Rubber trees Kidapawan

mindanao-rubber-tree-004Rubber tree nursery – Kidapawan Mindanao

This rubber tree nursery is on the side of the road leading up to Mt. Apo. I had picked up a passenger near the hot springs in Agko that was  involved with the project and he gave me a quick tour.

mindanao-rubber-tree-006The grafting procedure is being explained. I might have it all wrong but I think that he was saying that they use root stock from one plant and another variety is grafted on to it.

We had a nice conversation coming down from the mountain. It is not common for foreigners to be riding around out here on a bike.

mindanao-rubber-tree-002Apparently it takes about 25 years for a tree to reach it’s peak production of about a liter of milky sap per day. The caretaker has to use caution not to over do it when the grooves are cut into the tree’s trunk or the tree might not recover.

With proper care, a rubber tree is expected to have a life expectancy of well over 100 years.

mindanao-rubber-tree-005When these trees are ready to be planted they do not go on Mount Apo because the elevation is too high for optimum growing conditions. This variety does well at an altitude of 700 feet above sea level.

It is interesting to see the vegetation change as you gain altitude. It gets damp and cool the higher you get.

Rubber Trees

Jul 1, 2009

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  1. wow, i miss my town already. im at dumaguete now doing backpacking!

  2. hello guyzz.,
    i really want to go to mt. apo but i don’t know if i can do it.,
    i miss my city/.

  3. i wish to climb mt apo someday. i used to climb bukidnon peaks decades ago. i hope i can find climbers to join with.

  4. hello sir,

    can i ask you about how to grow rubber and how about of a very good variety and of the R.O.I, too.

    i am very interested to know about it coz we are planning to grow it in our area in NED LAKE SEBU south Cotabato, we have almost 50,000 hectares of area,

    can you give me a little knowledge about the envestment and its return . of how long do i need to wait to have an income and how much do i spend for a hectare to plant that tree,



  5. where could i find a variety such as kt39/kt35 and how much it will cost per seedlings????

  6. Hello j.t besana,

    I really don’t have that kind of information. I just gave the manager of this farm a lift on the back on my motorbike when we were coming down from Mount Apo.

    He invited me for a quick tour of this rubber tree nursery.

    You will have to get with a professional supplier of that sort of thing. Good luck with your project!


  7. heloo poh. can u plz. email me the pictures you take at honda . where we service your motorcylce thnx.poh

  8. hi sir i leave in quezon province and im looking for rubber tree seedlings, could you please tell me where is the nearest nursery that i could buy the seedlings.
    tnx and regards.

  9. Hi ron,

    “dutchpickle” doesn’t know anything about buying rubber trees.

    Get with an expert to see if you have the right conditions for growing these trees, keeping in mind that it takes 25 years to reach peak production. Careful planning now will pay off in the future!


  10. tnx dp for your advice

  11. dutchpickle sir…

    I was the one who have given u a quick tour of my rubber tree nursery at kidapawan, along road to Mt. Apo.

    I thank you very much for including my farm in your website. It helps a lot in advertising my little bussiness.

    See you when you will be back here.

    Again, thank you very much.


  12. good day sir dutchpickle…

    thanks for the prompt acknowledgement…

    for those who are interested in rubber farming, and interested in my planting material…my cellphone no. is 09161769939.


  13. im interested on the variety of rubber seedling available in your nursery. How much each cost?
    I am referred by Karl Tanaid to you.


  15. From Evelyn Mandolado
    To bebot

    tnx for the reply i am interested on buying the PB260 and PB 286 however is there possibility that u can lower ur price to 17 each to avail 50 thousand for the first order and succeeding orders will follow if we can settle with this term. i’ll shoulder the trucking right at ur area.

  16. Good day to all. I have been looking for buyers of rubber seedlings all over the net, which eventually led me to this page.

    Our farm is based in Kidapawan City, and we have been in the business for over 5 years.

    For more information and other inquiries, please keep in touch with me through my email:
    khutzang @

    Or you may contact me through SMS:

  17. hi sir,

    can i ask you about the local pricing of rubber three seedling, we will use it for our project proposal and also some of my family planning to plant rubber in their farm area.

