Atilano Pension House

img_2198.jpgAtilano Pension House
Zamboanga City

466 Canelar
Mayor Jaldon St. Z.C.
phone 062 990 5088

Atilanos Pension is a cheap backpacker’s accommodation in Zamboanga City, but it’s a fair distance from the town center on Mayor Jaldon Street going out towards the airport.

img_2210.jpgDuring the heat of the day it would be a good idea to take a tricycle but it’s not a bad walk if there is a shady side of the street to walk on in the mornings or afternoons.

Atilanos Pension is actually a cluster of family owned pension houses and restaurants all with the family name Atilano.

It’s a good place stay because everyone is related and it is unlikely any troublemakers will target this pension house because there are too many watchful eyes.

img_2203.jpgAtilano Pension House
466 Canelar
Mayor Jaldon St. Z.C.
phone 062 990 5088

La Mirage, on the same road but closer to town was recommended to me buy a fellow traveler that has been traveling in this area 25 years. It is probably a good place too but I never stayed there so I don’t have first hand experience.

img_2208.jpgAll of the kids hanging around in the Atilano compound are descendants of old man Atilano who was a candidate for mayor at one time.

Rooms start at 250 and 300 for singles – with tv it is an extra 50 pesos. Keep looking until you find a room that you are happy with. Some are run down, while others are bright and cheery.

Air con rooms are 500 pesos for a single and 600 pesos for a double. The restaurant downstairs has an impressive menu but there are really only 3 options and they are in the 3 pots out front and overpriced.

You are better off walking out to the street and taking a left. Amigos and Amigas has really good food cheap! A soto special costs 60 pesos.

img_2201.jpgFor those that can only eat fast food there is a Jolibees and Greenwich at the end of the road at the intersection by the airport. There are a couple of internet cafes there as well.

If Atilanos is too rustic for your needs, the Hermosa on the same road but close to town is quite nice for a mid range hotel. I think that the rooms start at 700 to 900 pesos. I stayed there a few years ago but found it a bit to sterile for my taste. dec 2007

dec 2008 update


Keep looking until you are happy with the room you are offered. I need windows and light and some of these rooms are like dungeons.


The fast internet cafe on the corner by the airport has closed. Most of the internet cafes specialize in games for the boys and it can be hard to concentrate because of all the noise. For them is is a sporting event with all the yelling and cheering.


There is no security guard because there is no need. The whole area is related and they watch out for each other.

zamboanga-sandakan-001Merinella Atilano runs the Pink Sand Travel Agency that is located in the Atilano complex. She is a great source of information.

She let me keep my motorbike at her place while I made the Sandakan visa run in July 2009.


Atilanos Pension is the top pick for me while staying in Zamboanga. My ctiteria is a safe, cheap, hassle free guesthouse in a good location. I paid 300 pesos per night for a reasonably nice room. The jeepneys run you down town for 6 pesos and tricycles are negotiable – figure on 20 to 30 pesos per trip, but sort that out before you begin your ride.

Atilano Pension House

Update – November 28 – 2011

Unfortunately a bomb blast tore through one of the buildings of the Atilano complex on Sunday nite.

Atilano Pension bomb blast Nov 29 2011

The headlines of the Manila Bulletin show the damage at one of the buildings of this pension house complex. I stayed a few times in the room at the upper left which did not sustain as much damage. I usually stay at one of the buildings in the back or across the alley from this building.

Atinano Pension bomb blast

Very sad – the owners are such kind and helpful people. There were 3 fatalities and 28 wounded.

a sad day for Zamboanga

Jan 13, 2008

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  1. how much is staying in 1 night…

  2. Elmer and I stayed at Atilano’s Pension House almost 3 months for the Systems Implementation. A very nice place to stay at Atilano’s Pension House. Clean rooms and acessible to all establishments. Thanks to Sir Marlo Atilano of SMFI-SMIS. See you soon in Manila at the SPOY God bless!

    mike and elmer

  3. hi dutchpickle your welcome po..


  4. how much per day?

  5. How much is your prevailing rate per day today? Is it the same as the one’s im seeing here or has changed already for more? Please reply me back at once im trying to call your number but not available?

  6. I understand just a range of estimates how much shall i be giving my guy should I elect for him to stay at your place (for 3-5 days only). Is it more than the last price seen here (dated Feb.2010).Please revert and thanks!


