Climbing Mount Apo

apo-apo-apo-004Climbing Mount Apo

Route starting from Agko Springs near Kidapawan, Mindanao.

Climbing Mount Apo is a good workout. It’s not a technical climb, but don’t underestimate it. Take a good rain coat and a small tent because it rains a lot and gets very cold at night.

apo-steam-001Hypothermia could be a problem if you get soaked and don’t have any dry clothing to change into.

Steam rises from a hot spring in the photo at left.

climbing-mount-apo-003Water is available at several places along the way so taking a liter water bottle along should be enough. Carrying extra weight will make each step harder.

Mt. Apo is 2954 meters, and is the highest mountain in the Philippines.

Climbing Mount Apo

apo-apo-apo-003Most hikers take three days to make the round trip from the starting point near the Agko hot springs. If you are in shape and want to push harder you could complete the trip in 2 days or less.


climbing-mount-apo-004River crossing.

There are a few river crossings at the beginning of the trail. The park workers have installed crossing bridges for some of the rivers, but prepare to get your feet wet crossings  small streams and swampy areas.

It’s a good idea to take along spare dry socks for the next day and for sleeping at night at the top. Why not be comfortable? Just remember not to take along anything that is not needed because you will be doing a lot of up hill walking and will regret it.

climbing-mount-apo-007Mt Apo trail

There are a lot of plants to look at along the way, but very little wildlife. Even birds are not common.

climbing-mount-apo-009It’s really a good idea not to push too hard. Pace yourself so you don’t get too winded, unless you are really into trying to make good time.  Probably you would never be able to match the speed of a local man that lives in these mountains.

They can literally run straight up this mountain and it was suggested to me that they could probably make it to the top in 4 hours.


climbing-mount-apo-014climbing-mount-apo-013Bamboo stairs help make climbing vertical sections easier.

climbing-mount-apo-015This is along Lake Venado, a swampy  section where the trail levels out for a bit.  Some people camp on this plateau and then do the final ascent the following morning.

Swimming in the lake is prohibited. It is swampy with a mud bottom and a tourist with a bit too much to drink went in for a dip and didn’t make it out. Scuba divers were flown in by helicopter and found the body straight away but fog had settled in and they had to walk  down the mountain with their gear. It was pretty slippery and my guide told me that one of the divers fell and broke his arm.

It is a bit unsettling to see some of the garbage piled up along the shores but most of the trail is fairly clean. All garbage is supposed to be hauled out but many ignore this requirement.


climbing-mount-apo-021It’s a 3 – 4 hour hike to the basin at the top of Mt Apo. If you prefer to take more breaks it could take 6-7 hours to reach the camping area up in the bowl of the dormant volcano.

climbing-mount-apo-033There was a handy rock overhang that my companions utilized for shelter and I had a small mountain tent. It was a chilly night.

We did climb one of the peaks after dark so we could see the city lights off in the distance. It rained part of the night but then cleared up. Around 2 am I got up for a bit and had a crystal clear view of the stars.

climbing-mount-apo-032Jay-ar, guide-Richard, Albert, Michael


climbing-mount-apo-043We were greeted by a beautiful sunrise. It is crisp in the early mornings but the sun soon warms things up.


climbing-mount-apo-048View from the top of Mt Apo.

We had a cup of coffee and some rice, dried our tarps in the morning sun and started down on our way back to Agko.

It is a lot easier going down hill but it can be a bit hard on the knees.

Just keep thinking about the hot springs at the end of the trail!


Suggestions for climbing Mt. Apo

1) Concentrate on making yourself comfortable rather than being the fastest climber. Dry clothing and comfortable shoes will really make things more pleasant.

2) Be sure to take rain gear – I prefer ponchos to pants and jacket combos.

3) Take a small tent or tarp.

4) If you want to free yourself up for taking pictures – hire a porter for 200 pesos plus food per day. (5USD) Why not help out the local economy a bit?

5) Check in at the tourist center in Kidapawan where they will organize a guide for you at the cost of 500 pesos per day.

6) Have the guide cut a light walking stick for you or crack out the new telescopic one you got from the sports store!


