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  1. hello i do really appreciate southern leyte.i like so.leyte.thanks a lot that some of you care about some historical places here in southern leyte hope everythingwell be great coz we are proud to be at southern leyte

  2. Thank you for your sharing. These informations are very useful for us and I expect you can share more your travel experiences to me.

  3. Hi maayong adlaw ka ninyo nga ta nanan ,..may unta ug mo lambo pa ang pag amoma sa whale shark sa SAN RICARDO ug SALAMAT informasyon ,..diha na ko sa una pero mo balik pami pohon,..Kumosta kay pastor feliciano,..salamt sa pag atiman niya sa akong mga amigo ug amiga….,ug sa mga officiales salamat..


  4. Hi DP,

    I just saw this blog after asking the question on one of your other pages – sorry! You’ve convinced me that the extra travel is worth going to Sth Leyte! So from your blog, you would recommend going to Pintuyan rather than Padres Burgos? Can you give any tips on how to get there/ where to stay?


  5. My wife and I just came back from our honeymoon at Jaimee’s Hotel just outside of Maasin (the western edge of the southern coast of Leyte [which is the opposite side from this whale shark stuff]). We thought the hotel’s buildings were good, but the place is still under construction on the East side and probably won’t be completed for another 5 years. After we left there, we took a multicab east and found Kuting Reef resort in the Macrohon area just west of this whale shark place. The whole southern coast of Leyte is amazing and *not* to be missed!

  6. Hi,

    I know this post is about 4 years old but this leads me closer to finding my way to the whale shark encounter in Leyte. I’ve tried this in Donsol last year (2012) and our boat spotted two butandings in just one morning. However, Donsol gets too crowded and the pump boats’ noisy – these really scare off the sharks. I hope to I could prepare a good itinerary for this encounter next year.

    Thanks for all the information.

    KC Decapia

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