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  1. Hi DP, Info on dental clinic is great for my wife as she will need to see a dentist when
    we return to Catbalogan area the first week in january.Does the dentist have a xray
    machine,or is there a dentist you can recomend in Catbalogan that can give xrays.
    You have been doing some interesting traveling with great pics and stories.thanks

  2. Hey dp
    i will be making an appointment as soon as i get home mate. far to expensive here. man u get into some weird and wonderful situations. ahahah
    BW Dave

  3. DP
    Great stuff again mate…I need some work done on my teeth as well…will wait until I’m back over in the Philippines to get it done as here in Australia if i need to get a crown done it would cost “HEAPS” more than the P4,000 you paid in Ormoc City

    What’s the prices like on brain surgery as i might need that done as well…lol


  4. good to see ur website!!..was looking some dental clinic around ormoc for ages!.glad i came accross to ur site….am livin in australia, but grew up in ormoc..it’s been 4 years that i havn’t been home!!..lots of things have chance already..nways just wanna ask if this dentist would do impants? and how much u reckon would it cost?..does inplant and crown the same?..saw another dentist too on ur website, flora i think, it was in cebu..which one would u recomment better?

    thanks heaps

  5. Dear Sr. Madam,

    I live in Vancouver Canada,i will be in manila December 14,i want to know your best price for: 28 unit crown and bridges semi precious ? discount if i pay cash? warranty? how many days you need ? place for sating? transform from airport to clinic? thank you ,Reza

  6. Hi DP,

    Im keen to head to the dental clinic in Ormoc. But fly into manila, whats the best way to head south to Ormoc? Plane, boat, bus/van? Or a combo?
    Whats accomadation like on Ormoc as well? Im keen to just rock up and find my way down there but would like you input…

    Would love to hear from you…


  7. Just what i wanted

    planning my trip asap :)

    Thanks dutchpickle

  8. Dr. Jonelyne is one of the best dentists around. She shows great passion and dedication to her work. My wife and I had our dental prophylaxis a week ago. I strongly recommend her clinic.

  9. I wish to thank dutchpickle for posting the nice information about Dr. Jonelyne’s clinic. Actually, we were looking for a good dental clinic in Ormoc or Baybay when we came across this website and learned about Dr. Jonelyne’s clinic. So we went there and were very satisfied with the dental work done on us. Excellent!

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  10. note
    : this dental clinic in Ormoc City is still in operation and open now after the typhoon Yolanda –


  11. I went to flora in manalili st in Cebu , (she has now moved to another location), first appt a very through clean , two hours for 1000 ph ,in total i had 3 porcillian on zoirconuim crowns with one missing tooth replaced with bridgework, $400 each , four other missing teeth ,replaced with bridgework ,six porcilaine on metal crowns $200 each crown,ten old fillings replaced. Im quite nervous when it comes to going to the dentist ,but when flora said “I will do my very best for you ” i felt calm, i did,nt experience any pain during any of the dentistry work performed on my teeth ,and in my opinion flora,s work was excellent . The total bill was about 192,000 ph –$4500.

  12. I had some dental work done in Angeles City at Smile Makeover Dental and have been very happy with the results.
    smilemakeoverdentalclinic . com

    2 root canals, 4 crowns, 4 teeth removed and replaced with a bridge – total was about $3000. Price in the states would have been well over $10,000!
    They are targeting foriegners, therefore a bit pricey by Filipino standards. I could’ve gotten the work done for cheaper at other dentist offices, but after seeing some of their “offices” I didn’t want to take that chance. Best part – Dr. Tey and her assistants are very attractive ladies. Drill, baby, drill!

  13. Hi

    I would like to know the cost of examination check up or 1st visit in this clinic.

    Thank you.

  14. How much to extract wisdom teeth ?

  15. dentat im plants i all ready have the teeth thanks

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