Tuna auction in General Santos

gen_san_129.jpgTuna auction – General Santos

Yellow fin tuna are auctioned at the tuna port in General Santos on Sarangani Bay in southern Mindanao.

The small harbor is so packed with fishing boats that rafts are used to bring the fish from the boats that can not get a berth at the dock.

gen_san_140.jpgA tube is inserted into the fish to take a core sample of the meat to determine it’s grade. The value of the fish varies greatly influenced by how much the fish was stressed during it’s capture and how well the fish was iced down after the catch.

Big money changes hands at this auction and the fish are shipped to Tokyo, Seoul, San Fransisco and other places by air as soon as the auction is over. The lower grade tuna is for local consumption.

Usually it takes an invite by one of the buyers to gain access to the auction because the action is fast and fierce and they don’t want a bunch of tourists getting in the way.




Tuna Auction

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27 responses to “Tuna auction in General Santos”

  1. mag kano ang buong tuna fish? pati yong slice?

  2. Gud pm. .
    I just want to know who are among the Tuna broker or company in Manila who buys tuna and sell the fish in the world market.

  3. gusto ko sana mag business nag export nag tuna pls contact me asap i have a lot buyer


  4. Hi, I;ll be travelling there this wednesday Sept 9, 1 day lang ang time ko,coz will be tavelling back on thursday, where can I buy whole sale tuna fillet?

    Thank you


  5. Hello,
    kindly give me an info how to get 2 tonnes/week of yellow P tuna in japanese standard. plus the price amount/dollars a kilo FOB Manila and FOB Tokyo.

    its meeh!~

  6. hi poh…

    gusto ko po sanang magbizniz ng tuna choriso?ang problem ay di ko alam sa gen san ang nag papabili ng grind tuna, at sana po mabigyan nyo ako ng recipe …thank po

  7. Hello there! :-)

    I wonder if someone here know the price for this day, 2009-10-24,direct from the boat in gensan port for different kinds of tuna. Does 160 peso for the most common tuna(is that blue tuna?)sound like a fair price? And if you donĀ“t know is there anywhere in internet I can find the prices, or example prices?

  8. Hello Dutch,

    Nice website. Thanks for your insights into the Philippine culture. I’ve got a Cebuana that I’ve been visiting for over 2 years now. I’ll be back in April 2010. I hope to make it over to Samar or Leyte someday but this trip will be mostly Palawan and Cebu (I only have 2 weeks). There’s a lot I don’t like about visiting the Philippines but hopefully we’ll find some good food, strong coffee and a quiet place more to my liking this time. I’m sure we’ll check your website for more ideas when we know exactly where we will be.


  9. do we have to be early to see the tuna fish at the fish port? What time?



  10. we are looking for a buyer of tuna about 2 tons per week

  11. Sir Good morning

    Pwede ko po ba malaman kung magkano ang 1 whole tuna?lower price and a high price balak kc po namin mag-ama na mag tuna Fishing.tnx po

  12. we are trying to find out if we can buy Cod or Haddock fish from General Santos fish market – can anyone help us ?

  13. I just want to know if some company in Phils exporting tuna to Japan is interested to send tuna to the auction market in Japan. A tuna supplier in another country ships about an average of 20 tons per month to the Auction Market.

    Email me if you’re interested hotmail.com

  14. For tuna auction market in Japan, pls email me in this new add: jacque.ikeda @ gmail (sorry for the inconvenience)

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