Lake Agko Resort Mount Apo

Agko Resort – Mount Apo – Kidapawan City


Lake Agko Swimming Resort - cell 09056030607

This hot springs resort is at the trail head leading to Mt. Apo. It would be a good idea to arrive the night before the climb so you can get an early start.

climbing-apo-014The Agko resort  is a simple rustic place to relax in the hot water and get ready to go first thing in the morning. If you leave from Kidapawan the day of the climb, a lot of time will be wasted organizing the 20+ kilometer ride up the mountain to the starting point. I suppose you could walk the 20 k but no locals do. A few ride horses but most others ride on a habal-habal modified motorbike with an extended seat.

climbing-apo-030A big room for groups runs 1,500 pesos per night and there is no limit on how many share the room. There are 7 beds.

This seems like a real value to me.

climbing-apo-025A room for 2 persons with a cr runs 500 pesos.

A simpler room for two with outside cr will cost 300 peso.

climbing-apo-028With a single bed and a double – 600 pesos.

There are open nipa huts around the pool that can be rented overnight for 250 pesos.

climbing-apo-022Anne cell 09056030607

There is no Smart signal at Agko, try Globe.

climbing-apo-004climbing-apo-024Lake Agko hot water springs.

Climbing Mount Apo – youtube video of the beautiful sunrise from the top of Mt Apo

climbing-apo-001Security said that they would watch my bike for me while we are walking the mountain trail. It is a good idea everywhere in the Philippines to have some one keep an eye on your bike.


climbing-apo-005The hot springs at the Agko Resort are a good place to soak sore muscles after the climb. I find the people up there in the mountains to be very friendly and helpful but you do have to keep in mind that here are security issues in the area.

climbing-apo-026The tourist center at the city hall in Kidapawan recommends that climbers stay here to base their climb from.

I chose to base at The Old Barracks Suites in town because they have wi-fi internet and a good restaurant. The guide is coming here at 6am and we plan to drive up the mountain to Agko first thing in the morning.

Lake Agko Resort

Jul 1, 2009

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  1. Great video (via Youtube) on the Mount Apo climb. I almost felt like I was there.

  2. i love the everlasting beauty of lake agko

  3. im curious about your price entrance fees and if me and my group locate ur place,,san exactly sa kidapawan??

  4. thanx. :D

    hu can i contact at ur office for more inquiries?can i get some number pls.

  5. pls reserve one big cottage (1500) overnight. Dec 28 -29. Thanks.
    magkano po entrance fee for overnight?

  6. just want to know if your place is available for more or less 40-50 persons on April 01 for overnight stay? f yes, how many rooms do you have those with private rooms and do you give special rate for such a big group? pls reply asap. can’t reach your cellphone.

  7. heloo

    we want to conduct an activity, how much the rate of fare from kidapawan city to the resort?


    In peace,

  8. hi, dp,

    tnx for the info. so do you know how many rooms they have and what’s the maximum pax they can accommodate?

    Called Anne’s number but can’t be reach. please reply. any other way of contacting her?

  9. hi

    may i know other contact numbers they have (lake agko resort)

    asking the rates and planning for reservation this feb 7-10,2010

    but i ant to talk the incharge pls?

  10. i mean may talk to incharge in lake agko resort?

  11. Hi DP,

    Very informative post you got here.

    We’ll be flying in from Manila to Davao then hire a jeep/van directly to Kidapawan the same day, my concern is if the route going up to Agko Resort passable by jeep/vans?


    We cant seem to reach Annie of Lake Agko,
    We’ll try again today

    Happy Valentines

  12. ….,san pla termnal ng ppasuk jn lake agko?

  13. hi,

    we’ll going to lake agko tomorrow afternoon, i was wondering, are we really oblige to have the permit before going to lake agko? we’ll just stay there for one night only. just in lake agko. no plans yet for mt.apo.


  14. Hi!

    Can’t contact annie, is there other way to contact her?

    We’re planning to go on Saturday… if we can’t contact for a reservation can they still accommodate us?


  15. Thanks!

    actually we’re not gonna climb, just some sort of dipping to hot water for a relief.. :)

    okie lng ba kahit di kami nakapareserve?

  16. oopps, me again!:) how is the fees? entrance, pool and others?


  17. *how much* :)

  18. hello, what are the short orders for meals??if ever we will visit there, this holy week??pls respond immediately..thanks!!!!!

  19. Hi DP, I’m so amused reading through all the Q&As..hehe. You are a very level headed guy with tons of patience. I think the hotels/resorts should give you a commission for the business this site generated on their behalf..

    More power. Did you hear about Caramoan. Any travel plans there in the near future?

  20. I’ Lake Agko resort

  21. Hi DP, very informational. Kudos! Is there any other places/resort/falls that you can suggest when visiting Kidapawan? Me and my officemates will go there this Sat.
    Thanks and more power!