  8. how much is you rate now?

  9. hello dp

    im assuming a pension house has shared washrooms etc?
    can u reccomend a good place to stay for 3 weeks, and do u know how much it is to rent a car locally? Can i even rent a car being a foreigner?
    thnx, eddy

  10. elow, how much the rate of staying for 1 night for two persons??
    tnx, more blessings!

  11. hi dp..

    just would like to ask about ferry going to gen san from zamboanga.. base on my itineray, i have to take a ferry to gen san by thursday.. i’ve check superfery but their sailing sched is by monday.. do you know other vessels that departs to gen san by thursday?.. thanks a lot.. :-)

  12. hi! i just booked a flight for me & 4 other friends this November to zamboanga.i thought of exploring zamboanga, dipolog,dapitan & probably dakak for 4 days. yesterday, i was so restless & worried when i learned that dipolog (Dakak & Dapitan) is more than 200miles away from Zamboanga.. i thought its an hour or two travel from zamboanga… i had poor research due to excitement to book right away because of the promo from Airphils..i was too excited to book the flight that i realized the following day that my planned itinerary is gonna be a mess… until i read your review on the Atilano Pension House and your comment on the lonely planet site.. thank you.. i hope we’ll be as safe,happy & amazed when we get back from that trip. i also hope that i won’t regret it.. thanks again..

  13. hahahaha, of course i know where zam is located, jst wanted 2 know where in zam da recommend pension house is located. lol
    do they have any eMail-add?
    ohh and btw. there in wikimapia you even can find a ‘distance measure tool’ (left upper portion, showing a ruler, below the “wikimapia” logo) where you can check for distances on your own selection.

  14. hmmmm, u keep on ignoring my question about the eMail-add. dont the have any?

  15. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Pilipino po ako nais kung magbasyon at makita ang Zamboanga kung ito’y gaano kaganda, at tuloy kung malaman ang presyo niyo “per night,” dalawa po kami, at saka tuloy malaman kung hindi magulo diyan sa Zamboanga. Alam niyo nasa Australia ako, at sa darating na taon, April 2011, kayat nais kung malaman kung magkano ang p/n para maihanda ko ang perang dapat kung baunin.
    Hanggang dito na lamang at maraming salamat;

  16. I would like to inquire one room good for 4 w/o aircon.
    Arriving Jan 27 stay 5 nites
    Thank you

  17. dear dutchpickle, how far is atilanos pension from the airport?our flight fr manila will arrive in zamboanga about 8.05 pm so i need to know how far it is.thank you for your time.:0)

  18. hi! im really glad i found your site. im currently researching for a place to stay in zamboanga for 2days only and thanks to you, i found atilano’s!

    however, do you have any other recommended hostels (aircon) that also have wifi? Lantaka is not an option nor is the Garden City Hotel coz they’re quite expensive. around P1k is acceptable na.

    thanks a lot! and more power to your site!

  19. how much po per night yung duoble?

  20. yung pag stay ng over night?

  21. Hi!
    we would like to introduce you our NEW ATILANO PENSION HOUSE located at Km.4,corner Toribio Drive,Pasonanca,Zamboanga City w/ tel #s (062) 990 1008/ 991 0784.(cp # 09194357819)…w/ fully air conditioned rooms,hot n cold shower,cable t.v., internet access, 24 hrs. security and a lot more…pls. do check this at CA ATILANO NEW PENSION HOUSE(facebook- w/ some photos to look at)….Thanks

  22. pregunta lang era yo se kwanto ya el rate na d inyo room if double? w/out aircon..hinde ba gat kalyente ali?thnks

  23. as of now how much per night in room 201 and nicole room….ty

  24. good evening po. im interested po sana mg stay dyan for about a week. malayo po ba sa city proper ang new pension house nyo? how much po per nyt for single? pls reply po asap. tnxxx

  25. i see po. im really seeking for an accomodation, so might need your help :)
    which pension house is near po sa town? pra easy access sa lhat. tnx for replying by the way

  26. the room …price of 500-600 they have already a comfort room?

  27. Hi, Im actually looking for a room which we can stay with my other 4 companions. we’ll be travelling zamboanga this coming Sept 13 to 15, 2015. would you mind email me your room rates? we are actually planning to avail a 1 family room and we’ll just avail some additional foam. does this idea works to you? awaiting for your response. thanks

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