Halsema Highway to Baguio

Halsema Highway highest pointHalsema Highway

I left around 9am from Sagada intent on reaching Baguio before the afternoon rains started.

It is a scenic run on the Halsema Highway reaching an altitude of 7400 feet as you pass the highest point on the Philippine Highway system.

SagadaIt’s around 6  hours from Sagada to Baguio. Several bus lines do this trip every day. If you get an early start you will have a better view.

Halsema HighwayVegetables grown on these terraces are sent to Baguio and down to Manila. Cabbage seems to be the biggest crop but carrots, peas, beans also do well.

vegetable gardensIt is cool and foggy up in the mountain and it clouds up in the afternoon so it is difficult to get clear pictures later in the day.

Halsema Highway to BaguioYou can get a beautiful view from this road in the mornings.

Halsema HighwaySweet!

Halsema Highway gas stationHalsema Highway Caltex station

Halsema HighwayThe highway is concreted for 95 percent of the way so it is quite an easy ride. It is possible to get stuck behind a line of heavy trucks on a long upgrade but it it’s not a difficult trip overall.

Halsema Highway vegetable terracesVegetable terraces along the way.

Halsema Highway

BaguioPicture of Baguio taken 4 years ago. I left my camera in the plastic bag this trip because torrential rains started just as I entered the city.

Halsema HighwayHalsema Highway

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  1. DP sounds really awesome what your doing. I read with interest the highway has improved, hope some time with Lyn to make this trip.

    Again I envy you so much, hope to catch up some time soon.


  2. If the Catholic Church with spire is still there–Baguio– there once were holes from artillery shells in the spire. The Japs had observers there. After war I had a steak there in late 1945 ..It came from a carabao that died working in a rice paddy. L.Shisler

  3. Hi Mr. DP,

    Thank you for this excellent site!
    Would you know where we would be able to rent a motorcycle to do North Luzon?

    Thank you so much for your time!


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