Ermita Manila

ermita-manila-011Malate and Ermita Manila

Malate and Ermita merge together to become a major tourist district in Manila. Here is a quick look at some of the attractions.

ermita-manila-008.jpgThis area is a place of contrasts but everyone is looking to strike gold. Some do, but the odds are tough for a poor man.

ermita-manila-015.jpgThere are people that make their homes on the streets but at least it’s warm and there is always a way to scrap up a buck. Most of the homeless are pleasantly polite and often speak good English.

ermita-phil-004.jpgLiving on the streets, but where do you find love like this?

ermita-manila-020.jpgThere are sections of old Manila tucked in between brand new high rises. I think that the current world wide financial meltdown is going to cripple a lot of these high flying projects. (nov 2008)

Many of these condo developments seem to have very low occupancy, (judging by the lights in the windows at night).

ermita-phil-001.jpgSome guy with a striped shirt walking along.

ermita-manila-014.jpgThis is the Malate church in Malate but these horsemen travel the whole area. They can be a bit aggressive but I enjoy joking with them.

Just be sure to set the price before you jump on that cart!

ermita-manila-002.jpgKoreans are making a stand in both Cebu and Manila. It is surprising how many small businesses that they have set up.

ermita-manila-019.jpgJeepneys are not allowed on Roxas Blvd. but they are bumper to bumper on M.H. Del Pilar, Adriatico, Mabini St.

The belching smoke can gag you.

ermita-manila-013.jpgFilipino people always have time to talk and laugh. I was showing the guy in the blue shirt some pictures on my digital camera and he commented, Ah cobra!

In Tagalog – bakla.

(The one with the hand on the pole is a boy and we all got a good laugh about that.)

manila-dog-001These Manila dogs seem to be in good spirits.

ermita-manila-024.jpgThe traffic police have these sweet machines but rarely drive them anywhere. Some people claim that they get hassled a lot by the cops but I never even saw them write a ticket.

ermita-manila-023.jpgThese lady boys are doing an impromptu dance in the streets near Robinson mall, trying to raise money for their Christmas party.

ermita-manila-009.jpgThere is abundant night life in Manila. This LA Cafe has become an international pick up joint.

ermita-manila-032.jpgThe Amazonia is a bit of a dive but there are pool tables and overpriced drinks as well as some girls for the desperate tourist.

ermita-manila-027.jpgThere is no lack of clubs and KTV bars in the area.

ermita-manila-025.jpgManila keeps humming all night long.

It can be energizing for night owls and insomniacs.

ermita-manila-010.jpgJuri’s is a watering hole just up the street with a European menu.

ermita-phil-005.jpgDoor man with cow.

ermita-manila-012.jpgThe Duck Inn is a favorite of the Aussies.

hobbit-house-003.jpgThe Hobbit House, just across the street, is an interesting stop. It’s a bar staffed and owned by little people with a big heart!

phone036-288-6687  fax 036-260-2223

ermita-manila-003.jpgThe bar tenders are standard issue and boring but all the wait staff are little people.

ermita-phil-006.jpgIf you don’t smoke, get there early, 7pm or so.

Then you can enjoy your drink before the place fills up with smoke around 11pm and on into the night.

You will probably miss the music but you will be able to chat with the staff.

ermita-manila-021.jpgThese girls staff the internet cafe on Del Pilar near the Pension Natividad. Friendly’s on Adriatico has free wireless for guests. (Pension Natividad also)

It is hard to find good internet cafes in Manila because the real estate is too valuable to waste on that sort of thing.

ermita-manila-033These horses really have better things to do with their time!

ermita-manila-017.jpgOn Roxas Blvd.

ermita-manila-022.jpgGetting ready for the 2008 Christmas season in the Pension Natividad on M.H. Del Pilar in Malate.

ermita-manila-036.jpgRobinsons Mall – This place is a pleasant respite form the heat.

ermita-manila-005.jpgTeddy bear salesgirl in the mall. Wages are low but at least they get to work in an air conditioned environment!

ermita-manila-034.jpgThere goes that horse again!