  18. Efren (Hitsuhaan)
    I am interested to see the pictures of proper prunning of young rubber trees, can u shaRe it to us?


  19. Hi dutchpickle,
    Just to inquire if you have any available stock on your latest rubber variety seedling. A friend of mine from Maco is interested to know the recent price of your rubber seedlings.If ever things we can agree will visit your place.
    Thanks, this is my cell no. 09269340030

    Vir H. Lopez
    Sasa, Davao City

  20. hi mercily cayetano..ive read your massege regarding rubber an agriculture graduate and i have knowledge on rubber plantation,just keep in touch..this is my number 09301618270 or email me at louiejaygorrero @

  21. do you have any idea whats the price of raw rubber there in mindanao…we are a tire recapping company and currently looking for raw rubber to be used in our product…thanks

  22. sedan enterprise

    just email me in my add..i can help u

  23. rommel

    march16, 2010

    hi ,

    im from cebu & were planning to have a rubber tree plantation somewhere in surigao sur. cn u help me were to buy a good rubber seedlings and what variety is good for plantation. pls help me. my cell no. is 09228322990.
    thnks in advance and god bless!!

  24. Good day Sir,
    can rubber tree survive here in northern luzon specifically Cordon , Isabela? Tnx

  25. Hello there, i just ask some question regarding the ruuber tree, from were i can purchse the rubber tree badding qty 2000 kapunu ang kaylangan ko, saan sa Basilan area? please can you tell the exactly location.


  27. hello Si/maam,
    Just want to know where i can purchase rubber tree seedlings .I have 9 hectares in Negros which Im interested on planting a rubber tree could u please email me on how to avail this and how much and is this company are reputable one and if so is it good to plant in Negros…thanks jojo

  28. good day… i’m planning to plant rubber tree in our place at Guimaras. around 10 hectares… can i ask for the contact number for an expert? or to the office of this website… super thanks… i wanted to have knowledge and everything so i could start planting by June… Super Thanks… (033)3203228

  29. hi…gud pm….i have rubber seddlings..pwde ko kayong tulungan kumuha ng rubber..located in saguing makilala cotabato.. just try to txt me or call me 09393386908..tnx

  30. I got across this website. I came from malaybalay City, Bukidnon and interested in rubber plantation. My area is an elevated one though i dont have yet the exact data of the elevation but it was estimated by the Department of Agriculture personnel to be 900-1000 meter above sea level. Is it feasible for rubber plantation at that elevation?

    How much it cost for each seedlings in your nursery if ever I’ll buy from you for 4 hectares? how about to the transpo going to malaybalay?

  31. gaw Efren, Si Villanueva ni from Leyte. Gaw, maayo gyud ni nga negosyo, however asa nato ni mabaligya diri sa Visayas? particularly sa Cebu.

    PS. Sa imo gihapon ko mokuha ug seedlings,
    Tababangi ko pangita ug buyer diri sa Visayas(Cebu).

  32. good day…!!!!!
    Sir i am interested in planting a rubber tree in our province in leyte, can you help me or are there any association , group who can help me to plant a rubber tree for business or income. I am an ordinary farmer only BUT WE HAVE INHERITED A N ACRE OF LAND. tnx…

  33. Hi Efren

    mangutana unta ko kung duna naba kay seedling nga pwde itanom sa land nga my elevation nga more than 1000 mtrs above sea level? ng ingon man gud and Dept of Agriculture nga wala pa clay studies nga nabuhat sa more than 1000mtrs ky 600 mtrs lang kutob ang ilang na studyhan. however sa vietnam more than 1k mtrs pwde ra unsa nga clone ug duna nba kay clone para sa akong type of land?