  22. Hello,
    Ask ko lang if pwede ba kami makakuha ng room sa agko resort kahit na wala kaming booking,then we need guide,if nandyan na kami sa agko automatic bah may makakakuha kaming guide to climb?then it is not difficult to get there on agko?????we are going there on Nov 15…I need more info.I try to contack to Anne no.but i cant reach her..i want to talk anyone of them from agko or mt.apo climbers.
    P.s.Di ba delikado if my kasama forienger????
    Reply asap..thanks

  23. Hi again…
    Im always trying to call Anne cell no.but i cant reach her…any other contact from them..i really need to get reservation on November 20..pls if u have other way to contact them……let me know thanks so much


  24. hi DP
    I would ask if the road is passable to all vehicles especially honda civic car?

  25. lake agco is so beautiful and it has a wonderful view …………………………………….. :)
    and lake agco has a
    hot spring and cold spring
    and thats wonderful and nice to go there
    at lake agco……………
    so what are you waiting for
    go now at lake agco…..because if you are already there you can feel
    the beautiful and good things happening in there
    you can also relax and you can forget all the problems you are carrying….so go there and enjoy…..this is just once in a lifetime… go there now and enjoy… swimming there and
    also enjoy having a good times with your family,friends or relatives

  26. go there at lake agco and enjoy your time……..
    because this is just once in a life time
    so go now and relax there at lake agco
    they has hot spring and also cold spring
    it is so enjoy when you already feel the good things and also wonderfull things happening in it…..:-)

  27. ..Gudam maam Anne we tried to contact your number posted above kaso di macontact…please post your new number we would like to inquire about your resort….or text me with this number 09228178512

  28. Hello there, can you make us reservation for 1 night this coming Black Saturday April 23? We prefer to stay in 1 rm that has a toilet inside & can accomodate 6 person… How much would that b? How much s the entrance? S there any fees we have to pay aside from the rm & d entrance? Reply asap!!!

  29. Please update your data esp.your contact number. God bless…

  30. DP, great site, and great of you to graciously reply to all the questions!

    My quick questions:

    1-Do Agko Resort and the Barracks hotel have air conditioning?
    2-Do you know if it’s possible (and safe) to leave a small bag at either hotel with travel clothing and laptop computer while I hike?
    3-Do you have a sense of how much to tip a guide and porter after a 3-day Apo hike?
    4-If I took a bus or chartered car from Davao to Kidapawan, how would I find transportation to Agko? Is it easy?

    Daghang salamat, pare. (Westerner ako.. katulad mo, so I am excited to travel sa Pilipinas.)


  31. book po ako ng two family room bukas October 8,2011

  32. we’re looking forward to see lake agko…pareserve sana kme big room(1500) for our batch reunion on dec.29-30.20011…..d kc nmin makontak ate anne..tnx,,godbless po

  33. elow po..pareserve sana kme big room (1500) for our batch reunion on dec.29-30,2011…tnx po….hnd kc mkontak no. nyo po…pls poh!

  34. GOOD DAY ! please text me in my number the Telephone number of your Lake Agco Swimming Pool . Because we will be conducting our Educational Field Trip this Coming March 25.

  35. Ask lang po kung pwede ho bang mag byahe papuntang agco, ng gabi? Mga, 7? And, airconditioned ho ba ang mga room?

  36. And, paano ho makakakuha ng permit sa pag climb?

  37. Gud pm. ask lng po kng klangan pang magpbook/reserve kng mag overnyt? punta po kmi kc jan ds May 11…tnx

  38. wait ko po reply nyo…tnx

  39. Hi we want to visit agco by August 4-5, can I have a contact number for reservation?I called the number posted but she said she is not connected to lake agco. can you please give me the latest contact number of Lake Agco? Thanks

  40. Hello! May I just ask, how much is the habal habal going to the lake?

  41. how much is the cheapest room good for two person for ovenyt?

  42. hi, question lng poh! yung mga rooms na fit for 7 and for two w/ inside toilet airconditioned po ba? tnx.. if possible pwede po ba kayo magreply sa no. na ito 09291933700… :) tnx

  43. bukas po ba ang resort s holyweek? punta kasi kmi ofiz mates kya lng d p sure if open ba kau..

  44. can u give me the contact number s lake agco? di n kasi mcontact ung andito sa site nyo..

  45. Pwede po makahingi ng contact number nyo sa Lake Agko?..magpareseve po kami..thanks

  46. la ba ng increase ng prices sa cottages ? 1,500.00 pa rin ba yong pngfamily o pngroups ?

  47. hi! we’ve tried many times to contact your numbers shown to your site.
    But unfortunately, those numbers were unavailable…
    We would like to make a reservation on Saturday May 31, 2013 for 10 PAX.
    Thank you!

  48. Good afternoon.
    We are from Digos City. We would like to request a reservation of cottage which will accommodate 20 person more or less on December 22, 2013.
    Sent us also the name of the contact person and his/her contact number.
    Please and thanks.

  49. Hi,
    Would like to make a reservation on April 12, 2014. 2 rooms for 2 persons with CR, 3 rooms with single & double bed with cr.

    Hoping for the confirmation ASAP.



  50. goodevening po! kilangan pa po bang magpa booking sa resort nato if ever na kilangan pano magpa booking? this coming saturday na kasi outing namin with my friends

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