Chico River Whitewater Rafting

Chico River whitewater raftingWhitewater rafting down the Chico River is catching on and there are now several rafting companies that run the river. The group here set out from Tinglayan near the second hanging bridge and went down stream to Tabuk.

I like to promote this sort of thing so if any of the local rafting companies want to put their info up here just include it in the comment section at the end of the story and I will approve it and add the link – cheers.

Chico River Whitewater Rafting

It had been raining for several days so these rafters  had some nice rapids to work with. I have seen advertisements for groups that do the upper Chico near Sagada and Bontoc but have not talked to anyone that runs the river from Bontoc to Tinglayan.

Chico River Whitewater RaftingThis rafting company is out of Tabuk. They have some good gear and look like a first rate operator. If you read this and want to add your links feel free…I like to promote stuff like this!

Chico River Whitewater RaftingThis group had done whitewater rafting in Davao and Cagayan de Oro and wanted to try something different. They really knew how to enjoy life!

Chico River Whitewater RaftingThey set set out from the second hanging bridge in Tinglayan. This is one on the most pristine parts of the Philippines with clean fresh water and fresh air and no garbage lying about. Travel in Kalinga country is often discouraged by people in the provinces on either side but let me tell you – this is one of the most exhilarating places to be. Sagada and Banaue are nice tourist centers but Kalinga country is in a league of it’s own.

Chico River Whitewater Rafting I took some of these pictures from this hanging bridge. Believe it or not one of the last of the Kalinga headhunters lived in the village on the other side of this bridge. I met him about 12 years ago but he has since died.

Chico River Whitewater RaftingAfter the rafters set off I hopped on my motorbike and followed the river downstream to get some of these shots. They are a tad blurry but you still get the general idea.

Chico River Whitewater RaftingChico River Whitewater RaftingThe Chico could even be considered to be majestic – it is just so beautiful.

My girlfriend and I used to jump in and just swim downstream in the cold water with the current – memories – wow! We would then climb up on one of the rocks and warm up in the sun. You just can’t forget stuff like that.

The Chico River Canyon is beautiful going downstream towards Tabuk but it is a wild raging river further upstream about half way to Bontoc.

Chico River Canyon“Canyon of Death”

On this stretch upstream there are sheer rock walls and the whole river gets squeezed down into narrow bottle necks.

It would not be possible to exit the river in those places so you would really have to know what you were doing before even considering running this canyon – especially during the rainy season.

I am pretty certain that no one has ever kayaked or rafted it yet.

Chico River Whitewater RaftingVery cool! Downstream to Tabuk.

Chico River Whitewater RaftingGood luck! You could actually follow his river all the way to the top of Luzon where it empties out into the Babuyan Channel but the river flattens out and turns into a meandering and possibly boring river when you pass Tabuk.

Chico River whitewater rafting

Whitewater RaftingChico River whitewater rafting

For Upper Chico out of Sagada contact 0919 698 8361,

For Lower Chico out of Tabuk contact 0920 205 2680

Jul 20, 2010

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  1. Chico River Quest, the guys you have pics of, run the Chico in Kalinga. We run everything from Bontoc to just above the Canyon of Death. Nobody rafts the Canyon of Death, because… well, because you’d die.

    Some really good kayakers, in fact some of the best in the world, did paddle in there, in fairly low water (January). They ran the part in your pic above, but just before the point of no return they scouted a while and climbed out. The innermost section of that canyon is very narrow and very dangerous.

    Luckily there’s a good access point just above the canyon and everything else is runnable.

    Some video of the Chico between Bontoc and the Kalinga border:

  2. wow!! hope to raft with you of my dreams to do this kind of adventure..been in sagada but with limited time of stay..i know that there’s still a lot astounding tourist spot awaits me to explore..

  3. For Upper Chico out of Sagada contact 0919 698 8361,

    For Lower Chico out of Tabuk contact 0920 205 2680

  4. Hi, can you give ideas regarding the cost of your rafting there? Im looking to visit it. hehe Thanks!

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