  34. DP

    my question is, does efren already have a clone of rubber seedling that can be use in my area in which the elevation is more than 1000mtrs above sea level? as per advice by the Dept of Agriculture our rubber clones here are good only for those lands with elevation of 600mtrs below however as a nursery I am looking for about 7000pcs of rubber seedlings in which clones are suitable for my land which is more that 1000mtrs above sea level…



  35. mga bossing! kami po ay supplier ng rubber tree seedling dito sa zamboanga peninsula sa halagang 30Php each. Kapag Outside Zamboanga Peninsula may increase po kami ng konti pero negotiable pa naman… Kasama na po dito yung libreng assistance sa pagtatanim hanggang sa ito’y matapos at pinapalitan pa namin yung mga namamatay na seedlings kaya wala kayong dapat ikabahala, kumpleto po tayo ng mga kaukulang papeles gaya ng business permit, DTI etc.. Kaya may contract singning po tayo kapag nagka sundo…

    Para po sa mga interesado ito contact no. ko 09093982967

    text nyo lang po ako dito kung nais ninyong magtanong….

    Read more:

  36. i want to learn about rubber tree planting. anybody?

  37. Hello christine monforte, I too am looking for rubber seedlings that can grow well near 1,000 meters. I learned here that Vietnam may have this variety. Perhaps we can be in contact as together we would buy more volume and share shipping fees.

    My number: 09234395744

  38. hello,

    i am from tagkawyan, quezon province n very interested to know how to get rubber tree seeds (not seedlings) from highly productive stocks. I would like to plant rubber as soon as possible. Hope you can help me.

  39. what are new varieties recommended for Bukidnon areas … any suggestion?.

  40. PB 260 or PB 330…. my recomended clone in that area

  41. Hello Sir dutchpickle, I am a rubber milk sap buyer here in Mindanao, I am looking a good broker to buy my rubber. DO you know someone? I am just very new of this business just 2 months ago.

    Yenyen Campomanes

  42. Sir efren,

    Sir good day po. anong difference btween the pb 260 and pb 330? ang tanim namin sa farm ngayon yung rrim 600 and may nag advice na mas maganda daw ang pb 260… and ngayon ko lang alam may pb 330 na pala. how much per seedling po yung magandang variety. I’m planning to expand po kasi either in our farm or in marilog calinan area. our farm location is in toril davao city. sir kung mag respond po kayo puede through my email nalang at tnx po in advance.

  43. good day sir,
    sir ask ko lang kun ok ba itanim ang rubber tree sa misamis orintal?intresado po kasi ako mag tamin ng rubber tree,dito pom ako sa balingoan mi.or.
    salamat goodbless!

  44. To all who want to invest rubber plantation, just contact me on my mobile # 0939-446-4430.

    1. Open field areas
    2. With existing rubber trees

    North Cotabato Province

    Highly suitable, the Province is the capital and the first rubber industry in the Philippines

    Make to offer

    Communicate you soon to my contact # 0939-446-4430


  45. Hi! I need a rubber supplier in the Philippines. Please do contact me, 0917-8037422! I have read that some of you had plans on putting up plantations. Maybe by now your seedlings have grown? Haha!

    Looking forward! Thanks!

  46. hi sir pwede po ba tanim sa general santos city ang rubber tree?

  47. To those who are interested in rubber seedlings,please contact my cell #09161769939.My nursery is located at Brgy.Ginatilan,Kidapawan City.Feel free to ask questions regarding budded rubber seedlings.

  48. Mr. Efren (through dutchpickle of course)

    May lupa ako sa davao del norte planted with bananas. I want to replace them with rubber trees kasi masyadong labor extensive ang saging. Anong recommended clone ba ang dapat kong itanim?

    I will be in davao late this year and would hopefully see your nursery.

  49. For those who want to invest in rubber industry we do sell high quality of Budded Rubber Seedling. Just call or text my mobile number +639995560872. Our nursery is located at Makilala, North Cotabato its along the national highway. Thank you.

  50. My father in-law has 15 hectares of land in Guihulngan, Negros Oriental. I had given a ‘go signal’ to push thru the rubber tree planting. Sir Efren, anong clone ang available sa’yo na dapat itanim sa lugar na yun?

  51. Good day!

    Do you have rubber tree seedlings that will grow in Maramag, Bukidnon, with an estimated elevation of 926 ft. above sea level?

