Tacloban Leyte

tacloban-006.jpgTacloban Leyte

The “Welcome Home Pension” is a good place to stay if you happen to be spending the night in the bustling seaport of Tacloban on the northern tip of Leyte.

Tacloban has good shipping connections and there is also a commercial airport on the outskirts of town. I have only stayed there overnight while waiting for the next ferry to Cebu.

Tricycles cost 6 pesos and there are plenty of places to eat.

Tacloban resembles Cebu City on a smaller scale.

The “Welcome Home” is on 161 Sto Nino Street. tel 053 321-2739

Mc Donalds in Tacloban – this youtube video from the Mc Donalds gives a unique view of downtown – I accidentally wrote “Ormoc” in the video, but it’s really Tacloban.




Tacloban Leyte

May 28, 2008 www.dutchpickle.com

8 responses to “Tacloban Leyte”

  1. My father is from this city of Tacloban

    I miss it alot where all my close relative primarily is
    residing, how I wish my visit is very soon
    No place like home

    To the admin of this site kodos to the moderator
    whom provides all these information


  2. It’s very difficult to find prices of places to stay. The biggest hotels, the small pensions, all seem shy to tell about their prices.

    Anyone got an idea of what the Welcome Home costs per night?

  3. hi, will be in tacloban this march 18 and we’re thinking to stay at welcome home but wanted to know if they have hot and cold shower in there family room. wish they have at least celphone hotline number for the inquiry. thank you.

  4. Hi!.anyone pls.help me.i’m here in caloocan.how can i go there in cabalawan,tacloban,leyte.my relatives are near from san juanico bridge i want to surprise visit them.

  5. Fastest way of going to Tacloban city is by plane. There are daily direct flights from Manila and Cebu. Getting around is city is by riding jeepney and tricycle when you’re in downtown. There are also a lot of choices to eat from fastfood to homegrown restaurants.

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