Comments welcome!

Feel free to add any tips or experiences about climbing Mt Apo below.

climbing-mount-apo-050College students from Kidapawan.

dutchpickle logoclimbing Mount Apo

Jul 3, 2009

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  1. Wow Ricky, excellent pictures.I really must attempt to do that one day just for that amazing view. Looks like u had a ral wicked time.I opened your site as soon as i got home.I tell a lie as i put the kettle on and had my first brew for a week then opened your site ahahah I missed u in Davao by a day Had the luxury of a plane ride as opposed to the 24 hour bus and ferry, my butt really appreciated it. Cy soon mate

  2. Rick,

    Read your story on Mt Apo and while i was on the telephone to Cheryl over the weekend told her about your adventures up to the top of Mt Apo.

    Cheryl asked me if we could do that as well next time I’m over in the Philippines again.

    At first i though no way, but then i remember how much fun she got out of doing that 3 day Calbiga caving trip before with you and Joni.

    I’ve been up to the top of Mt Hood before near Portland OR and it was over 11,000 feet.

    You give some real great information for people wishing to take the hike up to the top of Mt Apo and your photos are great as well…keep the stories coming of your on going adventures around the Philippines.

    See you soon!


  3. Hi Ricky Congrats for exploration there in Mindanao. Hope to see you soon in Samar.


    God Bless

    Joni B.

  4. Good one DP thats also on my list. Have climbed Mayon in Albay and also Mt Talinis in Valencia so Apo has to be next. Enjoyed the info you provided, at this time of the year being rainy season one would need all the gear you mentioned. Maybe its possible through the info center to hire a tent and or sleeping bag?

    I did not know you are into mountain climbing, take a look sometime at this site is up to date and has the most info on Philippine mountains that I have seen.

    I am also planing to climb Mount Canlaon soon and happy to include you if interested.

  5. Hi! Our group is scheduled to climb Mt. Apo starting August 16, 2009.

    Your article here is very helpful.

    I have some questions, sir, if I may. Appreciate your answers but only if you have time. Thanks!

    1. Which is colder, Mt. Apo’s temperature or Pulag’s? Aside from tents and the standard dry clothing, would one fleece jacket & one waterproof jacket enough?

    2. Is the smell of sulur in the vicinity tolerable?

    3. Are water sources available all year-round?

    4. We have some companions who are first-time climbers. What’s your take on this, sir?

    Thanks again!


  6. Halo. I climbed (with my gf.) Mt. Apo in February. The arrangement of the trip was not easy, we did it in Digos. Want to ask if somebody have some information about Leyte mountains, especialy so called “Leyte mountain trail” I have found some advertising text on the internet, but it seems nobody went trough in last 10 years. So what is the problem there?

  7. Hello dutchpickle!

    The information you mentioned are very helpful, thanks! I’ve tried to join a group from Manila who is scheduled to climb Mt. Apo this coming December, because of conflict with the schedule I can not join them. Is it easy to organize a trip to the summit of Mt. Apo? I mean, can we just go to Kidapawan, register, then hire a guide to take us to the summit? Plannig to invite friends to join me for this climb. If you know somebody who is planning to climb Mt. Apo in January, kindly inform me, coz im very interested of joining them. I do get along very easy naman, hehehe! Im from iloilo city, and very much interested to climb the highest peak of our country. Just keep me posted


  8. Very nice adventure.. hope to climbe mt. apo
    you can post your ads for free
    or you can have a diving in elndio

  9. its so nice to climb at mt. apo we were there last May 29, 2009 to June 01, 2009. where hoping we could go back again there because some of my friends couldn’t go along w/us for some reasons and financial incapacity. its a great hurray once you reach to the summit.

