.

    I see what you mean about the convenience of having a bike to get around. I usually enjoy exploring new places on foot, but its just too darn hot here for that.

    btw, I showed the girls here at 3M your pic of the one clerk and they loved it.

    Take care…Larry

  39. You can delete all this chit chat if you want to clean up the posting here. I went to the new build apartments in Alegria and it was P10K for unfurnished and P25K for furnished two bedrooms. They also wanted first, last and deposit as usual but also needed a 6 month lease. The furnished ones were actually quite nice inside with TV also, but a little too pricey for the budget minded. With the new mall right there and holidays and tourist season coming, they should have no trouble filling it up, even at those prices. Oh and I found the jungle bar and the owner’s wife was nice enough to point me in the direction of several apartments in the area. So the search continues….

  40. Thanks for the tip, I know the area, I’ve eaten at that area with all the grills and BBQ just past the superdome, had some good sistiq there!

  41. A little more info on finding lodging in Ormoc. Most of the apartments I found were either fully occupied or wanted a 6-12 month lease. I got tired of looking and just opted for a monthly hotel rate, which also seems hard to find. Don Felipe was P12000 for a fan room and P20000 for aircon basic. Zenaidas gave a 25% discount for monthly stays which gets ur daily rate as low as P375 for a single room monthly stay. But I found a new place right next door to Gaisano downtown called Peachtree lodge. Very clean, aircon and hot shower for P500/750. But they will negotiate a monthly rate for you. Some street noise, but at least it is consistent and you can get used to it. Again, 3M pension was not bad for only P400 day for aircon and cold shower but dont stay there on Saturday night unless you like room-thumping disco music until 4AM and then the usual noisy pinoys slamming doors and yelling to each other as they wake up at 5AM. I never made it to Pongos, so not sure on that place.

  42. DP, i forgot to ask you where you get your visa extensions here in Ormoc. Can any travel agency do that? Is there a BOI here? Hope I dont have to go to Cebu.

    And today I went looking for a fitness center and found a few. Best one I could find was exactly 2 blocks north of Gaisano just off Real st. They want P45 for one visit and P450 for a month. Right across the street from it is a Thai massage. An oily hour of legit therapeutic massage for P240. What a deal!

  43. Thanks for the info. I guess i am headed over to Tac next week GF has to renew her teaching license so we will go together. Cannot wait to see what bureaucratic sillyness one has to endure over there trying to get stuff done. I like to think I am laidback, but when 90% of your money dealing involve locals trying to rip you off, it gets old.

    I’m at Pardi’s right now and the san mig lite price is 40 on the menu but i’m being charged 45. grrrrr. And i had some trike driver come after me with a pipe the other night after i refused to pay his obviously gouged fare. Miscommunication as always. Some locals broke it up or one of us would have really gotten hurt. I ended up walking home and along the way some other locals invited me to join them for tuba and good times. It was fun and renewed my spirits. Most pinoys I have met are awesome, just have to avoid/ignore the few bad ones.

    Also, they have good internet and plug-ins at Jungle Bar and also at my hotel. The bar just recently opened there and it has balcony overlooking the street in front of Gaisano. Bar is just above JC restaurant to the right of Gaisano downtown if you are facing it. P30 beers and fast internet.

  44. > I would appreciate any information about this ruin – thanks in advance.

    in case you haven’t figured it out yet: i think it is the remains of the house of congressman dominador tan [1,2]. according to [1],

    […] with well-manicured lawn and a swimming pool [it] was one of the most beautiful scenery in Ormoc at that time which was completed a year before the World War II. As war broke out, it was utilized as one of the headquarters of the Japanese military operations in Leyte and was partially destroyed by the bombings of the famous Battle of Ormoc Bay. Its ruins serve as a symbolic structure of Ormocanons indulgence of World War II.

    cong. tan is also the father of ormoc’s cityhood [3].

    [1] http://ormoc.gov.ph/tourism/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=27&Itemid=36
    [2] http://www.flickr.com/photos/eazy360/5348786346/
    [3] http://www.ormoc.gov.ph/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=12&Itemid=32

  45. Thanks for the info on the ruin. Im in Ormoc now and wonder if one is allowed to visit, take pics, etc..

  46. hi christina,coulld you please email me Dave’s two bedroom apartment address, i
    am looking for rental apartment not far from the city and hoping to rent for 6 weeks.
    Please reply thank you and much appreciated.

