Zenaidas Chateau

img_1934.jpgZenaida’s Chateau
Tourist Inn and Restaurant

Ormoc is not a major tourist destination but it has a connecting port to Cebu and other major cities. Some foreigners with Filipina wives live here but most are just passing through.

img_1951.jpgThere is plenty of lodging available but most of it is spartan and noisy with in house karaoke machines and drunken singers blasting away till the early morning hours.

Zenaida’s Chateau breaks that tradition and proved to be a nice place to stay for 600 pesos for a double with cable tv and air conditioning.

I am not that uptight and can do without the AC but it was the Christmas season and I didn’t want to spend the night in a dive.

img_1942.jpgThe Gaisano supermarket is just 2 blocks away and there is a restaurant in the lower level of Zenaida’s but it seemed high priced to me for a buffet style eatery.

Zenaida’s is a bit of a walk from the docks but not too bad if you are traveling light.

There are tricycles all over town if you need some cheap transport and have a lot of gear to haul.

Zenaid’s Chateau
Ormoc City, Leyte

(no number available but everyone knows where it is. Look for the building with the communications tower on the roof.)

Zenaidas Chateau

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