Ozamis to Mukas ferry Mindanao

mindanao-ferry-012Ozamis to Mukas ferry
Daima Shipping Corporation

Northwestern Mindanao – the short hop between Ozamis to Mukas by barge cuts about two hours travel time off a road trip driving the long way around the bay.

I paid 56 pesos for a motorbike and driver. The trip is easy and quick and there is no hassle with the registration or other paperwork because you are not leaving Mindanao, you’re just taking a shortcut.

Ozamis pier

Ozamis pier


mindanao-ferry-021If you arrived in Dapitan by ferry from Dumaguete and plan to head to either Iligan or Cagayan de Oro this is your next connection. Just drive out to the dock in Ozamis and buy your ticket from the men at the desk under the shelter.

It’s one of the easiest crossings I have done.

Mindanao gets a lot of bad press but it’s a reasonably easy place to travel if you stick to the main roads. Do a little research before making your travel plans, taking into consideration your own risk tolerance.

Ozamis Mukas ferry

Ozamis Mukas ferry

Ozamis to Mukas ferry

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20 responses to “Ozamis to Mukas ferry Mindanao”

  1. Thanks again.

    I am from Kolambugan.
    Mukas is a barangay of our municipality.
    I came across your site upon searching Agas2 bridge.

    Fair easy travel I say.

    God bless again.

    – D

  2. Where can I find a schedule? I need to know what time is the first trip to Ozamis from Mukas. Thanks so much.

  3. hi… do the ferries operate 24/7? I need to know because i might be passing through between 11pm to 1am… thanks for the info

  4. how much is the payment of starex van from mukas to ozamis

  5. magkano po ang pamasahe nang navara zamis to Mukas ferry Mindanao

  6. what time is the first trip from mukas to ozamis?

  7. Hello I just wanted to ask how much does it cost for private van on the ship going from ozamiz to mukas?

  8. Hi I am thinking of travelling from ozamis to iligan via Mukas port this year in April 2019.I would like to know f they have daily and weekend schedule and the frequency?.Hoping you can assist me with this concern since this is my very first time to go on that route.

  9. hello goodmorning,,just want to ask if how much does it cost for a private van to board from mukas port to ozamis city? thank you

  10. Hello dutchpickle..just want to thank you for the very useful information you provided. It helps a lot in making my Itenerary from Bacolod City to Gensan…Big thanks again

  11. memories – years ago I have gone by cargo ship between General Santos Mindanao Philippines and Bitung Sulawesi Indonesia.

    It is not available now days but it was 20 USD well spent

    slow but steady :)

    Landed up taking Pelni Ferries to the Muluccas and Papua Barat and Halmahera

    was introduced to Durian on thet run :)

    keep in mind that no durian was allowed in the cabins !

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