Lake Sebu South Cotabato

lake-sebu-mindanao-002Lake Sebu Mindanao

This scenic lake is up in the mountains, 20 kilometers off the main highway between Cotabato and General Santos in Mindanao. The smooth concrete road makes access easy for a weekend stay or a quick run for lunch.

The T’boli people that live here have a rich cultural heritage and were famous for their colorful traditional tinalak clothing. Now they wear jeans and run adventure resorts and manage the restaurants in the area.

lake-sebu-mindanao-004The big treat is to pick a tilapia from the tank and grill it for lunch at one of the many cafes overlooking the lake. Tilapia go for 160 pesos a kilo. A good sized fish will run about a half kilo, so lunch will be cheap and fresh.


lake-sebu-mindanao-007Lake Sebu is basically one big fish farm, but it’s well worth the trip up there – just to enjoy the cool temperature and the peaceful scenery.


lake-sebu-mindanao-011These ducks took up a full lane on their way home.

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Jul 17, 2009

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  1. Sounds interesting DP, bit different to your run from Cotabato, being one I shall not do. Any problems here for normal riders like Lyn and myself?….You mention there are some resorts in the area so guess its OK.

    Might be easier to do it as a day trip from Gen San. Currently not withstanding I am sitting in a wonderful resto Bar here in Cebu my mouth is watering reading your comments about these fresh fish awaiting…Just carn’t wait.

    Lyn will have to start working on Juvee to allow the trip, better he refrained from showing her your site…Still he will find a way.

    Next trip is Mindanao…

  2. Hi,

    I’m a German ethnomusicologist specialized in the traditional music of the Philippines (please, take a look at my website). I’m presently writing a book on the so-called boat lutes of the Philippines, elongated 2-stringed instruments, which resemble boats, in their general shapes.

    In my book, I would also like to include some photographs of real tribal boats. Unfortunately, I hardly have any boat pics. Now, on your website, I saw your photos of Tboli boats, which might be useful for my work. Would you allow me to use them?


    Would you be willing to send me high resolution files of these two photographs? I should also stress that my book is a non-commercial endeavor, scheduled for publication by Ateneo de Manila Press, one of the Philippines most prestigious scientific publishing houses. But, of course, you would get full credit for the pictures inside the publication.

    Please, answer me to my e-mail address, because I don’t know when I will be back here. (Btw, congratulations, you have a nice website here.) I was looking for your e-mail address on this website, but could not find any. There was no way, therefore, than writing you here.

    All the best,

  3. Hi,

    regarding sending the boat pictures, if Hotmail really resizes the pictures (which I’m not so sure of), then you might send them in another format. I would recommend that you will put both pictures in one RAR or ZIP archive. It should work that way.

    Many thanks in advance.
    Wishing you a most pleasant day,

  4. Hello Dp -could u contact me at my e-mail add

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