    Thank you!

  52. gusto ko sanang pumunta dyan pra bumili nang rubber that is to be planted kaso d ako nka tuod ta bka la nursery owners this is my cell no.09359325986 farly of bukidnon

  53. pwede po magtanong kung saan pwede magbenta ng rubber latex dyan sa gen san gusto sana ako mag buy and sell ng rubber latex, salamat.

  54. taga bayugan city, agusan del sur po ako may sapat po na stocks ng rubber latex dito kaso lang di ko alam kung saan maganda ang bintahan at kung paano ang pag stocking ng latex, wala kasi ako experience da ganitong business, ito cell phone no. ko 09206540581.

  55. Good evening 2 all who have knowledge regarding rubber planting procudures and its system. may 4 hectars akong lupa taz upland area situated at PAquibato dist. DAvao City. gusto ko talaga mag rubber business, bili ako seedlings etc. ilan ba kailangan, ano ba variety ang the best, etc. my mobile no.(smart) 09106539054
    i am looking forward for your assitance… thank you!
    tristan rio

  56. Hi this is Junia from Luzon. I had been reading this site and it seems rubber tree thrives well only in mindanao. is that so? any comments or suggestions from the experts regarding rubber tree plantation? we are planning to start here but before that, I am very willing to know thoughts and ideas from anybody. I appreciate it. My contact number is 09481499229.

    We are also in need of a lot of rubber tree seedlings and rubber tree caring specialist too. Thanks. God bless

  57. GOOD DAY


    dutchpickle “elevation above sea level is a big factor in choosing where to plant”


  58. Do you hold a seminar for this rubber trees plantation and marketing?When?

  59. I am interested to buy rubber tree for export. can anyone help me on these?

  60. sir I’m interested in rubber tree farming I’m from Baybay Leyte and I have a 10 hectares land does anyone have an I idea where to buy seedlings? 09228290065

  61. magkano bilihin mo na seedlings sir?

  62. Hi,

    I’m interested to start a rubber tree farm and I know there’s a lot of things to consider before starting. May seminar po ba na pwede puntahan to learn the necessary things?

  63. Dear sir,

    I’m interested to start this rubber tree plantation in Leyte Area. What condition of soil is appropriate and kind of weather. Do you think Leyte weather is appropriate for rubber plantation well I’m starting this at ground zero.
    Would mine if There is a seminar about this, also I much this seedling or is there a variety of rubber tree?

    I would really appriciate your kind help and knowledge you share. God Bless and more power. Merry Christmas. Thanks.

    Ed Jingco

  64. Hi all. I am interested in venturing rubber tree plantation. I am from Luzon and never heard of rubber tree in there. I worked in Thailand for years and I saw how profitable this business is. To all nursery owners do you transport rubber tree buds to Luzon? How much a piece?
    My email is alvrgalicia 1980 @ gmail .com . or u can txt me at +818044850718 (japanese mobile number) so I can call you.

    Maraming salamat po

  65. hello taga pinan zamboanga del norte po ako….san po pwede makabili ng rubber seedlings na suitable sa area ko sa pinan .ano pong variety?thank u sana matulungan nyo ako godbless.

  66. how much per kilo

  67. hi am interested to start planting rubber but I dont know where to buy seeds of good variety of rubber. Can you help me please?

  68. I’m interested in rubber tree planting,, i have a sugar land lot and i wanted to convert it to rubber tree plantation. is the soil also favorable for planting? do you conduct seminars? i very much eager to attend? pls reply me at my email

  69. hi George and efren, i am interested to start planting rubber.
    i am from Tulunan north cotabatoi am looking for investors for 100 hectares land situated in north cotabato.. i thought of coffee plantation as well.. do i have to attend seminar for nestle to have me access for loans? please help me so i can start a move….

    ill give you my contact number …..

  70. Hi george and efren, i can send my brother to talk to you anytime. my home as well is in kidapawan city.

    thanks again.

