Pension Natividad Manila

pension-natividad-007.jpgPension Natividad – Malate, Manila

Gabby and Lea welcome you with a comfortable place to stay during your visit to Manila.The Pension Natividad up the street from the Malate Church is a favorite of US Peace Corps volunteers.

There is a shaded patio that offers protection from the sun if you want to eat outdoors. It’s really nice on hot days!

img_3547.jpgGuys that have filipina girlfriends are not encouraged to stay here because there is a strong Catholic influence in the management and they do not want to be a short time place for people that have just left the bars in the area.

Manila is not a budget destination anymore unless you choose to stay at the low end local pension houses which often refuse foreigners just to avoid the hassle.

img_3554.jpgGabby seems to be a down to earth type of guy and has an accommodating style.

His staff has gotten more efficient over the years and they speak fairly good English.

There is a basketball court and off street parking available but check with Gabby for availability.

Dorm room – 400 peso
Rooms with fan – outside cr are 900 pesos.
Rooms with fan – inside cr are 1,000 pesos
AC Rooms – 1,400 pesos

img_3566.jpgPension Natividad
Gabby De Leon
1690 M.H. del Pilar
Malate, Manila 1004


Fx (632) 522-3759

img_3548.jpgA huge plus to this place is the off street parking and 24 hour security.

pension-natividad-011.jpgThe patio gets a cool breeze and is a great place to relax with a cup of coffee. The kitchen has a good menu and it’s reasonably priced.

img_9873.jpgDorm rooms aren’t for everyone but are available for 400 pesos per nite per person.

This is the women’s.

pension-natividad-006.jpgHere is the men’s.

pension-natividad-003.jpgMen’s showers.

pension-natividad-001.jpgLounge area upstairs.

img_9865.jpgFlor and Edith decorate the tree in preparation for the 2008 Christmas season.

Pension Natividad ManilaPension Natividad courtyard

Pension Natividad RestaurantComfortable indoor eating area

Pension Natividad outside eating areaPeaceful outside eating area outside under the shade trees

Pension Natividad ManilaComfortable surroundings at the Pension Natividad.

Pension Natividad entranceThe entrance to the Pension Natividad on M.H. Del Pilar just up the street from the historic Malate Church.

Saturday – feeding the street people – the management of the Pension Natividad does a free food program for the local street people on Saturday morning – it seemed a very kind thing to do

Pension Natividad food for the street peoplePreparing food for the street people that live in the Pension Natividad neighborhood.

200 plates are prepared200 plates are prepared

food programThe crowd quickly gets served.

Pension Natividad food programThe people seemed to appreciate the breakfast!

saturday breakfastThe whole process lasted about a half hour.

pretty cool!

Pension Natividad Manila

Note from Pension Natividad Staff :

We already have an email address (pensionnatividad @ y and a multiply site ( which guests may look into prior to making reservations. Our telephone numbers are the same: (632) 521-0524, 526-0992, 524-0811. Our fax number is (632) 522-3759.

Kind Regards,
Pension Natividad Staff

Please contact the Pension Natividad directly to make reservations – dp

Feb 24, 2008

122 responses to “Pension Natividad Manila”

  1. For the Pension Natividad – Malate, Manila, may i book online?

  2. I like to reserve a room arriving the 5 of February is it possible my flight arrive at 8 pm please reply Thanks Gaston

  3. I am flying to Manila Feb 5 arriving at 4;40pm Manila airport I like to book a double room for 2 I intend to stay in Manila approx.5 days I like to book one day if I like I will blook longer.awaiting for your respond Thanks Gaston

  4. yes, everytime I go there I have to call in advance to reserve. Booking online would be great!!

  5. Hello me and my partner be coming over in July and have had suggestions we should stay at pention natividad Malate Manila. Just writing to ask how much is it poor night. Looking at staying in manila for atles 5 days???????????

    Thank You

  6. hi i will be arriving on march 01,2009 in manila , to be able to stay at your place should i call first or just drop by and ask for the room?..

  7. hello i’ve been researching about Pension Natividad thats why I got to this site. Read good reviews about this place. Im going to the US embassy, can u tell me how near it is or how far it is from the US embassy? where exacty is it? is it walkable to the embassy or do we have to ride transpo? in some sites it says Pension Natividad is in Ermita but here you say its in Malate? (theres a big difference you know Malate is a little far from the embassy). Is Pension Natividad the same street as Ermita Church (the church near US embassy)? can you give me landmarks as to where it is? I hope that you could help me answer my questions, coz I’ll be bringing a 2 yr old child, I read that Pension Natividad is a decent place. I’ve stayed before in Hotel Juliano its very very near the US emabssy though but I dont wana stay there this time coz it doesnt seem like a family-oriented place and I dont want my child to be in a place like that….

