Hobbit House Manila

The hobbit-house-011.jpgHobbit House Manila

They bill themselves as “The only restaurant in the world owned, managed, and staffed by HOBBITS.”

hobbit-house-003.jpgThese little people are the staff and give the place character. The Hobbit House was founded in 1973 with the purpose of giving little people a shot at running their own business.

hobbit-house-010.jpgThe bar has a Tolkien “Lord of the Rings Theme” and features some good music. The drinks are pricey but it’s a tourist trap so you kind of expect it.

hobbit-house-005.jpgThere’s lot’s to drink in this place. The bartenders are of average height but all the wait staff are short.

hobbit-house-008.jpg———- (forget her name) is an outstanding waitress with a lot of enthusiasm. Her father was one of the “pioneers” getting the project off the ground. He has since passed away but her mum is still around.

hobbit-house-004.jpgFreddy Aguilar plays several nights a week.

next to Pizza Hut on M.H.Del Pilar street.

Hobbit House next to Pizza Hut

hobbit-house-001.jpgHobbit House Manila

Located at 1212 M. H. Del Pilar in Ermita across the street from the Duck Inn.

fx 525-3415
ph 521-7604 , 484-4435


circlular shaped door hobbit house manilaThe entrance to the Hobbit House.

Hobbit House Manila is a friendly place

Hobbit House Manila

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One response to “Hobbit House Manila”

  1. We have spent many a happy hour dining in the Hobbit House, Manila, and enjoyed the music there and the delightfully friendly staff. I bought a sun visor from there (black with Hobbit House motif) and have since lost it.
    Would love another one! Any chance you could send me one, and I’ll reimburse?
    We are now living back in the UK, so can’t collect myself.
    Sheila Selwyn

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