  47. hi dp thanks, can you please tell me if there is ferry from manila to ormoc city,
    how much it cost and how long does it takes to travel?
    thanks in advance



  48. Hello all,

    There is a newer apartment for rent in Brgy Ipil. I believe they charge 500 peso per day for a furnished 2 bedroom apartment. If interested let me know and I will have my wife get the owners number for you. If you want to check it out it is the Huba Apartments, drive south on the National Hi-way once you cross the Ipil Bridge take a right after the Peter Pan Bakery and go down about a block and a half. They are on the right hand side. Safe neighborhood and about a 10 minute trike ride from the city. Good luck.


  49. Hi there,
    I will be going for a 2 weeks vacation this November to Ormoc. The last time I was there was in year 2001. Just wondering if anyone knows a rent a car place in Ormoc. I’d like to rent a car that I can drive. I heard that rental car there provide their own driver with their vehicle.

  50. Concerning the :war memorial” in Ormoc: I was told that this was once the local residence of a Sen, Dominador TAN and was used by a small detachment of Jap soldiers as afortified position.American troops decided to blast them out rather than take or acquire casualties from civilians,The damage seems to indicate the use of high velocity artillery-probably tank (or anti-tank) guns.I doubt that there are any witnesses to the incident left but you might try elderly members of the Tan family.I have no idea as to the current ownership of the lot.Hope this helps.

  51. do you have any contact number for the apartments?

  52. Good morning, sorry for the hassle. I’m in Ormoc right now and looking for an apartment to rent. It seems that people in Ormoc do not advertise there apartments for rent since I cannot find one single ad regarding this. When I saw your site, I thought my would I give it a try. May I respectfully ask you the addresses of the two apartments you included in your blog. My budget is around 10k per month. My girlfriend is pregnant and I need to find a place for her to stay in because we are moving to ormoc, leyte. Thank you and hoping for your quick response. Thank you so much for your kind consideration.

  53. dp:

    hey dp, i just found this site recently and i love it. thanks for making this site, i grow up in ormoc, i love this peaceful city, like they said thers no place like home, i miss evrything in this place, i cnt wait to go back next year, there’s just one request id like to ask u, can u link any websites of any store if this city in this site? please?



  54. Hi Dave,

    Just want to know if you are the Dave L……. of Silver S…… Ent.before.


  55. February 3 2012

    They finally opened a great restaurant in The Riverside Mall .
    The Moon Cafe is the name and they even serve Filet Mignon for under 300 pesos with mashed potatoes.
    Also You can get great food at Pardis near Chow King.
    They have great tasting spare ribs and Fish and chips just like back home with very reasonable prices also!
    Hope to have been a help!
    Richy And Ronaline

  56. did you just forget the steam field?

  57. DutchP – do you have any contact details for the small apartment places you mention above – Dave’s and the one in To-Og.
    Thanks for any help you can give.


  58. Hey dp, hope all is going well. In reply to Jerrys question yes i am Dave Longmire of said Silversocket Enterprises. I wish i could remember Jerry . Please could u get me contact info for him. Also pfffill there are no vacant apartments here at present although there maybe some close by. But i can keep u informed of any vacancies upcoming if u like. Get ur butt back here dp eheheheh
    Missing the banter mate,

  59. Hi,

    I am traveling to Ormoc City from Manilla. I am looking for good prices on
    fashionable native palm leaf handbags sabutan. I was told that the prices
    \are much better than in Manilla. Will there be native palm leaf bags in the
    Gaisano mall or other handicraft shopa?

  60. hello, can anyone advise me please? i arrive cebu airport from manila at 8pm, not sure how long from airport to boat terminal, is there a boat after this time from cebu to ormoc and where can i pay for ticket? would be grateful for any help on this matter. andrew

  61. hi,

    I wanna know if there are apartments or studio type rooms in Ormoc which is suitable for a low budget student. I’ve been searching for apartments and stuff, but all I search causes 20k and my parents couldn’t afford it. So thank you in advance.

    missel :)

  62. Hi,

    Someone asked for a car hire in Ormoc last year, I wonder if you know of any at this point.