  10. hello there

    you know your story about your adventure is great,it sounds interesting,it makes me feel excited to climb in mt.apo,we were planning to climb in mt.apo this year if we have time,thanks for the information,we can easily go through the tourist center because we live in kidapawan city but we’ve been never experience to climb mt.apo

    thanks again for the information

    (city of fruits)

  11. Can you tell me the approximate cost of hiring the van for the trip from the airport to Kidapawan tourism center? Thanks

  12. hi there im planing to climb mt apo on 21st of february with my friend David but we would welcome anyone to join us ! we r from australia n both fit n healthy !
    if anyone can give us info to about hiring guides n porters are they always available or need to book ahead is 8000 peso tomuch from d jump off point 3 days all inclusive ? if u want to join us drop a line

  13. tnx dp

    for sure after our climb i will write a full guide how to or not to do it !
    But now i need as much info as i can get ! does anyone know the phone number of d tourist office in kidapawan? coz i read that some guys had to wait few days till they got a guide ! coz i have a tight scedule 4.5 days in davao to do this climb n would be nice at least a day to spare to look around in davao also before heading to cebu !

  14. hi tibor,
    i am planning to climb mount apo on the 12 april with my niece and like you, i only have 5 days to spend in davao. would you mind sending me the contact numbers of the tourism center please so that i can book a guide from the center. thanks

  15. A very nice blog post! ;-)
    Love it.

    I will climb Mt Apo with my friends this Holy Week.
    We will be joining the “Singgit sa Kinaiyahan” – 1st Eco-Tourism Festival of Bansalan.

    For those who want to participate in the event kindly visit this site

    It would be my first time to do mountain climbing and I am quite ambiguous to choose Mt. Apo as my “uno” experience. One thing is for sure:

    It is a dream come true for me to climb Mt. Apo. =p

    See ya there mountaineers…

  16. i really want to go climbing to mt. apo…. how to join???

  17. really like this site. love reading all the articles. just climbed mt apo from june 11 to 14, 2010 via kapatagan trail. the sulfur vent is at the collapse crater at the boulders facing kapatagan. transpo from davao to digos P70.00 aircon bus. digos to kapatagan P80.00 /pax for 15 person van. kapatagan to mainit P60.00. permit can be obtain at oceem office at digos city at P720.00 per person. requirements, letter of intent, 1×1 picture, medical certificate , and you have to attend their briefing at their office.
    van driver and owner: kiking 09303508099 digos to kapatagan and back
    multicab driver and rescuer : dodong 09301860257 kapatagan to mainit and back
    only smart have signal.
    theres also a room available at the kapatagan if you wish to stay, camp linaw owned by barangay councilor jun morales.

  18. Is there a helicopter for hire going to Mt. Apo?

  19. Hi,
    Its Mae again…It is better to go to Kidapawan City for me??? To get complete info.from them?Coz they dont have email Add. her or tel.nos…

  20. We are planning to have a trail to Mt. Apo this coming December. And if can go with them, it will be my First Time in Mt. Apo, but its not my first time doing a climb or a trail. But Mt. Apo will be the best mountain to climb and the most fulfilling adventure. Hope I can go. In connection with this, May i ask some more tips on the preparations to do and how to make this adventure success.


  21. Thanks for this post. This is very helpful. I am getting tips because we are planning to go there this December. We are originally from Kidapawan but never been to Mt. Apo. We are here in Cavite, Luson and enjoy hiking very much. Since we are going to have vacation this December we are considering Mt. Apo hike.
    You have great photos too!

  22. Hi! thanks for many infos on your site, interesting adventures. climbing mt. Apo is a dream,,,,nice fotos. My son Kenny VdE is planning to hike & climb Mt Apo this coming Dec or Jan. 2011 together with families in the Philippines. Is it possible to plant a Belgium & Europe flag just for taking pictures? It will be a nice souvenier

  23. It seems it is a nice mountain to climb, planning to climb next year. I use to do hikking in Brunei, climb Mount kinabalu before.
    Looking forward to these beautiful mountain


  24. we are planning to climb APO by dec. this year…. could anyone tell us how much is the registration? and how much the rate for the guide each day..salamat gid

  25. its nice to climb mt. apo.when u experience to hike the calinan trail. their u can how “astig” u r. try it. if u want to climb mt. apo. call me when u r already in davao….082-296-05-23…… thanks…..