  8. thank you very much for your reply. the infos you gave are very helpful. i’ll keep your advises in mind. im gona buy a map of Ermita to get me familiarize w/ the streets. geee i hate all cabs/taxis in Manila (whether moving or not) coz they have the tendency to take you in circles and even if its so near they charge you w/ a fix price. anyway, I’ve already made up my mind, were gona stay in Pension Natividad. thanks again.

  9. hi one of our guest here want to change there reservation date in your resort do you have email address so that they can just send email now.

  10. I’ll be arriving on 3/24@10PM and leaving @6AM on 4/2/09 and want to know if you have a 1 room available during my brief stay.
    Please advise

  11. I just wanna ask if the room with airconditioned has a queen size bed because were planning to stay there but they dont have the picture of that room we have a baby 18 months old we want to know how comfortable the bed is for the 3 of us.Thanks and God Bless.

  12. We would like to know if how much is your rate for twin or double bed and one extra bed.

  13. Hi, I am arriving in Manila on March 16th at 10:55. I will probally be after minnight the 17 th before I can get to your Hotel. Do you have Airconditioned room I can get for the 16-17 2 nights ? I will fly to Davao City on the morning of the 18th.
    I can pay online if you want or when I arrive there. Please let me know the availianilty of a room. Thank, Gordon Fout

  14. to eliza,
    just wana share some infos, i called up and booked a room. they said all their rooms are 2 twin/double sized beds. and i found a personal blogsite that can be publicly viewed that shows the rooms of Pension Natividad —

    dp, seems you have a lot of reservations huh? hahaha. guys, this is not Pension Natividads site….


  16. We’re a German couple and would like to stay in your pension. We’ll arrive in Manila at 23rd April 2009 and leave at 25th April 2009. So, it would be for two nights. How much is it all together and is a room available for us to this time? Thanks a lot!
    Kind regards,
    Cathleen Beyer

  17. -I will stay here again as I always do in Manila. I feel safe, it is clean & friendly.
    -It does have a christian blessing & attitude which is why I purposefully stay there.
    -I know God honors a hotel owner who does not want to be a place who willfully supports fornication / adultery / sexual sin.
    -I was once at the front desk & saw them turn away business when a man with a lady friend tried to book a room but could not prove they were married ( it was obvious to me too !) I say Right On !!! That man offered to double the price but compromise for cash/sin was not acceptable to front desk. That is so cool !!
    -When I was leaving Philippines to get married on our 1st day of arrival in hawaii, my fiancee stayed in one room with (her Auntie) & I in another room. We did this in hawaii for 1 st night too. The hotel staff in waikiki was amazed but pleased to see that some people still think that this is honorable; wait until marriage. It is a sign of respect for both people & their families.
    Okay I will always send business is quiet too.
    I will callin my reservation this week for my in /out manila stays as I enter &leave Philippine during April & May ’09
    I always recommend this Pension for budget travellers who are willing to respect their house rules.
    God is Good people.
    Enjoy the friendly people of Philippine. Show respect.

  18. Hi, is there a way i can contact pension natividad manila by cellphone? It’s very inconvenient for us to call long distance just to reserve rooms. I am from lanao..


  19. hi’ i want to ask if you have sa sevice to pick up from airport and to drop off in the airport.


  20. good evening! i will be having a training at Philippine heart center (in quezon city) and i am planning to stay at pension navitidad… i would like to ask how far is the pension from the heart center and what kind of transportation will take me there?

  21. Hello

    I was just wondering how much it is to stay at your pension for 1 week as we will be arriving in manilla on the 21 of july this year

    please reply

  22. Sorry am i able tp book online

  23. can u recommend a pension house at quezon city with similar rates as pension natividad? thank you!

  24. I need a room with ac for a week beginning May 11-16, 2009. Is this possible?

  25. good day to all!. i would like to ask if your drom type room have its own locker for one’s security? is the rate the same till now? 400 pesos?is cr available anytime for those who have dorm type accomodation?im going to manila on june 21 till june 30. pls give me idea about this. im willing to stay in your nice place. more power.hope to hear from u soon!thank you

  26. good evening, i would like to ask the rate of your room if i stay for 1 week. may discount po ba?

  27. GUD AM!!! Ask ko lang po maam sir you have room for para sa 9-15 pinoys dis fri? We are in Manila for family vacation!!!! We are so much looking forward to this vacation but cannot find none accomm. Dis is our final try and we fear we unable to vacation this year becoz we walang hotel. Salamat po, pleaze can tell we make fire in da room for cooking?

    Iz it possible to pay 100 each person? Does dat include dinner, breakfast and Erkon?

