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  1. Thats amazing DP, where exactly was this. I have traveled quite a bit here how ever never seen such a site, incredible. These guys must be something else to ride like this.

    Thought your own pics riding Samar to Leyte was pretty impressive but this must take the cake. Was it on a side road or highway?

    Good informative site DP congratulations.

  2. Well I’ve been in the Philippines 8 years and every time I think I have seen everything possible, I see something else! Recently I was riding my new Yamaha YRG 125 up a single track trail in the mountains, a young local boy on a POS scooter not surprisingly passed me, i was quite proud that I followed him and gave no ground, until I stopped to talk to him up the road and realized he was carrying a 5 gallon bottle of water between his knees.

  3. I have some pict like this. I took them 2010 on the road from Prosperidad to Tacbalogan in the province of Agusan del Sur on the island of Mindanao.

    I had a great trip to the eastcoast of Mindana in Surigao del Sur. The travel report is unfortunately only in German available at this time but the pictures tell their own stories.


    Best regards and more adventurous trips

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