  26. Going to one of the majestic place here in Philippines would be one’s greatest relief in life….. Been wanting to go there… hopefully soon …. :-)

    nice post…. (^_^)

  27. Hello everyone:

    Good articles! My husband and I will be in Davao (Samal Island) mid November this year (2011) and would like to hike at Mt. Apo. We had experiences trekking at the Andes (Machu Picchu), highest peak (Dead Woman’s pass) is about 13,800 ft. and at Mt. Chirripo in Costa Rica (highest peak 12,532 ft). You mentioned medical certificate, letter of intent and pictures. Can we get these done at Kidapawan (except maybe for the medical certificate which we can obtain before we leave Florida)?

    We love a good hike from time to time and since we are not getting any younger. We would love to hike Mt. Apo before we retire in a couple of years.

    If a group is hiking end last week of November, we would like to join the group. Please respond

    Maraming Salamat mga kababayan!

    God Bless!


  28. plan to climb mount apo this april 2011 during holy week with my brother and frend… could anyone help us on how we can arrange our climb?… tnx po…

  29. Hi, I’m planning to climb Apo with my brother and some friends. Would you know which month would be the best time to go up there? I just came from Pulag last month and it was so foggy, we didn’t get to see the sunrise! Would I have the same problems with Apo? With the fog and rain, I mean. And is it as cold as Pulag? Or colder? Thanks! :)

  30. When was your trip to Mt. APO. I really appreciate your pictures.

  31. Thank you so much for the response! My daughter and her boyfriend are joining us in December 2011 and we are all looking forward to this trip. The pictures posted are so awesome! If you think of anything else that we need to do to make our trip more enjoyable, please post it. I will be checking this website until close to the time we are leaving for the Philippines in December.

    Thanks again for your help and God bless!

    The Pantons

  32. “Chilly” and “cold” are subjective terms. I’m from Canada. Can you tell me what the actual temperature was at night or would anyone know ?

  33. You must had a wonderful adventure in Mt. Apo. I haven’t climbed the Mt Apo yet, Perhaps this summer.

    By the way, you and your readers might want to check my step by step procedures on

    Thanks for sharing.

  34. Im planning a trip to Mt. Apo but 3 days is too long for me. I am also puzzled as to why it is taking 3 days, how many miles is it from the trailhead to the peak? 20 miles ?

    I have climed mountains above 14000 ft and it was done in 1 day, the only difference is we do a lot of workout before attempting to climb. I climb mountains above 9000 ft every 2 weeks as 1 day ascent (usually do lunch at the peak and then descend), is it possible to climb Mt Apo shorter than 3 days ?

    I appreciate your comments and also if you know anyone climbing Mt Apo in April before Apr 23, to contact me

    Have a great day.

  35. Anyone have any information on mt. biking up -or at least on parts, of Mt. Apo? I have biked up trails to similar heights before.

  36. My first climb is in Lake Maughan. I hope i could make it in Mt. Apo on my second attempt. I very excited on April 18, 2011 (HOLY WEEK). I will be participating in RED CROSS this HOLY WEEK.

  37. “Take nothing but PICTURES,
    Leave nothing but FOOTPRINTS and
    Kill nothing but TIME”..

    Sayings of Mt.Apo that i cant forget.. =)

    1st climb sa Mt. Apo .. Success!!..

  38. Hello! Excellent pictures! Amazing! I am interested to know more about hiking at Mt. Apo, I would like to ask if it is safe for a foreigner to hike alone? If you agree that a joining a group is best, can I join there right before the hike or should I best coordinate in advance?
    Thank you so much. I will be glad and appreciate your reply to my message, also if you can send me further info or whom to contact to before planning to go on hike at Mt. Apo. Thank you so much.

  39. Hi Mr.Ricky! How are you by this time? Thank you for this post ….it’s help a lot for my plan in climbing mt.apo. Stay well!

    best regards,

  40. Hi! been surfing on rubber ree when I happen to open your website.. Glad to know you have visited my hometown, Kidapawan and climed the highest mountain… I’m a mountaineer and loved outdoor activities.. If you have friends who wants to climb Mt. Apo, I can help them.