    Waiting for yur gud response po maam sir po po.

    XOXO Chrissy

  28. I will be arriving at Manila International Airport with son’s Devon and Douglas very late, 11:00 PM, July 7, 2009, probably getting to Natividad sometime after midnight.

    Could we confirm a room for three on the main floor behind the storage lockers for three nights??

    Our departure is on the super ferry to Coron the next Friday.

    Thank you

    Caril Ridley

  29. hi all I am hoping to fly in in September for a trip and this place looks a good price and start for my visit anyone know of any others around to stay in the city different area so i get to see other side or something, also any cheap hotels there?

  30. Hello,
    my fiancee ( Rizza Rosales)and me, we will stay from September 29th until October 2nd in the Pension Natividat. We prefer an nice aircon room. Can you please make an reservation? Can you give ma a feed back by mail or should we call you for the reservation?
    Thank you in advance.



  31. Hello, this is edmund again, I forgot we prefer an room in the outside area.
    Thank you

  32. Hello,

    Thank you for patiently answering queries about Pension Natividad. We already have an email address (pensionnatividad @ and a multiply site ( which guests may look into prior to making reservations. Our telephone numbers are the same: (632) 521-0524, 526-0992, 524-0811. Our fax number is (632) 522-3759.

    Kind Regards,
    Pension Natividad Staff

  33. I stayed at pension house for 5 days….loved every moment of it…the staff and Gabby and lea are great. plan on staying again maybe in november 2009.

  34. hi! i just would like to inquire availability of room and its rate. We will be arriving on the 17th of october. We are 2, we need an air conditioned room with private bath. thank you!

  35. Hello, I would like to ask if the private room had a own tv in room, with private bath and air conditioned room? and how how much is the cost? Thank you and good evening……

  36. Just so happy to informed , pension natividad, was very accommodating pension house and the staffs. We been here many times since 2005.
    Thanks for being so kind to all the travellers.

  37. Dear Mr. Dutchpickle,

    Good day!

    I admire your patience in replying to all the questions. Definitely, my family will be staying at Pension Natividad next year. We are also planning to stay in Cebu City for a few days. Can you recommend a pension house in Cebu City that is being at par with Pension Natividad?

    Thank you very much.


  39. hi. i’ll be going there in manila on the 17th and i’m really considering to stay in your place. could you please give me more info about your place? landmarks? is your place near the robinson’s place? how much would be the cost if i stay there for overnyt on dec 17? can i stay at your male dorm? do i need to have a group for me to stay there or can i just go there by my self and avail one of the beds in your dorm? thanks…

  40. Hello po, pupunta po ako dyan sa mainla this coming march pero ang dating ko po ay midnight at cguro ay aabotan pa nang 2 hours bago makarating dyan sa location niya. tanong ko po sana eh kung halimbawang darating ako dyan nang madaling araw ay makaka check-in ako for that day at that early without any extra cost? Thank you. .

  41. Hi! before I make a reservation, I’d like to know if the 1000 room with fan can accomodate two persons and if it has own comfort room?I’ll be staying with my uncle there for an appointment to the U.S. embassy…how near is it?like how many minutes walk?Thanx..

  42. hello..
    i wonder if pensionnatividad replies email?…i’ve email them but haven’t got any replies yet…

    thank you

  43. hello again….

    yes.. i’ve made reservation last night around midnight and one of your staff, Jeff was so helpful..

    anyways,do i need anything to show as proof of my reservation on the day of arrival?… let me know…

    Thank you for your time…


  44. hello again…

    i’ve contacted PN and made my reservation yesterday..
    their staff Jeff was very helpful.. i was wondering, do i need to produce anything on the day of arrival or i just need to tell my name?…

    please do let me know

    thank you for your time…


  45. hi,

    i would like to inquire about your rates per night and perhaps a best room rates for us ( 4 adults + 3 children aged 6,7 & 8 + 1 infant 9 month old.)

    do you also pick up customers from the airport and transport them back?

    by the way, our arrival would be on April 05, 2010 at 5pm. (check in at your end at maybe 6-7pm and will depart at 5am on April 06, 2010.

    hoping for your prompt response.


    randy barcoma

  46. Hello We have a vacation on June 26 in Philippines.And we would like to stay in Pension Natividad.Together with my son. May i know how mucht for two person in one room? I wait for your response, with respect. Cecilia Collet

  47. hi…hindi ko po alam kung tama po bang place to na malapit sa airport?kasi po rush na po nung nagbook ako eh…need ko po malaman sap kasi po dating po namin jan sa 14..meron po bang PN na malapit sa airport?thanks


  48. pede po bang malaman kung sang PN malapit sa airport?kasi po first choice ko po PN na stay-an eh..

