Bamboo Grill Restaurant

img_2595.jpg Bamboo Grill Restaurant
Angeles City

This is a great little restaurant in the Diamond Subdivision up the street from the Swagman and Koala Hotels near the A-Line Supermarket.

The food is good and the prices aren’t too bad.

This evening I had a porterhouse steak with mashed potatoes and salad for 200 peso. The San Miguel beers were 28 peso.

The staff here is a lot of fun and the place draws a steady crowd. The seafood is very good too.

img_2592.jpg This area is not part of the Fields Ave bar district but there are a couple of bars like the Pea Eye down the street.

The Marble Inn next door has undergone a major face lift and is a pretty nice place to stay. They have a new restaurant but I haven’t eaten there yet.

A jeepney ride to Fields is 7 peso.

Bamboo Grill

Jan 21, 2008

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  1. Wow man it looks like u got half a cow on your plate. I could handle some of that. How were the potatoes. Greasy or not. I fhave found that for some reason that everytime i had mash potatoes here they are always very greasy. Not fluffy and buttery ahahah. Just a small point but very important when u love mash tatts.

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