  41. Hi! were planning to go to mt apo Feb2012 would you give us name that we can contact for guides and that would arrage permits for us,

  42. Hello DP:
    The four of us are all excited about our hiking in December. Thank you so much for the advice which we will all take seriously. How soon can we make reservation for a guide? We will be staying at Samal Island but would try to get to Kidapawan tourist center first thing in the morning. We will try to do it in two days as we are flying back to Manila that Saturday. Any suggestions? I appreciate your assistance in making our trip enjoyable!

    The Pantons

  43. Dear DP,
    Thanks for the info. By the way, we don’t want to buy tents – any place we can rent them? We will have our sleeping bags but no tents. We will try to bring a lot of cooked food so we don’t have to cook. Any fast food will do.

    Stay well and many thanks.

  44. Thanks for the suggestions. Will make sure we have something to cover ourselves and bring warm clothing. Can’t wait for the trip – this would be the highlight! Will keep you posted
    Many thanks!

  45. I am 60 years old filipino living in the US will like to climb Mt. Apo next year.
    My experience in hiking is not very much. I do some hiking every two weeks for about three hours in the hill of california.
    My concern, will I be able to climb Mt.Apo even it takes my two or three days?
    Diffeculty of the climb?
    How is the security safety in the area?

  46. Hi dutchpickle – is it ok to beginners to climb mt.apo?

    we will be doing a 2-day climb in march.
    Can you please suggest an itenerary for a 2-day like. please.

    We are planning to go to kidapawan a night before and start trek earliest in the mornig.

    Thank you and godbless.

  47. Thank you! do you have any phone number? so that we can settle a guide earlier?


  48. Good day Sir!

    I would like to ask for an itenerary for two days.
    Just like your IT climbing before. Something detailed? Please.
    So that we can base it with ours on our climb.
    Like a time to time itenerary for us to have a good pacing.

    Appreciate your help.

    Thanks a lot.

  49. Please email naman kayo kong kailan ang next mount apo adventure schedule.

  50. Hi..

    Is it okay to climb solo during the first week of April 2012?

  51. Hi,

    Does the rate of the guide now is still 500 per day?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you!

  52. Hi, kindly e-mail me if there is an upcoming schedule for mt. apo climb=)

  53. kelan po ang next schedule sa mt. apo climb? may march or april 2012 schedule po ba?

  54. hi guys,planning to climb mt. apo last climb was 4 years ago..
    baka pwede nyo ako ma text if meron mag climb para sama nman ako.. im here in cebu btw..

  55. Hello,

    I have a German friend who is really interested to do this trip soon like this week or the next. Is anyone interested? Please email me at mariakarla @ gmail . com


  56. our group is planning to climb next week march 10, 2012.. if interested you can join… so we could hire cheaper transportation.. this is not an organize climb like big events.. this is just a friendly climb… see you at kidapawan DOT..

  57. Hi Guys!

    We will climb Mt.APO this April 2012 let me know if anyone interested.

    April 9-12, 2012 Summer Climb
    April 26-29, 2012 Mt.APO Clean Up Drive
    April 29-30, 2012 2nd Mt.APO Boulder Face Challenge

    Please visit our site for more info at

    www. echoms.weebly. com

    email us at

    teamserragmp @ aol. com

  58. hi…

    i came across this blog when i was doing some advance reading about mount apo climbing. I will be part of a group who is scheduled to climb mount apo probably next month. This blog of yours is really helpful and informative.

    I am physically fit but this is going to be my first time to climb any mountain and i was wondering if it wouldn’t be that difficult. I read somewhere about river crossing as part of the trail, i would like to ask if there would be any part were we have to cross the river waist deep ?

    how about the so called “87 degree ” and “90 degree” trail, is it the most dangerous part of the trail?
    hope u get to read this message…. thank you!

  59. Hi,
    I’m about to climb Mt Apo next week, however I’ve read a number of government warnings (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK) warning against visiting Mindanao, and leaving Davao for any reason. It seems the risk of kidnapping, crime, etc is very high in the region at the moment.
    Can you please advise whether Davao/Mt Apo is considered safe for international tourists?
    Are there likely to be other tourists/trekkers on the trail? (the more people in the area, the safer it is likely to be).
    Sorry to be alarmist, but would really appreciate thoughts on hiking in this area.

