Pink Tricycles

tricycle transportPink Tricycles

It was almost shocking to see the sea of pink tricycles at the market in a town north of San Fernando. The towns between San Fernando and Vigan have regulations that everyone paint their trikes the same color.

Tricycles are the main form of transport in many parts of the Philippines.

filipino tricycle transport

filipino tricycle driverIt does make it easier to identify where these trikes are from and the drivers seem to be proud of their “colors”,¬† almost like a Scottsman pride of his tartan.

proud filipino tricycle driver

Proud Filipino tricycle driver – cool guy!

tricycles at the market

Tagudin  Market Рyellow trikes

green trikesGreen Trikes!

burgandy with green stripes filipino tricycleBurgandy with green stripe trikes

trikes with yellow stripe

Burgandy with yellow stripe trikes

filipino tricycle with white stripeBurgandy with white

filipino tricycle

Burgandy with orangefilipio tricycles

Pamilihang Bayan Ng St. Lucia

line of tricyclesCity of Candon – The tricycles line up waiting for school to let out.

filipino tricycles waitingtricycle licenseCandon

Tricycles of the PhilippinesTricycle of the Philippines

Jul 13, 2010

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  1. Hey Candon! That’s my mother-in-law’s hometown! Haven’t been there yet.

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