Traffic Cop in Ormoc City

Traffic Cop in Ormoc City

You can’t help but laugh at the antics of this traffic enforcer on Rizal Ave in Ormoc City.

He works the morning shift, keeping traffic flowing at this busy intersection by the Petron Station.

I made a youtube video of him this morning – directing traffic

I have never witnessed a wreck in Ormoc yet unless you count theĀ  two guys on a motorbike that drove into a ditch last Sunday and wiped out.

The rider was able to keep his 6 liter container of local brew upright and didn’t spill a drop of tuba. He helped get the still running motorbike off of his mate and they were soon on their way weaving down the road.

Traffic Cop

Ormoc City

This guy enjoys his job!

Guys like this is what makes the Philippines such a trip!

Downtown Ormoc

Rizal Av

traffic cop

Ormoc City

youtube of Rudy in action

dutchpickle – GO RUDY !




Jun 22, 2010

8 responses to “Traffic Cop in Ormoc City”

  1. Hi DP,
    When we were living in subic zambales there was an older guy that directed
    traffic at the school when they kids were let out.He was entertaining to we looked forward to seeing him,he had all the moves like your guy. took his job very serious.

  2. Great for a laugh DP, must of taken ages to get these pics….well done.

    Will be there in a week or so and hope to check him out for real.

    Enjoy your ride to manila.

  3. the guy in the picture is not a cop but what we call traffic enforcers. this are casual employees of the local government.
    His previous profession was as a billiard player, used to roam the city pool tables day and night. I bet he still is good at it.

  4. people who loves their job enjoys the job. this is manifested by this traffic enforcer in Ormoc whom I think is not tired of dancing in the middle of the traffic. I enjoyed seeing him too. d mo nalang mamalayang go ka na pala…

  5. All respect to the traffic enforcers, i think i saw that guy dancing in my trip there a week ago, was fun watching ^^

    My to-be father in law is working as a traffic enforcer in Ormoc

  6. Every city in the Phils has at least one of these guys. My theory is that not only do they love their job, they want to stay alive. If your highly visible your more likely to be seen by passing motorists. The whole idea is to have motorists look at you.
    The guy in Mactan Cebu handles an intersection three times this busy, he commands attention with his antics. Wearing white gloves he does everything from M.C. Hammer to Michael Jackson, in an unbroken rhythm to some unheard music in his heaD. After watching him repeatedly, I realized he timed his lane changes to his cadence, counting steps as he danced.

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