  60. sir/ mam . baka po may apo climb kayo this march or 1st week ng april. sabit sana ako ..

    Luckymartirez @ yahoo. pa send nalang dito . and how much budget?

  61. Galing! thanx for the info… we’re going to climb this holy week and it will be my very first time to ascend at mt. apo…… salamat sa info!!!!!!

  62. hi dutch,

    can you please give me an initial checklist or things to bring when climbing Mt. Apo? As well as the ration of food and water we will bring along during the climb…
    Me and my crew is planning to climb this May, is it a good month to climb?

    thanks and more power to you!

  63. Hello Dp,

    We are making a video documentary and part of which is to cover the trek to the peak via the Malampini or New Israel trail in Makilala. We’re not sure if the weather would be fine to get shots as good as these at the peak. Can we use some of these photos in case we need to? Due credits will be mentioned at the end of the documentary.



  64. Hi Ricky, (just guess you name from the comments, hope it’s right) :)
    I am going Philippines to live for almost a year, starting from this May and since I learned about the possibility of hiking Mount Apo, I’ve been so excited. I climbed the Fansipan in the North of Vietnam and it was a tremendous experience that I really want to have again. Well, I am not exactly the type of a sport person and not fit at the moment, so if I want to do that, I think that I need to train seriously. Would you please give me some advice on how to train for this hiking? Anything special that I need to notice while training? It would be wonderful if you could kindly spare a little of your free time to help me with this question.
    Thank you very much in advance!!!!!

  65. Hi,
    You are the best!!!! So helpful!!! Thank you very much!!! I’m surely not gonna race with any of the locals, I know how they roll!!!! Gosh! When I was climbing Fansipan here, my friends and I also climbed with the locals and they climbed rocks just like stepping on the stairs!!!!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a nice day!!!

  66. Hello Dutchpickle:
    My family (4 of us) including a friend and two porters hiked Mt. Apo first week in December 2011. We saw only one other group. It rained heavily on our way down and I never got so scared because of landslide and it was dark. Thank God for our friend who knows Mt. Apo like the back of his hand; our porters (16 and 14 year old boys) were sent ahead to set up the tents. It took us three days to climb up and down. Second night was miserable because of heavy rain and our tents were not water-proofed and water was getting inside our tents. But we were happy nevertheless to have survived and had a terrific experience! Glad we did it and many many thanks for your valuable tips.
    Thanks again – From the Panton family…

  67. Good post! I also want to inform you that there are other treks to Mount Apo. There are three good trails going to Mt. Apo and you can choose where to Ascend. It’s called the KMM trail or Kidapawan, Magpet and Makilala Trail. Magpet Trail is best for beginners, Kidapawan Trail is the fastest way but not the easy trail and the Makilala Trail is just average and you’ll have fun seeing the monkeys just walking across in one of the trails. Don’t forget your cameras!

    You can contact Camp Apo for Mount Apo tour packages or simply visit their website. +639228143181,

  68. Climb Mt Apo from 21 ton 23 May 2012 using the easiest Balutakay Trail from Bansalan. The climb is rated 6 out of 10 in difficulty, mostly due to the muddy and slippery trail. At 64 and a foreigner, I made it up Mt Apo with some difficulty, younger climbers will perhaps find the trail too easy. The road to the starting point is somewhat dangerous with the uneven mostly unsealed road full of pot-holes and track lines. The heavily laden habal-habal carried up to 5 passengers with their goods and gears. The lower paths to Mt Apo were often turned into mud pools by horses carrying vegetables down to town. Anyway, it is an intesting climb over a period of 3 days and 2 nights with the help of guide and porter. If you require guide/porter, you can contact the Basalan Municipality Tourism Officer Geraldine Batal or the 3 guide/porters, Ryan Vilos (09465994776), Pao Pao Balderas (09072064716) or Ryan Fernadez (09125324193).

  69. Hi there,

    Just a thought. Maybe we can help. Check out for infos or you may email at

    Richard, one of your companion during the climb to Apo, used to be my staff.