  71. Hello I am a small rubber buyer a long way from major markets I need help with finding some of the major buyers in the Northern half of Mindanao thanks

  72. i am planning to plant RUBBER TREE in Bulacan and i need supplier of rubber tree seedling. Anybody who is nearby or in Luzon area who can supply me with seedling pls contact me on my number 09092586845 or email me at jullianooo @ yahoo . com.

  73. Hi Sir,

    I’m planning to have a rubber tree plantation in Cagayan De Oro. But my problem is I don’t have enough knowledge about Rubber Tree plantation.
    Can you advice me on what is the first thing I need to do before I start putting up Rubber Plantation.

    It will be a great honor for me if you answer my mail…

    My Contact number is 09178749332 or you can email me at lhey1004 @ yahoo . com

    Thank you..

  74. hi,

    planning to join with, just got a little problem of rubber tree latex market…anybody who can help me…thanks and more add is perater_24 @ yahoo .com

  75. I am interested to conduct livelihood project in Tamisan Community as rubber plantation. The people who leave their is minority the Tau-Buid Tribe. Can you Help me the Said Project. Thank. My contact number

  76. Im Starting that project. Im planing to make some area that the student can maintain this partial project. I Bought 1/4 cavan seedlings and that seedling are from Zamboanga and the price is very high. amounting of 2,000.00. but I am encourage the people there to plant the rubber tree. although people are welling to accept that project but my problem is financial aspect. All NGO are invited to help the TAU-BUID tribe in the said Project. I believe this is the start to alleviate poverty of my community the tau buid tribe.

  77. are seeds not the seedlings of rubber tree available? where can I buy?

  78. i have just visited Zambaonga, Sibugay. I met the the IP representative there and said that 60% of the farm there is cultivated for rubber plantation. Most of the rubbr farmers there are looking for investors so that they can improve their rubber production. They arre looking also for investors who can sell their produce at higher price. The existing price of lump rubber this month is 35-40 pesos per kilo. They wanted to improve the quanlity processing of their products so that they can sell their produce at a higher competitive price.

  79. isang mapagpalayang araw po, ako po si joey santos from polangui albay,interesado po sana ako sa rubber tree planting. meron po ba group o mga tao na engage ditto na malapit sa aming lugar?
    saan po kaya maaring makabili ng magagandang klase ng seedling?
    sana po matulungan po ninyo ako? ang aking

  80. Good evening sir, what is the minimum number of hectares needed to make a rubber tree plantation worth the trouble? Would 9 hectares be enough?

  81. sir sorry for all the questions but, typically how much would you spend a month in the first 5 years maintaining the plantation?

  82. good eve all rubber tree grower expert,

    I’m planning to have a rubber tree plantation here in Cagayan Valley (Lallo, Cagayan) but I don’t have any idea about rubber tree farming. Any expert can share to me an idea so i can proceed/start rubber tree business. I would like to ask expert in rubber tree farming the following questions.

    1. Ano po kayang variety ang magandang itanim dito sa area ko?
    2. Anong buwan po kaya magandang magsimula magtanim? Ang dry season po dito sa amin ay magsisimula ng buwan ng Marso at magtatapus last week of May.
    3. Ano po ang distansya bawat puno?
    4. Ilang kilo ang pinaka mahina na mahaharvest bawat puno sa loob ng isang buwan for the first year of harvest?
    5. Saan po maibebenta ang rubber latex?

    Umaasa at nagpapasalamat ako na masagat ninyo ang aking katanungan.

    Thank you,

    Chito Arellano
    Contact No.: 09357743926

  83. Gud PM dp:
    i am joel galadi of Tabuk City Kalinga Province Cordillera Adminstrative Region, Northern Luzon i am looking for a supplier of Bud-stamp for my rubber plantation, i am aware of the rubber plantation management. i need more than 1,000 pieces of budstamp please give your quotation including delivery through LBC. please txt me at my mobile #09293034467. tnx.

  84. hello everyone!!!
    We are selling good quality rubber seedlings for more than 10 years, this is serve as the white gold at your farm so invest now and harvest it continuously later, after several year you can harvest it weekly..
    For further question feel free to ask and we will glad to help you! 09212012366 or 09297963004

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