  63. wrong spelling of the fruit u called merang , it is marang

  64. The ruins mentioned on this site was actually the residence of my uncle, Cong. Dominador M. Tan. He sponsored a bill that made Ormoc a city in 1947. The house was the headquarters of the Imperial Army in the city at that time, so I’m told. The Japanese gov’t. had asked my uncle not to tear down the ruins as a memorial to their fallen soldiers. The new owners of the property continue to honor this commitment.

  65. I want to visit Ormoc starting with tomorrow, 15 th May

    Is there a possibility to rent a small Scooter (100 or 125?) and how much does it cost? Any adress and phone number is wellcomed.

    What pension or Hotel in 800-1000 Peso range is recommended?



  66. i will be visiting Ormoc City in 2012 and wondering if anyone knew a couple of things: 1. is there a Tennis scene there and if so where are the courts?
    2. i noticed the city is is right off a large body of water so, is there a beach scene of any type and if so do people surf there?

  67. Dan, there are two tennis courts adjacent to the new city hall building and I’ve heard there are also courts near the District Hospital (ODP). There are also a few private courts scattered around and down in Albuera there is a nice tennis center in the middle of town.

    And there actually IS surfing here in Ormoc. Every time a storm blows in the local boys get out their homemade boogie boards and shred the one foot swells in front of Don Felipe Hotel..haha.

    Enjoy your trip,

  68. Hi I am an Australian wishing to travel to the Philippines in a few months time with the intentions of marrying over there I have to attend the Australian Embassy for Certificate of Impediment and the Marriage Certificate I think you obtain where the spouse lives at the City Office. I was wondering if anyone could help me are there flights from Manila Airport to Ormoc City and how much are these flights and is it easy to get budget accomodation there also is it easy to obtain rental property for my wife and I after we married. Does anyone know what an average safe 2 bedroom unit would cost to rent over there I have never been there so I am just wondering when I say safe with some sought of security. The City looks beautiful and is not unlike my city of Brisbane and surrounding Areas of Mountains and Water.
    Just wondering if any one could help me with some of this information please?
    Kind Regards

  69. Hi Dave

    Its Jerry i was at S.S.E. before if you could remember.. Hows Yoyong are you still in ormoc.. Are still doing that construction business? Hope we could meet sometimes.

    thanks and godbless

  70. G’day DP,

    Love your site. Been to ormoc 6 times over the last few years now for just the 1 month visa stays, but as of November this year I’ll be coming over for 6 months. (i live in brisbane, australia) And yes, a girl is involved haha.

    Just yet another request for anyone’s help in finding a decent little apartment, fully furnished, willing to pay up to 15k/month. I’ll be coming for 6 months, so the 6 month lease option doesnt bother me. Anywhere close to town is fine, hopefully close to Centrum as my fiancé is studying at STI there and it’d be good if she could walk to college. I’m young n healthy n don’t mind the heat, so aircon isn’t essential. I love to cook, so a working kitchen is a must. Let the word spread! :)

    Thanks for any help guys


  71. dti akong tg ormoc,s may cogon kmi nktir.1995 ako umlis ng ormoc,mula nun nd nko nkblik ng ormoc..ndg mkit ko to s internet ay nmangha ako s LAKI ng PAGBABAGO ng ormoc… ang ganda..maslalo cguro kung mkkauwi ako at mkikita ko to ng personal…ang laki tlg ng pagbbgo ng lugar n pinagmulan ng mga mgulang ko….,..

  72. sana muli akong mkauwi ng ormoc,at ng mkpligo sa mgand at mlinis n dagat nito..nkaka miss ng umuwi..ang ganda-ganda n tlg s ormoc..

  73. hi B
    Was thinking about building a house there. Researched area and like it. My only concern is about the 91 flood. Dont know if that has happened again. Do you think its safe to build there? Any chance that kind of flood could happen again and WAS the entire city under water or just parts of it?


