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  1. Wow, that’s incredible! I can’t believe what those guys can do in terms of loads – almost like a circus stunt but they do it on a daily basis! Some neat postings; keep up the good work.

  2. Well DP aprt from the incredible skill of these riders I just wonder how the heck the bike can stand up to such a work load. Of course they must have heavy duty suspension how ever no way are they designed to cart such weight.

    Would be interesting to know how long the bikes last, guess like most of these guys they are so talented in keeping them going andd going.

    Great work and great pics….

  3. wow… those loads surpass any that i saw while there. truly impressive!

  4. LOL! i had been LMAO when i saw these pictures..

    I’m from the philippines and i used to ride the bikes.
    i actually drove one.. it’s not as hard as you think it is as long as the load is balanced. and yes, they have suspensions and shock absorbers all over the bike and they last forever!

    the drivers aren’t just the drivers.. they are also their own mechanics. they didn’t study mechanical, they just learned it the hard way. haha. impressive ey?


  5. i know right? specially with the unpaved roads. it’s amazing what you can “improvise” if you don’t have all the resources. :D

  6. Hi DutchPickle,

    Bruce has posted to LivingInCebuForums about you getting injured following an accident on your Motorcycle.

    Understand you had some injuries to you head and broke your collarbone – hope you fully recover ‘Pickle’ as you seem to have landed in a ‘Pickle’

    Well I have had a number of injuries on motorcycles in my 40 years of riding them.
    Broken toe, and broken ‘Tib and Fib’ that had my left leg in plaster for 14 weeks in 1976. Broken Collarbone after leaving ‘Thruxton’ Race track to visit my Aunty/Cousins in Weyhill, Andober after. I also broke my other Collarbone on my Honda XR200R ‘Enduro’ when I tried to discover when I had never seen anyone try going around this disused Motocross Track in the reverse direction and ending up doing a ‘Flying W’ and got a compound fracture of my left Clavical with the bone poking up through my jersey. Left me like that until the next day in the Hospital as it was ‘Friday’ and no surgeons to take a look at it. No plates and pins – just strap my shoulders back with ‘figure of 8’ stretch bandage across my back and around my shoulders at the top of my arms. Healed just fine, but thinks the two end of the break overlapped slightly as the healed bone seems very much thicker than the break on the left that I had.

    So hope ya heal up Pickle but please use you head and wear a crash helmet, even if you the only habel habel rider doing so. You might even start a trend and get others doing the same?

    It really worries me when I see these ‘Families’ with small children and even little babies, all together on a motorcycle. OK so they can be skilled at handling such motorcycle with such a ‘load’. I dread what would happen to them however, if there should be some idiot in a car/truck/bus that not paying due care and attention and ends up hitting such habel habel with a Family like that on board!

    I am surprised there are not a lot more serious motorcycle accidents – hopefully because most occur at relatively slow speeds I guess? Hitting you head hard hard on concrete, can kill you with just a fall off a stationary motorbike however.

    A good quality Crash Helmet can save your life (even if it inconvenient, hot and uncomfortable). It’s an insurance Policy – hope you never have to rely on it, but if you do, you will sure be glad you had such and used it.


  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Mindanao. Regards

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