Ermita Manila

Nov 20, 2008

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  1. nice site…..from ecafe staff

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  3. halooo,,
    tanong ko lang kung anong oras nag ooperate ang hobbit house…
    salamat mellisa

  4. Things to do in Manila if your staying a few days

    Places to go for Food, Drinks, Games of Pool and live Music Shows in Manila

    SLOUCH HAT BAR 1112 M.H.Del Pilar Street Ermita
    L.A.CAFE BAR 1429 M.H.Del Pilar Street Ermita
    COWBOY GRILL corner Mabini and Arquiza Streets Ermita

    Other places to go in Manila

    DUCK INN BAR 1207 M.H.Del Pilar Street Ermita
    HOBBIT HOUSE folk music club which is owned and run by dwarfs in M.H.Del Pilar Street Ermita
    SALA THAI RESTAURANT on JM Nakpil Street Malate


    Markets and places to go shopping that in Manila

    but the best all round value place to shop for every thing is the BACLARAN FLEA MARKETS out near the Domestic Airport sells food, clothes, household goods and electronics. Prices are lower here then elsewhere in Manila the market runs well into the evening.

    Another thing to do in Manila after a visit to Rizal Park, Intramuros, Manila Cathedral and Fort Santiago

    Is to take a Calesa horse drawn carriage ride back into the center of town. But make sure you are set on the price with the driver before you go!

    Inside of Rizal Park is where you will find the Diorama of the Martyrdom of Dr Jose Rizal who was executed on the site by the Spanish on the 30th of December 1896 for inciting a revolution.

    Other transport options in Manila

    Buses, Light Rail Transit (LRT) system an elevated railway also known as Metro-rail, Jeepneys, Taxis and Tricycles.

  5. Hi, I will arrive at Manila in early morning 21Nov, can know can I book a room with air condition? and can what is the rate for that room? Thanks!

  6. welche Reisezeit ist für Manila die günstigste?

  7. hi, just wondering the name of the little bar next to the slouch hat on del pilar .. if someone has the name and maybe an email address .. it would be fantastic to receive as last time i was in the area, they had a couple of rooms for staying .. cheers .. peter from australia

  8. I noticed you commented that people tell you that the police hassle motorcyclists a lot and you commented that you have not even seen them write a ticket. Well the reason for that is probably that they dont need the ticket as they are taking money instead. Be warned as the police are a menace in this area of malate. Probably the most corrupt in the whole of the capital. they often target foreigners as policing is done for the profit of the policeman and has little to do with serving and protecting as they claim. They are the biggest criminals in the country and a wide berth is advised. They are extremely bad and myself and many others i know have first hand experience of these criminals in uniform. You have been warned. Avoid avoid avoid at all costs. Even reporting a crime can come back on you as they see all foreigners as a easy pickings and likely to extort same fast cash and the powers that be know all this but do absolutely nothing to stop it. The people here are petrified of them, far more than they are of the criminals. This is not any exaggeration in any way be carefull of them always carry id and read up on your rights as regards searches etc. They love to put things on you that could mean a lengthy jail term and try to frighten you to death so you pay to get out of the situation. The worse thing in Malate is the local police be warned.

  9. I love Ermita and Malate areas. I lived there for years before I moved back to California. I had a pad in Malate near St. Paul – And I am coming back soon. I am planning on opening up or buying an Internet Cafe in this area. Will not be the same kind of internet cafe but its more of a American style kind of Internet Cafe. It will be a blast – plus some beers…..

  10. nice site …..i enjoy reading very much and brings back many memories of manila …….i advise do not patronise these calisa drivers at all ……..i have had only negative experiences even after agreeing to a price ……they demand more peso and become very agressive ,,,,,,,,,that is my experiences anyhow ……there is even a warning in daily planet guidebooks

  11. @geoff -i think ur confusing watching superman -daily planet with lonely planet the guidebook

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