  74. Ormoc today has restaurants everywhere classy cafe’s and restobars with different cuisines….. That ruined building is the house of Cong. Dominador Tan before the Japanese invasion of Ormoc City…. Japanese made their last stand their when thee Americans captured Tacloban and next is Ormoc… Last stand place/headquarters of Japanese troops during the infamous battle of Ormoc Bay..

  75. hai im julia from ormoc looking for a foreign frends
    im 20 year old im near at a city of ormoc here my contact number

    thanks..a lot hope i found it

  76. Hi dp. Love your site. I was in Ormoc for the first time in August 2012. I had most of my meals in Pardis and the restaurant next door from Pardis (what is the name of it? i try to google it but with no result), which where very good.
    I fell in love with Ormoc and also met a girl there ;-)

  77. Hi.. I would like to visit Ormoc City, I am Filipina married to a US gentleman. Can anyone tell me which are the safest Apartment to stay f0r 2 bedroom only semi-furnished f0r about 6 to 1 year lease.

    Pls let me know ASAP. Thank you!

    My best regards,

  78. i love it thanks a lot

  79. Hi Dutchpickle,

    I will be travelling to Hilongos via Ormoc, are the multi cabs or vans safe and how much do they charge. How long does it take to travel. Would be grateful if you can tell me.

    Thanks a lot,

  80. Arriving to Ormoc on the 29th Jan, first visit. My gf lives in Naval and am finally going to make it to Ormoc. What are some of the better things to do whilst there. Will be there for a few days.

  81. We will need to transfer from Malapascua to Padre Burgos soon.
    Possible ports of Leyte entry (arrival time):

    San Isidro (12 noon)
    Palompon (3pm)

    Can you share some info on further travel?
    The target is to get there on the same day.
    Searched everywhere – can’t find anything substantial, except that we will probably need to change bus/van at Ormoc


  82. Thanks, but… back to Cebu is out of the question.
    We researched diving and booked the hotel in Burgos – no probs here.

    Actually the only question now is how to get from San Isidro (or Palompon) to Ormoc and Ormoc to Maasin or Burgos. Should be done in a day.
    All BEFORE that is not a problem. Maasin to Burgos is not a problem also.

    Also, as you like to travel by bike, please share the BEST places for a day trip starting and ending at Burgos (100+km round-trip is ok). If there is something WORTH visiting for another day, we could do 2nd day trip also.

    Thanks again!

  83. Hi dp,

    This site is fantastic. Thanks for that.
    I wonder if you have any info regarding self-drive car for rent in ormoc city?
    Will be there early next month and hoping to drive around through this great little city.
    Your feedback is highly appreciated.


  84. How about a motorcycle rental in Ormoc?

  85. This is a very nice site. U know so much about ormoc. By the way peach tree has increased to 550 for single. Had not tried other rooms. Flat screen cable tv, good aircon, small room for small people like me lol. The shower handle and hose head fell off when I went there. Warm water works fine. Not the best but I like it there cause not a lot of people know the place. I went there dec 2012 and june 2013, got a room at the back part, had a good sleep. Ill try don felipe next time. Might be good. Would love to hear from you about tacloban. :-)

  86. I meant May 2013 not June 2013. Sorry about that. :-)

  87. Hi dutchpickle
    Was in ormoc oct 2012 n stayed at bayview inn was good for couple of nights with cold showers no problem to me do you know if its still operating coz im planning a trip to ormoc in December this year and would like to stay there at bayview inn again
    many thanks for all your info bobbi from oz

  88. some info on Ormoc City Facebook


    The city is just now recovering from the destruction resulting from typhoon Hainan – Yolanda

  89. Thanks for the info DP,

    I was wondering how safe itd be for a lone Irish guy to have a look about the place during the day when my girlfriend is at work then I found this site.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this up for us all to absorb.

    Many thanks & Best Regards,
    Really looking forward to my trip now (10 days March 2015)

  90. Hi DP

    Cool page. I’ll be staying in ormoc for 10 weeks from Jan 2018 to end of March. Do you know of any houses or condos to rent whilst I’m there?

    I’ve stayed at pongos before but I’d rather have something with appliances this time and my own space. You know of anyone willing to rent?

    Thanks for your time

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