    Thank you,

    Camp Apo

  70. Hi good day,

    Me & my wife are plan to climb Mt. Apo Kidapawan/Magpet for this coming Oct 15-18 2012. Please assist me in the more details. 09175411791

    thanks nhorie marcelino

  71. Hi! I have seen your photos of Mount Apo and I find them beautiful and very interesting. I am a researcher and I would like to ask permission to use one photo for a grade 4 textbook which will be published next year. Please email your reply at maritescui@ Thank you very much.

  72. Hi….Our group is thinking of ascending Apo someday…May we ask for the estimated budget and other details necessary for APO climb…Thanks.

  73. Aloha from Hawaii,

    Aloha from Hawaii, Will be in Davao for 3 weeks from April 24 and am interested in climbing mt apo during that time when the weather is good. I have my own tent, sleeping bag and gear. It will just be myself on the climb. I am contacting several guide companies I have found on the internet. I would like to climb the Mandarangan Trail. I was thinking when the weather looks good I would head over to Kidapawan and stay at the Old Barracks Suites or Lake Agko Resort for an early start for the climb. I am a very experienced hiker and can probably do it with just one night on the mt. if we start early from Lake Ago Resort….two nights is also not a problem for me. I see there are a few websites now offer guide services. Does any know or recommend these companies/guides?

  74. Hello,

    Me and my boyfriend really want to climb Mt. Apo.
    We will be in davao on April 27 – May 5. We are having a hard time planning the trip as we dunno where and how to book a trip. Is 4days enough to spend climbing up and down? We also have no gears for the climb. Outfits wouldnt be a problem but gears like Tents and some other stuffs needed for the climb, is there any shops in davao where we can rent these?

    Im really seeking for help. Maybe somebody can give me a contact of an agency that arranges a trip to Mt. Apo. Would highly appreciate your help guys.
    Thank you so much! And thank you for this article. It gave a lot of information.

    Thanks and God Bless!

  75. Great post. Loved the pictures. I’m heading up there next month and I’m really excited. It’ll be my second mountain after pulag (though I’ve climbed that around 6 or 7 times already) so I’m a bit anxious. I’m going with pro climbers though so I think I should be ok. Currently training real hard to build my stamina as I don’t want to drag my friends down lol.

    We’ve got ourselves a guide and have an itinerary already. It’ll be my first 3 day climb so I’m really excited.

  76. can you give me some advise?? i’m a adventurous girl and planning to hike at mt. apo this march after our exam. im just 5’1 in height and had atleast 40 above kilo. what should i bring?

  77. after reading your blog, i feel like Mt. Apo is calling me. Yes, I’m seriously planning to climb Mt. Apo with friends and perhaps with my sister. Probably on September (my vacation), I’m still here in Dubai, working. One of the guy in your picture is my friend ( the first one on the right side), his name is Josh. Can’t believe he’s a climber now. If ever, it will be my first time to do climbing and I wanna ask, Is there any special license or permit that they will ask you (the tour guide center in Kidapawan) that you need to have before they will allow you to climb? How does it work? The experience I think is worth it and that feeling of fulfillment, you know. I’ve been to lake Agko, I know the place, I love it. Hope you can help me with my questions, thanks.

  78. Hi,

    Can you recommend a guide via the Kidapawan trail?


  79. comment in 2020 from dp
    I only climbed Mt Apo one time and it was well worth my time. I liked Kidapawan and the people there.
    Camping out in the crater was a blast, but note the cool temperature at altitude.
    We cooked a pot of rice and just relaxed.
    The view at night from the peak of Apo was peaceful and refreshing. My companions were not able to get a signal for their cell phones but whatever :)
    After the climb I headed back to my hotel in Kidapawan for the night. There was a hard rain later that night and I headed off to Zamboanga City the next morning.
    Stayed that night in Pagadian and continued onward the next day.
    I have had some great motorcycle trips in Mindanao and this was one of them!


  80. My favorite place to stay the night in Pagadian is the Pension de Yllana – corner Rizal Ave and Arioso St

    The Dunkin Donuts is just across the street !

    I really like their coffee , donuts and bunwiches in the morning !

    ha ha


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