Luzon Loop – Sagada onward

Sagada jeepney and friendsThe second leg of the Luzon loop by motorbike starts in Sagada. I broke up the loop into 2 pages so that it doesn’t load too slowly for those with slow connections – including myself.

Many travelers come to Sagada to explore the caves and see the hanging coffins. I chose to just chill out for a few days because I am burned out on caving and it had been raining every day for the past week.

sagada hanging coffins

I did take this picture of some coffins visible from the road but was not interested in taking pictures inside the caves this trip.

Sagada Home Stay

This break was a good chance to wash some clothes and enjoy the hospitality of the Sagada Home Stay. The home stay has a beautiful view of town,  has beds for 200 pesos,  kitchen privileges,  wi-fi and is the best value that I have run across in Sagada or anywhere else in the Philippines.  Karen – 09197028380 , 0919498218

Sagada Colorscolorful chimneySagada colors

Bontoc view from Churya-A HotelBontoc at the Churya-A hotel. The food here is good and the rooms are not a bad value.

drying riceDrying rice alongside the road in Bontoc.

drying rice

Bontoc to Banaue roadThe trip through Bontoc and over the mountains to Banaue is usually a piece of cake but there had been a landslide that took most of the day the clear.


waiting at sari sari storeWaiting at a sari sari store while the road crew works on clearing the road.

repairing the road between Bontoc and BanaueSteep terrain makes these landslides common during heavy rain. Road closures are not unusual but these men make short work of getting the way open again.

Banaue in the rainIt was a wet ride to Banaue.

Banaue TerracesThe following morning was warm and sunny!

Banaue IfugaoBanaue Ifugao at the terrace viewpoint.

landslide on the way to HapaoLandslide on the way to Hapao.

There is no room for error because it’s a long way to the bottom should you slip – the reward was not worth the risk for me in his case.

It's a long way to the bottomThese guys took their motorbike across but the slide was very steep and unstable so I turned back.

landslideThese Ifugao people are very sure footed.

muddy road to HapaoMuddy road to Hapao.

Batad Rice TerracesI drove up to the saddle and walked down to Batad today. This is one of the most photogenic rice fields in the area.

Ifugao ManIfugao man

Hanging bridges are used extensively through out the mountain provinces.hanging bridge

Highway tunnel near SagadaBacktracking to Sagada to get to the Halsema Highway.


Highest point on the highwayThe highest point on the Halsema highway – 7400 feet.

Halsema Highway to Baguio

Heavy rain began just as I arrived in Baguio. It was an unpleasant ride but I continued on to La Union since I was already wet. I did have rain gear on, but the rain always seems to find a way inside.

Baguio on a clear dayBaguio City on a clear day – picture from an earlier trip.

The road to Bauan in La Union is a long steady downgrade and was uneventful except for a large tree that was uprooted and blocking all the traffic. There was just enough room to slide the bike under it so I was able to continue onwards.

The most miserable part of the entire trip lay ahead – getting through Manila!

SagadaRecommendation –  Sagada Home Stay

This home stay is worth noting if you plan to stay in Sagada. It really a good value and the kitchen is immaculate!

Karen – 09197028380 , 0919498218

Sagada Home Stay

Another thought that was reinforced in my mind after this trip  is the absolute madness of taking a small bike through Manila. Is it worth the pain?

Sagada onwardSagada onward

Jul 23, 2010

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  1. Hi dutchpickle,

    I am really enjoying your blog. I have traveled most of the Philippines but I still have places left. Anyways, I could not get your email and I got a few things to ask. please email me though if you can see my email through this comment. Thanks!

    – Ja

  2. hey,

    Your pictures are amazing, i m going there next march and would like to know if you know any transportation for bontoc or sagada to laoag ?

    Thank you for this page, amazing trip

  3. For me – travelling by motorbike in the Philippines is really a cool way to travel but there are additional hazards to consider. Muddy roads , weather, parking and frankly navigation in general can be a challenge.

    Also consider the weather , heavy rains can be a daily occurrence in some parts depending upon time of year..

    Always have your note book and cell phone in several layers of plastic bags and carry a complete set of rain gear – pants and jacket with hood.

    I have ridden from Pagudpud to Zambonaga City with sandals but I strongly recommend boots.

    Sunglasses and long sleeves for protection from the sun , long pants etc.

    In remote areas I have camped in the open but this is not the best choice for most riders. I have rode though the night but it increases the hazards to do this.

    Have your license and papers for the bike handy for police and army and other checkpoints.

    Also need the motorbike registration for ferry crossings. Island to island .

    In some areas motorbike rentals are readily available. Puerto Princesa , Palawan and Dumaguete , Negros come to mind.

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