Capas National Shrine

bataan death march memorialCapas National Shrine

Bataan Death March Memorial

capas national memorialTired, hungry defenders, like heroes old,
Held their ground, brave and true to the last man.
The smoke of battle cleared. A crimson flood
Lay like a carpet on the hallowed ground.
O heroes, you died not in vain. New blood
Picked up your cry in one united sound
Until victory the fight must go on,
Each Filipino heart, A Bataan!

Juan L. Raso,  WW2 vetern

And when the world shall wake again
From grim decay to growth and beauty,
Let no one ever know my pain,
But I have done my humble duty.

Amador T. Daguio  WW2 Vetern and writer

Capas National Shrine

capas national shrineWall of Heroes Memorial

Estimated Death Marchers
60,600 Filipinos &
9,900 Americans

capas national shrineWrapped in tattered blankets and
slung on bamboo poles, their living com-
rades carried them to their graves in
a “Procession on the Dead” from dawn
to dusk. Available historical records
indicate that out of approximately 54,000
prisoners of war incarcerated within the
Capas POW camp, a total of 25,000
Filipino and 2,500 American servicemen were
buried in these common graves.

copied from the memorial

Batting Bastards of BataanBattling Bastards of Bataan

Philippine ScoutsIn Memory of the Philippine Scouts

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capas national shrineCapas National Shrine

capas national shrineCapas Memorial

capas national shrineWW2 Memorial

Capas Memorial

capas memorial

capas national shrineCapas Memorial

capas national shrineCapas National Shrine

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