  49. i want to have a reservation for 2 this coming nay 11 up to 14th.. id been once in this pension and i cant forget the good accomodation i to stay to this place again.. thanks!

  50. hello pensione natividad people,

    I’ll be in manila this coming august 28 and need to stay there for a month. I just want to know if how much would it cost me if I’ll stay in your inn for about 30 days. I want the airconditioned room.Thank you so much.God bless us all.


  51. Hi,

    Do you have a aircon room, double room available on June 13.

    Please let us know.
    And can we book the room?

  52. Hello
    Pension Natividad is a real safe place with fair prices,very friendly and reliable staff.
    They srve food,clean daily and give information.
    BUT the building should have upgrade/renovation soon with update design especialy the court,reception,dinning room including the outer dinning/leisure area.

    Thanks and god bless to all

  53. just want to ask if PN is near star city? is it within walking distance? thanks so much

  54. I like this place safe, clean and friendly staff…been to this place 2 times…im coming back for tommorrow….

  55. I’d like to stay here on 26JUL
    I’ll go there at 12:30pm

  56. HI! tumatanggap po ba kayo ng couple with 2 kids? fix na po ba ang price pag buong pamilya sa isang room?

  57. me and my husband was looking for over nyt stay in manila..i just want to ask if how many hours from ur place going to international airport?

    thank u..beth

  58. magkano po ba ang presyo jan kc po mag che check in kami eh

  59. Hello! gusto ko malaman kung magkano ang rate ko kung mg chk in ako ng 1:00 AM ng oct 25 at chk out din aq ng 6 PM ng oct 25. tapos balik uli kami jan ng Oct 30 ng gabi at chk out ng Nov 7…asap

  60. hi thank you for the reply. May i know. how many rides or how far is PENSION NATIVIDAD to places like, divisoria mall, 168 shopping mall or tutuban? And is it accessible to jeepneys or public transpo? How much would it cost us ( average) for a taxi going there? We are on a tight budget and we would like to stay near this markets, so I would appreciate it very much if you can give me some idea or info regarding this. thank you and God bless.

    hope to hear fm you soon.

  61. Hi, im ben, and im wanting to know how i can reserve a room for 2 nights there. ill be there nov 25th and 26th

  62. this pension is a nice place to stay, cozy place, thanks for that, but i have a comment with your cleaner not friendly they don’t wear a smile i was there 10 days ago with some of my friends who stayed in womens dorm, my friends who stayed in dorm room experienced also and told me that that woman who cleaned the comfort room was so unfriendly but with those foreighners wow she was so friendly why, what is she after for kindly give an action for this. thanks for your immediate action.

    thank you,

  63. Hi Dp,

    It seems like you have a lot of guests coming over. Perhaps it’s time for you to put up your own pension house? Haha!

    I visit your site once in a while. I like reading your travelogues. You seem to enjoy yourself here in the Philippines.


  64. Hi.. just a query what if I will stay for atleast 2 months, will there any be discounts?

  65. good evening mam/sir ….where from mindanao a family of 6….me and my wife and our 4 kids….we wish to have a reservation on march 19 and 20….ma accomodate ba kami lahat sa double room with 2 twin beds a/c with private bath….pwede na ba kami lahat man sa isang room tutal the whole day…..nasa labas kami lahat then gabi lang para matulog nandyan kami….because on march 21 pa malaysia na kami…..our kids are well behave and discipline so la problema sa ingay… much mam/sir ang room …thank you god bless

  66. how long does it take to go from your hotel to intramuros immigration office and how much for transportation?

    thank you

  67. hi can you text me the room rate? this is my no. 09225991116.

    thank you. I’m waiting for your text.

  68. hello just like to ask if Pensione Natividad is just walking distance to the US embassy? coz i’ll be there at June 10 friday..and im looking for a play to nice but affordable place to stay. so i hope its just 10 minutes walking distance or so? thanks so much..

  69. Do you have an email addr for this hotel…Navidad Pensionne House…thanks

  70. Just wanna ask if this is near to Philippine Transworld Shipping Corp? 1350 Roxas Blvd., Ermita??? Thanks.

  71. Hello there dp!
    I’d like to make a reservation for next week about 12th of July…a family room of 3 persons.
    Can you please help me in this regard?


  72. good day! gusto ko pong magtanong kung malapit ba kayo sa u.s. embassy walking distance ba or you have to ride a taxi? i have my interview first of november kac.. thank u po..

  73. it is the same price now you post for the room rates ?coz i like the place ambiance its good to have place like this with 24 hour security and of course looks like very clean and organize in you web pics,,,,

  74. can you txt me the rate pls thanks very much

    god bless





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